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Our Gay Couple Travel Guide Holland The Netherlands.

Our Gay Couple Travel Guide Holland The Netherlands – We as gay travel blogger from Amsterdam also like to be home to recharge our batteries. We, as a gay couple traveling Netherlands Holland, like to get inspired by the “normality” of our hometown, the Dutch capital Amsterdam and all the other Dutch cities. It actually gives us a new, refreshing perspective on our everyday life. Locations, things, and people are less ordinary, less normal. Instead, we are proud of our home with all its specialties the Netherlands, or so-called Holland, are famous for. Experience the tulip blossom in spring, the cheese tradition, the common bike craziness in the narrow Grachten streets, the world famous Gay Pride Canal Parade and, of course, the royal family of the “Oranjes” including the annually King’s Day celebrations.

 Our Gay Couple Travel Guide Holland The Netherlands:

Plan your Trip to the Netherlands with our Gay Couple Travel Guide Holland:

Gay Couple Travel Guide Holland The Netherlands: Exploring one Dutch city at a time out of a foreigner’s (Karl is German) and same time local (Daan is Dutch) point of view gives us the opportunity to show you the Dutch cities out of a very authentic perspective. As a gay couple traveling Netherlands Holland, it also makes it easier for us, to find the hidden gems and less obvious beauty for a Dutch island or a city. Enjoy the beauty of this West European kingdom and become a local part of the intimate coziness (“gezelligheid”) of the Dutch people and their “Orange” pride with our gay travel guides “Gay Couple traveling The Netherlands Holland”. 😉

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Karl & Daan.