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Amsterdam West Cantinetta Wine & Pasta Italian Restaurant | Gay Couple City Weekend Amsterdam Netherlands © CoupleofMen.com

Restaurant Cantinetta Wine & Pasta Amsterdam

This amazing place is very special to us. Let us tell you a short story about one of our favorite restaurants Cantinetta Wine & Pasta in Amsterdam West (very gay-friendly). During Karl’s first time visiting Daan over the weekend three years ago, we went together to the, back then, recently opened restaurant Cantinetta Wine & Pasta in Amsterdam West. The food was (still is) amazing and with its “Berlin sense of style” it felt for Karl a bit like home.

Talking to the owners, the lesbian couple Debb and Claudia, made this first time eating at Cantinetta like a cozy family dinner. Since then, already 3 years passed by and we are coming here regularly to meet our “girlfriends” and spoil our tummies.


Restaurant Cantinetta Wine & Pasta in Amsterdam West

Since our first time at Cantinetta the food gets only better, and the overwhelming heart friendly atmosphere makes every dinner time a true celebration of the best self-made pasta ever. The circumstances, that the girls remember so many small details of our preferred food, wine, beer, and stories, creating a “home-like” feeling for us. Close to the tram stop Bilderdijkstraat, the restaurant Cantinetta is comfortable connected via tram and of course, by bike.


Don’t forget to say “hi” to the girls from us when you trying the best hand-made pasta and a Budino at Cantinetta!

Cantinetta Wine & Pasta:

Cantinetta Wine & Pasta
De Clercqstraat 105, 1053 Amsterdam
The Netherlands – Noord Holland

Opening Hours: www.cantinetta.nl

Contact: Tel.: +31 20 737 0149

Our special tip:
The dessert “Budino” (Karl is melting when even only thinking about it).

November 18, 2016
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  • Marco Metalli

    We were received very friendly. Although the restaurant was full, we were allowed to sit down. When asked if we had reserved, I said: yes, just now. With a faithful dachshund look. Usually works this nice, naughty lie. The waitress was just great. The food also. Of course!!! We had to laugh because we discovered a slow-food wine, which we bought three years ago from the wine producer in Italy. Good wine, good house! Thank you very much for this great tip. We enjoy the beautiful evening.

    July 11, 2017
  • Hendryk

    Funny how Marco was there only a few days before my cousin and me. Other than him we had reserved, but due to a misunderstanding (they were looking for my first name, but I had given them my family name) they thought they had forgotten us. It lead to the best experience I ever had. Everything was perfect, and of course I chose Budino for dessert, and I’m melting now that I think of it. So thanks to you for writing about Cantinetta.

    December 29, 2017

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