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Big-City Vibes in the Netherlands: Our City Trip to The Hague

Big-City Vibes in the Netherlands: Our City Trip to The Hague

The Hague, Den Haag, Den Hague: The third-biggest City of the Netherlands and capital of the Dutch province of South Holland has many names and an exceptional and very different feeling compared to all the other Dutch cities we have been visiting so far. Skyscrapers, modern glass and iron architecture, and wide park areas contrast the old town city core with canals and Dutch houses. As a result, the urban flair is different, more like a metropolitan big-city feeling. Visiting The Hague for a weekend gives you the first insides into a rich history and politically important presence as the seat of the Dutch government, Dutch parliament, the Dutch Supreme Court, and the Council of State. The capital of the Netherlands remains constitutionally Amsterdam. Join us on our Gay City Trip to the Western part of the Netherlands and explore The Hague through a couple of men‘s eyes.

Our Gay Couple City Weekend in The Hague Netherlands ©
Skyline Den Haag by night ©

Gay Couple City Weekend The Hague

We arrived as usual with Dutch NS- train service > of the Netherlands, safely and on time after a 50 minutes ride from Amsterdam. The arrival already made a difference: a huge and very modern The Hague Centraal Station welcomes its guest with big city vibes from the first moment on. We could choose to take the tram for two stops to our Loft Westeinde or to walk 15 minutes along the main Shopping area. Walking is always a better choice for us to get a good first impression. The Hague has a very clean center with modern Skyscrapers, beautiful art nouveau architecture, fashionably dressed people and gives a feeling of safety. Big City Vibes on a City Weekend The Hague.

Loft Westeinde The Hague

After a 15-minute walk, we arrived in a small side street only a stone’s throw away from The Hague’s city church, the “Grote Kerk” (English: Big Church). What a heartwarming welcome from the owner, Yolande and her husband. The Loft was simply amazing: everything you need for a weekend trip and even more including a spectacular view over the Grote Kerk and a lifetime collection of art. Click here for Loft Westeinde >

Loft Westeinde Apartment City Center The Hague ©
Loft Westeinde in The Hague ©

Madurodam: Whole Holland in one City

Miniature Wold of all Dutch Highlights & Heritage

If you are visiting the Netherlands or Holland or The Hague for the first time, the miniature park of Madurodam should be one of your first sights to visit. Nowhere else it is possible to see all the highlights, sights and heritage of the Netherlands literally within a jump around. Very detailed model replicas in a 1:25 scale are sampled in a park surrounded by nature showing the visitors why Holland is worth a visit. The park was opened in 1952 and is situated in the Scheveningen district of The Hague. Our tip: you save 2 Euro when purchasing your tickets online >

Our Gay Couple City Weekend in The Hague Netherlands ©
Visit of Madurodam during our Gay Couple City Weekend The Hague ©

Dordrecht 1572: ‘Hof van Nederland’ Experience XPERIENCE

Be part of one of the most important milestones in Dutch history during the new multi-sensory experience ‘Hof van Nederland’ built by the acclaimed experience design company Jora Vision. Madurodam takes you to a secret meeting in 1572 Dordrecht, where the First Free State Assembly created the Netherlands as we know it today. ‘Hof van Nederland’ is Madurodam’s first beautiful inside-attraction that builds on the rich history of the Netherlands… let’s hope much more are to come!

Humanity House – “Refugees welcome?”

What has to happen, that you would leave your life behind?

The Humanity House, already open for several years, is undoubted one of the most touching experiences we did so far. While the so-called “refugees crises” is nowadays omnipresent in the News, the interactive museum experience of the Humanity House tries to give answers to questions like, What has to happen, that you would leave your house (more or less free willingly) with nothing to take with you, only your life and the close you are wearing. Everyone who still does not understand what refugees are going through (or went through) and for everyone else a visit to the Humanity House can change your opinion about the global and continuing topic of war, danger, and traumatic pain.

Foodies Lab – Hidden Spot for Delicates

Burger, Vegetarian Sandwiches, Coffee & Snicker Brownies for Lunch

Time for Lunch as we walked and biked since the morning through the bike-friendly The Hague. Accidentally we choose the way through the Korte Molenstraat and discovered a small restaurant with only a few tables, called the Foodies Lab. Welcoming soul and jazz music and a friendly owner/cook created a very comfortable environment in the restaurant Foodies Lab. And the food for lunch: simply delicious.  Thumbs up for this hidden spot with tiny, comfortable garden space.

OMNIVERSUM – Mysteries of the Unseen World

Watch a movie at first IMAX Dome Theater in Europe

Did you know, that the first IMAX Dome Theater of Europe is located in The Hague? At its opening in 1984, the name of the theater was created after the used movie projection system Omnimax and the futuristic half-round shape. It truly is an experience to sit in front of a screen that is not ending within your field of view. The films are not that long, though, only something about 40 minutes to an hour, but worth the 15 minutes trip with the tram (for example Number 17) from the central station of The Hague. A normal ticket costs 10,75 Euro while you get a discount of 7 Euro with your CJP pass. Our tip: a second movie costs only 5,50 Euro. More Information about the Omniversum >

Escape Room in The Hague – Operation EXIT THE MANSION

Yes, we love escape rooms! That’s why we were very pleased to hear that Operation Exit just opened its doors three months ago right next to the train station The Hague Hollands Spoor. Don’t be fooled by the unthemed waiting room/office space because The Mansion is a well-made escape room that has been worked out in the smallest beautiful detail. It looks, feels and plays amazing! The story is situated in a luxurious room where the Baron has hidden a priceless jewel which was given to him by Alexandra Feodorovna, the last Tsarina of Russia. Their secret affair unfolds right between your hands with complex puzzles and hidden clues.

Operation Exit: The Mansion plays best with 4 to 6 people so we invited three handsome buddies to play along. Lucky for us they had been in a three-day game weekend so our game-nerd minds were set to break in, steal the treasure and get out in time. We succeeded with a 37:15 minutes which was only six minutes longer than the record! So we dare you to play Operation Exit: The Mansion and break it! More Information and ticket prices of Operation Exit here >

The Penthouse – Drinks (+ Dinner) & The Best View over The Hague

As you already know, we like to spot locations with the best view over the city we are visiting. So did we in The Hague and found the highest restaurant and bar of the Netherlands, the Penthouse. High above the city on the 42nd floor, you can enjoy an amazing view over The Hague next to a cocktail or dinner. With good weather conditions, you are able to see the whole coastline from Rotterdam to Scheveningen. Our tip: buy the voucher for 6 Euro at the entrance, take the lift all the way up to the 42nd floor, get every drink the menu offers or a cocktail and wait for the sunset.

Gay City Trip The Hague: Our Weekend in Den Haag

After our Gay City Weekend in Eindhoven and our Cultural Gay City Weekend GroningenThe Hague was our third stop of our Dutch City Tour 2016 and absolutely worth it. The Hague is also famous for his beach and promenade in Scheveningen. Well, this time we skipped this part of The Hague experience waiting for better weather in Summer. But we will come back. Promised.

Do you want to know more? Stay tuned… on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram. See you in the Netherlands, The Hague or around the world!

Karl & Daan.