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Gay Travel Guides 2023: Gay-friendly Destinations Worldwide

Gay Travel Guides 2023: Gay-friendly Destinations Worldwide

Gay Travel Guides 2023 – Gay-friendly Countries

Gay Travel Guides 2023: Where to go on vacation this year? Do you have any tips for a gay-friendly destination? Is it safe to go there with my boyfriend? Husband? Rainbow family? These are just a few examples we hear from our readers, followers, friends, and family members planning an LGBTQ+ and gay-friendly vacation in 2023, understandably. Lucky us, most of the time, we have a great answer ready, depending on the travel theme you and your loved ones are up for, like a beach holiday, hiking trips, outdoor adventures, city trips, gay pride travels, and more.

On this page, we are introducing you to our favorite gay travel destinations we could travel to during the past couple of years. Rest assured, we will be very open, honest, and clear about our gay-friendly experiences, gay-friendly hotels, and LGBTQ+ friendly accommodations even when our trip was sponsored or by invitation. To keep you excited about this year: We are planning to visit Whistler – Canada, New York – USA, Vienna – Austria, South Africa, Namibia, Chicago – USA, Pink Lake Festival – Southern Austria, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, and Hamburg – Germany and many more to come. Stay tuned on our blog and social media and get inspired to travel to your dream destinations together, safe, romantic, excited, or just the way you want to!

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Proven & authentic travel information for 2023

Besides our overview pages and guides of these 12 countries, we have blog articles and stories of more gay- and LGBTQ-friendly countries to tell: Queer-welcoming accommodations, the best activities and events for LGBTQ+ people as well as tips and secret places we’ve encountered during our travels. Of course, we are sharing the stories of fellow travelers along the way to reach our goal: provide authentically and tested travel information proven by our photos, videos, and stories.

Plan your Gay-friendly Trip with Couple of Men:

Gay Travel Guides 2022: Let us give you some advice. Even though a holiday destination is considered to be gay-friendly and open-minded, it is never 100% safe, straight, LGBTQ+, black, female, or queer. Having said that, everyone traveling to a foreign country should be aware of cultural, especially religious, differences. Therefore, our tip: treat locals and people you are traveling with, with respect, accept their way of life, and treat them how you would like to be treated as well. Traveling with an open mind and open heart is the best way to experience new and exciting things around the world. Enjoy the planning, preparing, and traveling with our gay-travel guides through a couple of men‘s eyes.

If you require any further assistance with your travel plans and/or our Gay Travel Guides, follow us and email us or drop us a line on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram. See you around the world!

 Karl & Daan.

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