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The Cruise by La Demence | A Gay Couple Cruising on a cruise ship around Europe

The Cruise by La Demence | A Gay Couple Cruising on a cruise ship around Europe

A Gay Couple Cruising around Southern Europe

Gay Couple Cruising The Cruise La Demence: Finally, 2016 was the year we attended a Gay Cruise for the first time. It was exciting to experience meeting all those great people from all over the world in a 100% gay-friendly environment on the cruise ship SOVEREIGN. The Cruise by La Demence from Belgium is one of the best-known European Gay Cruise organizers. Their cruises are popular for great (theme) parties, a well-chosen DJ lineup, and good day trips on the cruise itinerary. Especially for French-speaking gay men, the shows were a great opportunity to celebrate the one-week gay experience.

For all of you, who will attend the LD cruise for the first time in 2016, enjoy our gay travel articles about our cruise experience with La Demence last year and get inspired by all articles of “Gay Couple Cruising The Cruise La Demence” for costumes for all the costume parties. Stay tuned during our Gay Cruise 2017 on FacebookTwitter, YouTube, and Instagram. See you onboard the MONARCH!

Karl & Daan.

The Cruise 2017 with Couple of Men

Once again we had a blast on our second The Cruise 2017! Additional to an entirely new cruising route starting from Lisbon to Madeira and the Canary Islands,  great new theme and costume parties and more than 2000 gay men were waiting for us on the sister ship of last year’s cruise ship, the Monarch. Join us on our second cruise experience and one-day explorations on Madeira and Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean with photos, videos, events, and stories from gay men cruising on the European gay cruise The Cruise by La Demence.

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The Cruise 2016 with Couple of Men

All you need to know about planning a gay Cruise by La Demence around Southern Spain, what you can expect o the ship, what you should pack, what you can leave at home: the following articles give you an inside what a gay cruise can be like. And you will see, even for gay couples a cruise together with hot gay men is not a problem at all, at least not out of our couple of men’s perspective. Additional to the cruise information, we create small one-day gay travel guides for our stops around the southern coast of Spain starting with a Gay Couple City Weekend in Barcelona.

If you are planning to join another gay cruise, we recommend checking our gay-friendly accommodations worldwide, at least for the days before or after a cruise with other gay men. But have a look yourself and enjoy our gay cruise photos, videos, and gay stories of a Gay Couple Cruising The Cruise La Demence 2016. Enjoy our Gay Couple Cruise Diary, Tips, and Tricks for a Gay Cruise with La Demence, and of course, your gay cruise.

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