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Our Gay USA Travel Guide

Gay Couple Travel Guide USA: The United States of America, still known as the land of boundless opportunities, is a varied destination for outdoor fans exploring the sea, mountains, and diverse cultural attractions in its 50 states on the North American continent. Our first trip to the United States of America brought us via Atlanta to Florida where we spent some wonderful days in Orlando’s Disney Parks and Universal Studios. In the same year, we explored the South Western part of the USA starting with California from San Francisco where we attended the Castro Street Fair, Pacific Highway No 1, Los Angeles, Anaheim followed by Nevada with Las Vegas and its Extraterrestrial Highway, the Grand Canyon North Rim in Arizona and Zion National Park in Utah. Our way back lead us to California’s Yosemite National Park including a visit to the Ghost Town Bodie. But this meant to be just the beginning of our American explorations.

We have been back to the States already several times since our first trips. We visited New York City on the eve of World Pride last year taking a “weekend off” north of the Big Apple in Dutchess County. Back in California again – it simply is one of our favorite US-States so far – we attended the colorful LA Pride. Of course, Disneyland, Disney’s Island of Adventure and Universal Studios Hollywood have been (and are again) on top of our bucket list. Further north, we visited the green US-State Oregon with its hip capital city Portland. Portland Pride was wonderful to experience though, the Pacific coast and the Crater Lake area should be part of everyone’s US travel plans. Flying east to the city of wind, it was time for us to explore Illinois with its skyscraper city Chicago and the LGBT getaway Galena. And there is much more to come, for sure!



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How gay-friendly is the USA?

Expanding from the Pacific Ocean on the west to the Atlantic Ocean on the east from Canada in the north to Mexico in the south, the “States” rank among the biggest countries in the world. After becoming independent of the United Kingdom in 1776, the American people celebrate their “Independence Day” every year on July 4th. But what is important to know for the LGBTQ+ community on their gay travels to the United States of America? Although the US is considered to be a gay-friendly destination announcing marriage equality in 2015, there still a lot of places where same-sex couples should pay attention to where they walk hand-in-hand. We have not had any negative experience traveling as an openly gay couple in the US until now. But we hope and strongly advise that the current administration alter its LGBT unfriendly course in favor of LGBTQ+ rights, human rights.


Plan your trip to the USA with Couple of Men:

Gay Couple Travel Guide USA: There are so many more places to visit in America. Highest on our list is undoubtedly more of the North-Western part of the country Washington State including Seattle. But you can be sure about, that the Disney Parks in Florida, Key West, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and more central parts of the USA are super high on our bucket list again and again! As almost every bigger city in the US has its own annual Gay Pride mostly during the Pride month of June. We are super excited when we will be able to attend the next Gay Pride in the United States of America, maybe the Pride of the Americas in Florida?

Anyways, some tips for the planning: apply for your ESTA form early enough (for all travelers coming from a Visa Waiver Program country), check the restrictions for an international drivers license (rules differ from state to state), bring your adapter plug since you need one to connect European/ Asian plugs to the electricity grid, check the validity of your passport and do not forget the pin code of your credit card. Last but not least: do not forget to drop us a line which part of the country, which city or which event we definitely should check out on our blog!

And now, enjoy your preparations for a trip to the United States of America and see as well as experience the best of the USA through a couple of men‘s eyes with our Gay Couple Travel Guide USA blog articles. If you have any questions about your plans traveling to the USA, follow us and send us an email or drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. See you around the world and the next time in the States!

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