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Amsterdam Gay Travel Guide | A Gay Couple’s tips for Holland’s Capital City

Amsterdam Gay Travel Guide | A Gay Couple’s tips for Holland’s Capital City

Our Amsterdam Gay Travel Guide, The Netherlands

Amsterdam Gay Travel Guide: Our home city Amsterdam is in our opinion one of the best and most beautiful places in the world while the Netherlands has been ranked in the third position as one of the gay-friendliest countries in the world by Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2018. The Dutch capital is well-known for its canals, Grachten houses, the best cheese on earth, flowers, in particular, tulips and bikes, of course. Living in the biggest city of the Netherlands is actually like never-ending travel. New exhibitions, parties, hip restaurants, and trendy places are popping up all around Amsterdam. The gay-friendly lifestyle of the citizens is most comfortable for gay travelers not only during the gay pride canal parade. Gay bars, gay parties, and very diverse and open-minded (LGBT) festivals are on the agenda throughout the whole year, especially during the summer months.

When you are planning to travel to Amsterdam or the other cities of the Netherlands be aware of bringing rain clothes with you. The chance of getting rainy days is always quite high, similar to London, for example. Although it might be rainy during your holidays in Amsterdam, lots of indoor activities like Escape Rooms, Museums, and rain-protected sights and museums, like the Stedelijk Museum, are in town waiting to be explored. Are you planning to stay longer in Amsterdam? Take your chance and bike around the city and especially through the countryside. Biking trips to Amsterdamse Bos (Forest of Amsterdam), the castle of Muiden, or even a bike ride to the Dutch coast are pleasurable adventures worth considering while traveling Amsterdam and the Netherlands.


Our Amsterdam Gay Travel Guide on a map

Amsterdam Gay Cruising Guide on Couple of Men

Amsterdam Gay Cruising Guide

With plenty of bars, clubs, and outdoor spaces to meet guys, Amsterdam is definitely not a city inspiring abstinence. Enjoy John’s Amsterdam Gay Cruising guide for the best gay cruising experience in the Dutch capital with tips for gay bars, gay clubs, and outdoor cruising.

Amsterdam – our Gay Nights Out/ Party & Bars

Amsterdam used to be the gay capital of the world. It has been pretty quiet around our Dutch capital city for a while with many gay bars closing and tourists finding their pink pleasures somewhere else. But don’t be sad because it does look like that over the last few years Amsterdam has found some new glitter to throw over our hairy chests. Instead of clubs or bars, there are more and hipper gay-minded parties popping up like FlikkerBoyscouts, or Is Burning. Of course, there is also still a big audience for the good-old parties like RapidoBear NecessityFPQ, or Spellbound. If you are here during a less busy weekend or if you are not into big parties you should definitely try one of these hotspots.

Gay Night Life out in Amsterdam | Gay Couple City Weekend Amsterdam Netherlands ©

If you like bearded bolt guys in their 30ies start the evening with your (new) friends at Prik, chosen as the best gay bar of the Netherlands with the Rainbow Award 2015. Are you more into dancing with the latest twinks and your straight friends are joining you should check out NYX. Still not tired and in the right mood you wanna move over to Church with its famous (Z)onderbroek or other fetish-driven parties. Or a day in Amsterdam’s best gay sauna, Nieuwezijds? And last but not least, if you survived Friday and Saturday and your plane is leaving not too early on Monday try out the Trut with its cheap drinks and alternative vibe but a very mixed audience. You still have no idea what to do? Let us know and we might take you out for a beer or two 😉

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Gay Holland Guide

We, as a gay couple traveling Netherlands Holland, like to get inspired by the “normality” of our hometown, the Dutch capital Amsterdam and all the other Dutch cities. It actually gives us a new, refreshing perspective on our everyday life visiting Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Groningen, or the Dutch (gay) beaches.

Plan your trip to the Dutch capital with Couple of Men:

Amsterdam Gay Travel Guide: On our Gay Couple Travel Guide Amsterdam page, you will find information for your gay travels to Amsterdam and around the Netherlands. We are testing the best restaurants, indoor and outdoor activities, and best gay-friendly hotels in town that you are able to prepare the best itinerary to explore the Dutch capital. Additional to that, you should plan in some time to just wandering around the old town city center, discovering tiny shops, great locations to sit at the canals with a good Dutch beer, and do not forget to look up the old house’s facades.

You will love Amsterdam, for sure. And don’t forget to drop us a line. If we as gay couple travel bloggers are in town and have some time, let’s meet up for a beer, and we show you our favorite Gay Bar in Amsterdam. For more about Amsterdam, check our Amsterdam Gay Travel Guide below and follow us on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram. See you around the world, see you in Holland and Amsterdam.

Karl & Daan.

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