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Gay Couple Travel: Our City Weekend Groningen | The Netherlands

Gay Couple Travel: Our City Weekend Groningen | The Netherlands

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[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#3f6557″ background_color=””]A[/edgtf_dropcaps] Gay Couple City Weekend Groningen – Second stop on our Dutch City Tour 2016: Groningen in the North of the Netherlands. During our first weekend together in Groningen, we try to get an overview over the so-called “Dutch capital of the North”. And of course, one thing was definetely on our list “not to be missed”, a visit at the Groninger Museum. Although the Winter weather was typical Dutch (means rainy, misty and windy), we dressed accordingly warm and water-proof to start our adventure Groningen, not far from the German border.

As usual, we search for the highest and best view point, good places to discover architectural highlights typical for the city, and some nice place to eat, drink and dance. In general, the city of Groningen with its compact and walkable old town surrounded by Grachten is, next to its famous Groninger Museum, very well known for the popular student life and a creative art scene. Join us on our gay-friendly Gay City Trip to Groningen and experience the capital city of the Dutch province Groningen through a couple of men‘s eyes. Looking for other Dutch cities? Have a look on our trips to more cities of the Netherlands.

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Groninger Museum – Joris Laarman Lab / David Bowie is | Martini Tower | Artspace NP3 | Restaurant Huize Maas | Gaybar De Kast

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Our Gay Couple City Weekend in Groningen ©

We love the facades of Dutch houses – Gay Couple City Weekend Groningen ©

What to do on a Gay Couple City Weekend Groningen?

Well connected to the NS-train system, the trip from Amsterdam is about 2,5 hours. We arrived in Groningen at the spectacular station building only a stone’s throw away from the Groninger Museum and our Hotel. It was a pity that the weather during our weekend stay wasn’t the best to spend time outside (and stay dry). The additional wind really challenged our motivation to go outside our Hotel. To stay dry, we were equipped with our see-through umbrellas from our Pilgrimage in Japan. Groningen with its charming historical buildings, smaller and bigger galleries and of course, its famous Groninger Museum, made us enjoy our time in the city.

Our LGBT City Guides Jet and Rebecca

On our Cultural Gay City Weekend in Groningen, we had for the first time a very charming gay couple guiding us around the city with some tips and background information about Groningen. The best way of traveling is to have locals around you on a city trip who can give you insider info you won’t find easy in guide books. A big thank you to the lesbian couple Jet and Rebecca for making our Cultural Gay City trip in Groningen comfortable and more lively.

Our Gay Couple City Weekend in Groningen ©

Our Tour Guides Jet & Rebecca | Gay Couple City Weekend Groningen ©

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Groninger Museum – Icon of Groningen

Exhibition of Joris Laarman Lab (open until 10th April 2016)

If you like modern designed furniture and new ways of producing them, you should know Joris Laarman. It was an impressive experience to see what different ways of manufacturing processes nowadays are possible. Did you ever hear about Voxels, the 3D equivalent of Pixels? The exhibition will make you see furniture out of a different perspective. You can even download an open-source 3D printable chair at home. Quote of the Groninger Museum:

With engineers, programmers and craftsmen, he [Joris Laarman] conducts cutting-edge experiments that combine art, science and technology, using manufacturing processes that are often as innovative as the end results.

Our Gay Couple City Weekend in Groningen ©

Gay Couple City Weekend Groningen ©

Exhibition “DAVID BOWIE IS…” by V&A Museum London (open until 10th April 2016)

David Bowie is dead. Long live David Bowie. And after visiting the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum London) Exhibition “David Bowie is” at the Groninger Museum, he will be a little longer alive, at least in our memories. Although he was at the height of his career way back in time before we started to listen to music, he basically made himself immortal by being a never ending trendsetter as one of the most pioneering and influential performers of modern times. And exactly that is where this exhibition succeeded with David Bowie is, and will always be.

If you are planning to visit the exhibition, be aware that the tickets are quickly sold out. The best is to book the tickets well in advance online. Book here your ticket >

Our Gay Couple City Weekend in Groningen ©

Gay Couple City Weekend Groningen ©

The Best View over Groningen – Martini Tower

A well-known attraction but not busy at all! As you might already know, we like to be on top to see where we are, what we might want to discover and what we don’t wanna miss. For a good orientation over Groningen, the so-called Martinitoren (eng. Martini Tower), of the Martini Church is a really nice thing to do during a gay couple city weekend Groningen. After you reached the city center, you cannot miss it due to its height. First, go to the tourist center VVV and buy a coin for 3 Euro for the entrance machine. The tower has no elevator, only uncountable, old and narrow stairs upwards guiding us our way to the top of the Martini Church. Once you are there, the view over the city is worth every effort. If you are not afraid of height, you can go even one floor higher into the belfry to see the bells from close up. More information about tickets, opening hours and prices >

Foodhallen van Het Noorden – Food Festival

Lucky us, we were in Groningen during the Indoor Food Festival “Foodhallen van het Noorden“. With food trucks, pop-up restaurants, delicatessen Winkels, and a lot of local products, this food event was worth the 15 minutes walk from the center in the southeast direction. The location in a former newspaper factory was interesting to discover, next to all the tastes from all over the North. We asked someone who worked there if there is a regular festival in planning? As it was very successful over the weekend, there might the next one coming soon. Good news for locals and travelers on a gay couple city weekend Groningen like us! Eet smakelijk!

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Infoversum & Art in North West Groningen

Infoversum – A dead Iconic building of Groningen. We like wandering around and to spot spontaneously the uncommon parts of a city. So did we in Groningen. From the top of the Martinitoren, we detected a white sphered-building in the North direction in an industrial looking area. Equipped with a smile and our camera, we started walking towards this ominous place. Right next to the Campus of the Groningen University, we entered an open urban art space with the iconic dome of the so-called “Infoversum”. Sad for us and sad for Groningen, the Infoversum, which hosted a 3D cinema, is permanently closed due to financial reasons. But still, a beautiful building we discovered during our Gay Couple City Weekend Groningen.

Gay Couple Travel City Weekend Groningen ©

Inforversum | Gay Couple City Weekend Groningen ©


We kept on wandering around containers, graffiti and open sand space through a calm and almost abandoned area. “Alle Macht aan de Kunst” – this slogan got our attention, of course. Written on an old container and curious as we are, we stepped into this built structure made of old car wheels. Suddenly we were in the middle of YARDin: RECtangular, an ongoing art installation process based on the free and open art idea of Allen Kaprow. We had a lively and informative conversation with a very friendly lady from the exhibition about Allan Kaprow’s mind setting, the idea of the interactive YARDs and the urban life from North East Groningen area. As we got to know, this whole urban art space will be relocated later this year to another area of Groningen. More about NPdrie Mediacombinatie >

Hungry in Groningen – “Huize Maas” for Dinner

Time flew by and we started to get really hungry. Back on the Fishmarket “Vismarkt” in the center of Groningen, we were looking for a nice dinner place. Next to De Korenbeurs, which is nowadays probably one of the most beautiful discounters (Alber Heijn) we ever visited, we spotted the crowded restaurant “Huize Maas”. While sitting next to the chimney, we ordered some delicious vegetarian food for Daan and a German Burger for Karl with some Dutch beer and Belgian Radler. A successful dinner evening after a beautiful, eventful Cultural Gay City Weekend in Groningen.

Being GAY in Groningen

As an openly gay couple during our trips, we are always very sensitive about safety, tolerance and how gay-friendly the inhabitants are accepting a gay way of life. Groningen is a gay-friendly city as we experienced. It is a pity, that most of the gay places closed down here as well as in other smaller cities of the Netherlands. But there is one well-known gay café and party house in the backyard of the Oosterstraat right in the city center: “De Kast”. We went out together for our Gay Groningen Saturday night with the girls, friends, and colleagues and really enjoyed ourselves. The crowd was a colorful mix of mostly younger gay and straight people dancing to pop music.

Our Gay Couple City Weekend in Groningen ©

Gay Party Fun in Groningen | Gay Couple City Weekend Groningen ©

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More Dutch City Trips:

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Our Gay Couple City Weekend in Groningen

After our Gay City Weekend in Eindhoven, Groningen was our second stop of our Dutch Gay City Tour 2016. Even in Wintertime and with the rainy, quiet cold weather, Groningen was an experience, culturally but also very gay-friendly. Thanks to our comfortable Hotel, our nice lesbian city guides, and the walkable inner city distances, we can recommend a week stay, to enjoy the cultural life in Groningen. We will come back in Summertime to see more from the famous nature areas around the city. Next Stop of our Dutch Gay City Tour 2016 is the City of The Hague (dutch: Den Haag).

Wanna know more about our gay travels around the world? Stay tuned on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram. See you again hopefully very soon in the Netherlands!

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