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Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen © CoupleofMen.com

Gay Couple Travel: Our City Weekend Nijmegen | The Netherlands

A Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen – It is time for Nijmegen, the oldest Dutch city is the fifth destination of our Dutch Gay City Tour in a warming late winter sun. We spent a long weekend in the history-charged charming city in Gelderland close to the German border. While wandering and biking around the unique mixture of a traditional Dutch city with a modern touch in architecture, art, hip and cozy places and along the Waal river, we felt home for some days in our gay-friendly hotel Sleep in Box5.

An early warm spring sun, a busy shopping crowd in the city center and abounded spots along the river: Nijmegen has it all. Don’t forget to look up the old Dutch houses, check historical Roman archaeological finds at Valkhof Museum, enjoy a beer and dinner at the Honig Factory and discover the world like blind people do.  Follow us on our Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen on the scout of history in the summer capital of the Netherlands by the Waal river and see Nijmegen through a couple of men’s eyes.

Hotel Sleep-Inn Box 5 | Honig Factory | Brewpub Stoom | 1936 Gas Station | Muzieum | Escape Room Mission Escape | Museum The Valkhof

Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen © CoupleofMen.com

Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen © CoupleofMen.com

Nijmegen – oldest city of the Netherlands

The city of Nijmegen (in Germ.: Nimwegen) was mentioned for the first over 2.000 years ago as a military base back then built by the Romans. The city is located on the Waal River surrounded by hills for a perfect view over the Waal and Rhine valley. This circumstance gave us the possibility to find some places with a great view for the best photo around the city. Although the North side of the Waal river was partly under construction, biking over the bridges and along the riverside makes Nijmegen an origin to be the summer capital 2016 of the Netherlands. Our gay travel story about a gay couple city weekend Nijmegen begins in an old mansion from 1920 in the city center of Nijmegen with probably the most comfortable bed we could have imagined…

Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen Boutique Hotel Sleep-Inn Box 5 Nijmegen

Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen © CoupleofMen.com

Boutique Hotel Sleep-Inn Box 5

The charming Boutique Hotel Sleep-Inn Box5 right in the city center of Nijmegen has a proud history of almost 100 years. It is operated by the heartwarming friendly and helpful gay couple Jos and Stephan. Elegant Design furniture combined with a chic luxurious interior in modern style and very comfortable beds made us feel really home in this old mansion.

Biking around a city founded by Romans

After this experience, we were perfectly prepared to explore the city with all our senses. The bikeways around Nijmegen are splendidly constructed and safe even for less experienced bikers. And so we took our route over the Waal river via the historically important train bridge with our rental bikes. In 2004, a pedestrian and bikeway was added to the bridge construction, called De Snelbinder. After a short stop on the bridge to enjoy the view over Nijmegen, we biked along the North side of the river in western direction. From here we enjoyed peaceful landscape and wonderful views over the glistening river and the beautiful, old city Nijmegen with several stops along the way. To come back on the South side of the river, we decided to take the bridge “De Oversteek”, a very impressive piece of modern architecture, that opened in 2013.

Discovering the HONIG Factory for art & food

Our next time travel exploration took place at the former factory complex “Honigfabriek” in the west of the city. The area is named after the famous Dutch starch and food company. Important note for the German readers: the word Honig should not be mixed up with the German word for honey. The complex today is an urban space for art galleries (and ateliers), cultural events, small shops and special hot spots for drinks and food. This unique mixture, the history of the company Honig in Nijmegen and the modern hip touch by the locals are creating an interesting atmosphere easily reachable in ca. 15 minutes by bike from the city. More about the Honig Complex in Nijmegen >

HONIG Complex | Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen © CoupleofMen.com

HONIG Complex | Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen © CoupleofMen.com

Food & Oersoep Beer at Stoom Brewery

We decided to stop here at the Honig Complex to try a local Oersoep beer of one of the newest breweries in Nijmegen and food at the STOOM Beer & Food brewpub. Where the former broth boilers of the Honig factory produced food and steam (Dutch “stoom”) we found a very special place to try the local sorts of beer with a delicious snack made by Chef Edo van der Veer. Take your seat, inside or on the terrace, and taste your favorite beer type. Delicious different. More about STOOM & Oersoep >

Icon in Nijmegen – Auto Palace Gas Station

Fans of modern architecture check this out! No, we are not in America or in any other metropole in Europe. This is a concealed treasure just 10 minutes biking from the city center and yes, it is really in Nijmegen. The architects B. J. Meerman und J. van der Pijll built this gas station in 1936 as a classic example of the New Objectivity and is as “Rijksmonument” under monumental protection. Nowadays it is the office building for an architect office in the Graafseweg direction ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Muzieum Experience | Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen © CoupleofMen.com

Muzieum Experience | Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen © CoupleofMen.com

Muzieum – Experience a blind world

Before we started our tour around the city, we had an appointment at the Tourist Information next to the Schouwburg of Nijmegen to get the most updated information for our Gay City Weekend Nijmegen. And here we literally felt into our first highlight of Nijmegen: the museum experience muZIEum (Engl.: MuSEEum): An adventure in a blind man’s world…

Biking around Nijmegen and its Architecture

Nijmegen is an over viewable, friendly and well-organised city with a lot to see from Roman times at “The Valkhof Museum to very modern buildings, sights and, of course, shopping places like the unique Marikenstraat. Buildings like “de Kruittoren,” Sint Stevenskerk, the Waagegebouw at the Grote Markt or the Auto Palace Gas Station, to name only a few, are some of the most impressive ones during our weekend. Keep your eyes open when you walk or bike around Nijmegen, to not miss any of the hidden spots and detailed highlights on exterior walls, next to all the Germans 😉 Here is our collection of some beautiful city moments during our Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen:

Escape Room at Mission Escape Nijmegen

Of course, we did it again. But this time only the two of us and guess what: we made it! Just a 5 minutes walk from our Hotel right in the city centre we discovered the Escape Room Mission Escape. As top agents (like Daan used to transform into every evening as an actor in “De Gelaarsde Poes”), we were locked into the “Secret Agent Room”. It seems a lot of other agents tried to escape here already before. But we managed to open up the locked door after solving some quiet difficult puzzles and a lot of lockers. More Information about Mission Escape >

Mission Escape | Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen © CoupleofMen.com

Mission Escape | Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen © CoupleofMen.com

The Valkhof Museum Nijmegen

The Valkhof Museum is an archaeology and art museum next to the Kelfkensbos and the Valkhof Park in the North East of Nijmegen. Built by the architect Ben van Berkel, who was also the architect of the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam, the Valkhof Museum opened in 1996 by Queen Beatrix. And it is a place to spend a long time in. If you are interested in Roman history you will love the Valkhof. It is the home of an important collection of local Roman archaeological finds in this area but also a smaller part of modern art. The museum building is stunning, not only from the outside but also by its inner design and way of guiding the visitors almost freely and independently through the different exhibition rooms. Owners of the Dutch Museum card can enter the Valkhof Museum for free. More Information about current exhibitions and News >

The Valkhof Museum | Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen © CoupleofMen.com

The Valkhof Museum | Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen © CoupleofMen.com

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Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen

A weekend full of history, tradition, and modern present. A totally different experience compared to our City Weekend Utrecht, the feeling of The Big City Vibes in The Hague, the Gay City Weekend in Groningen and the Industrial atmosphere in the city of Eindhoven. We could feel the difference to all the other cities and still didn’t miss anything. Was it better than Eindhoven or any other city of the Netherlands? No, it was just different on its very own spirit of optimism. Now we are curious and excited about what Nijmegen will look like during the warmer summertime for a Summer Gay Couple City Weekend Nijmegen. But now, see you next week in Rotterdam!

Karl & Daan


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    We are currently planning a road trip to Benelux and northern France for late August. We will be driving from Sweden and then back, which we are really looking forward to. We have been thinking about making one of the stops in Nijmegen, as we would like to stay away from the larger cities. Just wondering if you have any recommendations regarding Nijmegen or would recommend another town in the region? Thank you for any advice as we have not been to the Netherlands before. 🙂

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