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Our List of the Best LGBTQ+ & Gay Travel Bloggers in 2024

Our List of the Best LGBTQ+ & Gay Travel Bloggers in 2024

Our Top List of the best LGBTQ+ and gay travel bloggers for 2024 – You have no idea where to go on vacation this year? Do you want to know in which country you can hold hands and enjoy the best time of the year? Do you want to be up-to-date about the newest events, hidden gems, and hot spots of the gay and LGBTQ+ community? Finally: You need to get inspired about which places around the globe are safe, LGBTQ+, and gay-friendly? Knowing about the colorful and sometimes very difficult history of the LGBTQ+ community and the equal rights movement, we want to make it easier for you. Take a closer look and find out which of the queer LGBTQ+ & Gay Travel Bloggers 2023 (or all of them) you would like to get inspired by and give your support! Happy Gay Traveling, everyone!

LGBTQ+ travel family at ITB Diversity Gala 2023
LGBTQ+ travel family at ITB Diversity Gala 2023

During our travels for our blog Couple of Men, we can meet lesbian, gay, trans, and queer travelers from all around the world, trying to find the answers to exactly those questions. By doing that for themselves and sharing it on their blog and social media, the best gay travel blogger and LGBTQ+ influencers are trying to make your vacation planning much easier by supporting local LGBTQ+ businesses like gay-friendly hotels, gay pride festivals, and queer weekly events. But, as you can imagine, it is not always easy to find the right and the good ones of the LGBTQ+ activists of today.

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Yes, that’s us, Karl and Daan, from Europe writing, blogging, and posting in English and German (as one of the few German Gay Travel Blogs). First, we want to give you a short heads up about our blog, which aims to be a supporting gay travel source, especially for gay couples. Our future together has just begun after celebrating our 10th anniversary in March 2024. From the first trip to Vietnam on, we are eager to share the best gay travel tips out of an adventurous couple of men’s eyes with luxurious accommodations, exciting experiences such as zip-lining or white-water rafting along the way, and Gay Pride Parades all around the world. Because, in our opinion, the fight for equality just started. In the end, love wins. We are counting on your support to make the world a better place for LGBTQ+ people.

Gay Travel Blogger Whistler Pride Ski Festival Whistler Pride Gay Skiwoche A Gay Kiss in the Rooftop Pool of the Fairmont Waterfront after Whistler Pride and Ski Festival 2019 ©
The best Gay Travel Bloggers in 2024 ©

LGBTQ+ & Gay Travel Bloggers in 2024

But before we start with our top list of the best LGBTQ+ and gay travel blogs, we just wanted to clarify one thing: we only include LGBTQ+ and gay travel sources of bloggers we have actually met during our travels. We know there are many more out there, but authenticity is key for us, especially for this list (in alphabetical order). But please comment and send your favorites in as well, so we can meet with them on our next trip or put them in another blog article of A Couple of Men as a source. Happy traveling, everyone!

#1 Onceuponajrny: The Lesbian Photo Blogger

Blog (in EN) | Instagram | YouTube

And then, there was our trip to Berlin in 2018 for Gay Pride CSD Berlin, when we finally met back then couple bloggers and basically our Dutch lesbian twins, Roxanne and Maartje. Over the past years, we traveled repeatedly together around the world. Back home, we spent nights playing board games such as Carcassonne together. But as life goes… Rox and Maartje are now going their separate ways. But the content on her blog and social media channels will continue to inspire us to travel. And just last weekend, we planned a game night with Roxanne. Good to know: A group of queer bloggers and Maartje are currently launching the Pride Atlas as a print edition. Just check it out!

Love Wins - Love is Love - Fighting for Equality together: Onceuponajrny and CoupleofMen
Love Wins – Love is Love – Fighting for Equality together: Onceuponajrny and CoupleofMen

#2 Nomadic Boys: The Social Bloggers

Blog (in EN) | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Best Buddies for Life – beyond gay travel blogging. We met Stefan and Sebastian for the first time in Vancouver two years ago. We can proudly say that we developed a good friendship with them after some winter fun on the slopes in Whistler and some cocktails at the Gay Winter Pride parties. Last spring, they visited us in Amsterdam and stayed for over a week at our place, eager to explore everything about “our” Amsterdam. One thing is for sure: Everything they do will be shared on Social Media – if you like it or not! #bestiesforever

Group picture with Barb Snelgrove, Josh Rimer and our buddies Stefan & Seby from Nomadic Boys | Whistler Pride 2018 Gay Ski Week © Darnell Collins
Group selfie with Barb Snelgrove, Josh Rimer, and Stefan & Seby from Nomadic Boys © Darnell Collins

#3 The Globetrotter Guys – Party Bloggers

Blog (in EN) | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Our first encounter with gay travel bloggers Sion and Ben from The Globetrotter Guys was during our first trip to the US-American state of Illinois. We met them during Chicago Pride, the colorful LGBT event in the city of wind. The guys are based in the UK, focusing on sharing their experiences of circuit festivals, pride, and other LGBT events.

Gay Travel Bloggers 2020 Chicago Gay City Tipps Couple of Men meeting The Globetrotter Guys at Pride Park Festival 2019 ©
Couple of Men meets The Globetrotter Guys at Pride Park Festival 2019 ©

#4 Whatwegandidnext: The Lesbian Beauty Bloggers

Blog (in EN) | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

The two beauties, Whitney and Megan from the travel blog whatwegandidnext are as cute and lovely to have around. We met them in 2018 in Stockholm, pre-checking the Swedish city for gay-friendliness just before Euro Pride 2018. The two girls are based in Windsor, UK writing, posting, blogging, and vlogging about their lives as married wives and openly gay travelers. Part of their story is about traveling as a person with a disability in public and on social media. We love their love, and hoping to travel with them again very soon!

Best LGBTQ+ and Gay Travel Bloggers 2023 ©
The Best LGBTQ+ and Gay Travel Bloggers 2023 ©

#5 OutwithRyan: The Queer Blogger

Blog (in EN) | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

And, of course, we cannot miss our favorite queer traveler and influencer queen, Ryan. We met this wonderful energetic person in Stockholm as well and reunited with him on the first Open Sea Cruise. He is professional, creative, and simply adorable to hang out with, especially together with his boyfriend Andrei. His work focuses on vlogging and creating YouTube videos about his experiences abroad as a queer traveler in all his rainbow-colored facets on his blog, YouTube, and Instagram. We will meet him and his boyfriend again in New York and cannot wait to take some more fun photos together with them!

Photo fun with gay travel Blogger Ryan Woods Gay Travel Bloggers 2020 ©
Photo fun with gay travel Blogger Ryan Woods  ©

#6 27 Travels: The lesbian New Yorker Bloggers

Blog (in EN) | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Two lesbians in love, traveling the world – but they call New York City home. We met the two lovely cuties during our travels to New York for the IGLTA convention in April 2019. They became our New York guides for two days, showing us their favorite Street Art in Soho and beyond. We also took them to the Top of the Rock, the viewing platform on top of the Rockefeller Center, where we enjoyed a stunning view over Manhattan. As cat owners ourselves, we had so much to talk about and to laugh at… We cannot wait to see and travel with them again!

Best LGBTQ+ and Gay Travel Bloggers 2020 ©
Lesbian Couple Bloggers Gabi & Shanna in between us & Onceuponajrny | Best LGBTQ+ Travel Bloggers

#7 Ravi Round the World: The sensational queer blogger

Blog (in EN) | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

We’ve been inseparable travel buddies since our first meeting at a rooftop party in New York City. Whether it’s Amsterdam Pride, a travel conference in Milan, or a long night out in gay club in Berlin, Ravi is always fun to be with. By the way, the queer LGBTQ+ activist has his own YouTube show and actively campaigns for the interests of the queer community. A real role model you might wanna give a like and hit the follow button.

Celebrating Pride in Amsterdam with Ravi Round the World ©
Celebrating Pride in Amsterdam with Ravi Round the World ©

And the list goes on …

We met many more influential LGBTQ+ travelers, writers, and vloggers during our travels, besides the best Gay Travel Bloggers 2023. Some of our favorites are Queer Twitter and social influencer Barb Snelgrove from Vancouver, as well as YouTubers and former Mr. Gay Canada, Josh Rimer. We will strive to keep this article updated, adding new queer travel resources to this list of LGBTQ+ and Gay Travel Bloggers worldwide.

Gay Reiseblogger 2021 Best LGBTQ+ and Gay Travel Bloggers 2020 ©
Best LGBTQ+ and Gay Travel Bloggers 2023 ©

Our Top List of Gay Travel Bloggers 2024 and more

Influencers, in their own way, are LGBTQ+ travel writers who create high-quality texts for diverse magazines, inspiring thousands of readers all over the world. For example, David Duran, travels the world writing for a living, or Markus Bidaux, a travel writer and photographer. And there will be many more coming in the following weeks, months, and years.

Do you want to know and see more of us and other gay (couple) travel bloggers? Stay tuned on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook! See you around Europe or around the world and on one of our next gay pride trips! Karl & Daan

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