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We are Karl and Daan from Amsterdam.
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About Couple of Men Gay Travel Blog.

We are Karl and Daan, a German-Dutch gay travel blogger couple happily based in the beautiful capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Our blog is about the Life of two (gay) Men loving and traveling the world together. 

About Couple of Men Gay Travel Blog: We are eager to explore the world around us, starting from our favorite neighborhood restaurant to undiscovered hikes through the mountains on one of our trips across the globe. Famous metropoles, distant natural wonders, theme parks, gay sports events and local far-away-friends are great reasons to travel. Together, we have visited more than 50 countries in over 5 continents. Our last big trips brought us to Japan, Iceland, Finland, and the United States of America where we discovered natural wonders,

cultural highlights, and traditional cuisine. We as openly gay travellers are proud of who we are. We like to focus on gay rights, equality, and judgemental free minds. We think it is important to support the gay community worldwide. Our profession is to collect authentic and gay-friendly proofed travel info which we then love to share through written, visual and social media content. We are the gay couple travel bloggers Karl and Daan and we invite you to find out how to travel the world like we do: open minded, respectful and with a happy heart.

Karl Krause - About Couple of Men Gay Travel Blog

Karl Krause – About Couple of Men Gay Travel Blog

Karl – 33 | German

The first guy behind the blog is Karl. He is born and raised close to the German city Dresden. After finishing his Abitur in 2002, he studied medicine in Dresden, before he switched to Art History and German language at the Technical University Dresden and later on in Berlin.

His first big trip with a backpack was to Asia in 2006 where he got infected by the “travel fever”. Nevertheless, the matters of LGBT life became one of his biggest concerns. As member of the gay community Gerede e.V. Dresden, supporter, and organizer in some cases of the Pride Parade Dresden and teaching pupils at school about the variety of (LGBT) life, being a gay travel blogger is part of his ambition to create a better, more peaceful world for everyone, disregarding gender, sexual orientation and identity.

Karl is currently working as Freelance Blogger, Content- & Social Media Manager for Snowplaza and freelance blogger for several (gay) travel websites.

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Daan – 31 | Dutch

The second guy behind the blog is Daan. He is born and raised next to Amsterdam where our couple of men now happily lives. After finishing high school Daan studied commercial presentation and communication where he, after two years, decided to follow his dream and audition for the Amsterdam Theatre School. During his studies, he found most satisfaction in creating and directing theater instead of only acting. Over the years he produced and build several immersive theater installations on festivals like Oerol, Over het IJ Festival and De Parade.

As a director and concept developer in theater, he has always been interested in the leisure entertainment industry. One of the most important elements in his profession is storytelling and the way you visually communicate this in an interesting way. By telling elaborate stories, using different kinds of media at the same time, his love for travel, art, and his boyfriend Karl come all perfectly together.

Daan is currently working on several projects that involve immersive experiences for audiences all around the globe.

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Daan Colijn - About Couple of Men Gay Travel Blog

Daan Colijn – About Couple of Men Gay Travel Blog

Gay Travelers | Art & Architecture enthusiasts| Volleyballer | LGBT rights activist| Photographers | Graphic – Designer | Theme Park addicts | Nature lovers

About Couple of Men

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We are very interested in visiting new destinations all around the world. We love to write and make beautiful pictures of everything that we find important to capture and share with our readers. We take our credibility very seriously. That is why we always try to create authentic content by using only our own pictures and write out of our own experiences. Please contact us by email or on one of our Social Media platforms if you are interested in a couple of men exploring and showcasing what your destination has to offer.

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Join us on our gay travel blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel to see the world through a Couple of Men’s eyes.

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