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Amsterdam Light Festival Highlights ©

Amsterdam Light Festivals 2015 & 2014

Amsterdam Light Festival Highlights 2015-2014 – Wintertime in Western Europe and the Netherlands is quite a difficult time: almost no snow combined with a lot of wind and rain and almost no sun. Additional to shorter days and the lack of light the Dutch capital Amsterdam initiated 4 years ago the annually Amsterdam Light Festival.

Artist working on a light project were given the opportunity to dive Amsterdam into light. Do it like we are doing it and discover the beauty of the city in the dark on the walking route or by canal boat! Turn the lights on for Amsterdam Light Festival Highlights of 2015 & 2014!


About Amsterdam Light Festival 2012-2016

Welcome to the 4th edition of the light spectacle when art installations turning the anyway beautiful city of Amsterdam in a truly illuminated city of light! This year the art pieces of the open air exhibition are dedicated to the topic of the Amsterdam Light Festival 2015 “Friendship”. Every evening for 55 days the Amsterdam Light Festival offers visitors and citizens equally stunning views, intense colors and unexpected locations from 5pm on until 11pm. But before we start with our Light Tours, we sampled our favorite impressions of Amsterdam by Night:

Illuminade & Water Colors: The walking route & the route by boat

Take your time and walk a long the Amsterdamse Grachten or bike along the river Amstel for the walking route. Or do it kind of typical Dutch and buy ticket or even rent a boat with friends and families to see the lights from the perspective on water for some more unique impressions. Both route offering the visitors places they cannot reach doing the other route. So we would recommand to do it both ways. Do you need a map? Click here for the maps of the Amsterdam Light Festival 2015!

Amsterdam Light Festival 2015 – Our Highlights

Art is Art. If you work as an artist and creative person yourself, you know what we are talking about. But still we have our favorites chosen by the interaction between light and dark, the idea the artist was able to visualize and how it was finally implemented in the particular environment.

Walking route 1: Starting at the Dutch National Opera

One of the highlights of this years lights festival was undoubtedly the Northern Lights Installation by artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic above the river Amstel in front the Opera House. After we spent 3 weeks in Iceland and seeing a lot of these magical northern lights over us in Iceland in natura, we can say she succeeded! Impressive by boat and walking over the bridge.

Walking Route 2: The uniting Lightstar by  VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX

Walking in the southern direction along the Amstel river, you will reach the next interactive light monument, the “Uniting Lightstar” by Venividimultiplex Ontwerpstudio. Dedicated to all the states of the European Union, the spectators have to interact to make it shine in all its beauty. Tip: press all the buttons the same time!


Walking Route 3: The Art-Garden of the Herimitage of Amsterdam

The Herimitage itself is an awesome place to be. During the Amsterdam Light Festival, you find a couple of interactive light pieces  in the garden. Next to a Café and places for children to work with their own creativity, the “Art-Garden” is a nice place to spend some time in.

Walking Route 4: The Way from Light Tunnel to the Botanical Garden

Follow the lights and especially all the hobby photographers and you won’t loose your way! Interesting art: the unfinished “Bridge” by Tomás Ribas, the 3D projection at the “Canal House” by Irma de Vries and the perspective art piece “Filos” by Univate are guiding your way to the Wertheimpark. In the center of the park, you will find an old tree with colorful birds appearing and disappearing in between the branches, the “Winged Migration” by Tessel Schmidt & Judith Hofland. What a wonderful art projection with sound where you feel as part of a Dutch safari through the city.

Walking Route 5: Warming up in the Botanical Garden

Warming yourself up with a hot chocolate (with or without a shot of Rum) and you are perfectly prepared for your walk through the Park of the Botanical Garden of Amsterdam. The interesting installation “Melody Dots 21” by Yoko Seyama took us under its spell. Take your time to watch it, seriously.


Warming yourself up with art! Walking further through the park, the lights guided us to the interactive art “Social Sparkles” by Studio Toer. Run for fun, that’s all we can say!

Boat Route 1: Paths crossing – Ralf Westerhof

After driving underneath the Northern Lights, our boat took the way over the Herengracht passing by the filament art “Paths Crossing” by Ralf Westerhof and the “Talking Heads” by Viktor Vicsek.

One of the most impressive installations for us is “Run Beyond” by Angelo Bonello, when a person of light tries to jump over a grachten-bridge!


Boat Route 2: Driving through a Dinner Hall

On our way through along the beautiful Herengracht, the boat drives underneath the “Open Lounge” by Géraud Périole to welcome all the visitors and fans of the Amsterdam Light Festival 2015!


There are even smaller art pieces along the Grachten ride to enjoy. But our next highlight is waiting in the Oosterdoks of Amsterdam!

Boat Route 3: THE LIGHT WAVE by Anita Doornhein

What an inspiring moment, when our boat enters the wave of light. It actually feels like driving into an ice cave in Iceland: pure, magical and full of light.


Boat Route 4: Two Cities in one

You can see this art work by walking and by boat when two cities in changing light and colors seem to merge in “A Tale of Two Cities” by Vendel de Wolf and to finally fall into the Nieuw Herengracht.




Amsterdam Light Festival 2014

This year’s Light Festival was not our first one of course! We collected our best impressions from last years Light Art Pieces in this small gallery to honor the work of 2014. Turn the lights on for Amsterdam Light Festival highlights of 2014!


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Amsterdam Light Festival Highlights

If you have any questions, need further tips or anything else you would like us to add to this post, feel free to comment below or write an email. Stay up-to-date about our newest blog posts on our gay travel blog via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. See you around the beautiful Lights of Amsterdam or in the illuminated Grachten of the Dutch capital.

Karl & Daan.

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