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Gay Pride Songs: Our Top 10 CSD Party Classics

Gay Pride Songs: Our Top 10 CSD Party Classics

If you wanted to be part of every Gay Pride and CSD in Germany, Europe, and the whole world in 2019, you basically would have to take off from January to December. Because in uncountable cities in Europe and worldwide, the LGBTQ + community demonstrates and celebrates equality, love, tolerance, and understanding wearing colorful rainbow colors dancing, laughing, and showing pride in whom they really are. Additional to that, lesbians, gays, queers, transsexuals, and intersex people celebrate in 2019 the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots on Christopher Street in New York. Equipped with posters, rainbow flags, whistles, and confetti, thousands of members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community will make their way through the streets to celebrate World Pride in New York, peacefully celebrating diversity and love. But the parties with rainbow-colored parades, shrill costumes, and lots of glitters are not only made for the eyes but especially for the ear as well. Because, before, during, and after the Pride demonstration the celebrations continue with new LGBTQ + hits and the best Gay Pride Songs Classics to sing along. And before anyone asks: Of course Gloria Gaynor is on our list. How could we forget her on Couple of Men?

by Sarah Tekath
translated by Karl Krause

Gay Pride Songs Classics: Top 10

#1 Taylor Dayne – Tell it to my heart

Shoulder pads, perm and a lot of echo on the vocals – so much about the 80s. But they are not dead yet, they are dragged out of the dusty corners of music history at every LGBTQ+ event like karaoke and every gay pride party to sing along. And even if usually no one would dare to admit, everyone can secretly sing her texts by heart.

#2 ABBA – Dancing Queen

A song for real party queens or at least wannabe party girls, whether with flared pants and platform shoes or without. When this song starts to play before or during a gay party or LGBTQ+ event, the roof is on fire and there is no stopping! Because everyone knows this song from the Swedish band ABBA and everyone can sing along. Incidentally, in 2008 an Australian gay website was looking for the gayest song of all time. You can guess which dance hit made it (by far) to #1. More about ABBA on our Gay Travel Guide Stockholm >

#3 Kylie Minogue – Your disco needs you

Already at the first note, all gay men will put aside their drinks storming simultaneously on the dance floor, and start throwing confetti. Well, not always, but you already understand what we are talking about, right? The classic Your disco needs you by Kylie Minogue is definitely on the list of songs that may not be missed on any Gay Pride Party and CSD event. Because this song is just about having fun and forgetting everything around you, at least for this song.

#4 Gloria Gaynor – I will survive

An absolute anthem of the LGBTQ+ rights movement and at the same time a true classic among the CSD any Gay Pride party hits. Even if this song is made for dancing and I Will Survive is celebrated vigorously and boisterously, the message is nevertheless unmistakable. It is about getting up, standing up for yourself, and continuing. And that should not be forgotten at any LGBTQ+ event, even if the mood at Gay Pride is just so wild positive.

#5 Thelma Houston – Don’t leave me this way

This song is a clear statement that you do not want, and you do not have to accept something given. And that’s good. Because even if not every Gay Pride Party has to be political, it certainly cannot hurt to keep that in mind when dancing, drinking, celebrating, and loving. Incidentally, this does not only apply to the LGBTQ+ community, but also to women. Thelma Houston became the first female artist on the Motown label to receive a Grammy Award for her persistence.

#6 Katy Perry – I kissed a girl

Here we do not really have to explain why this song belongs to every playlist of a gay pride party, right? The title speaks for itself. I kissed a girl and I liked it. Even though the singer celebrated a worldwide success in 2008, ten years later she explained to the glamour that she would not write the text like that anymore. “The text has served a number of stereotypes,” explains the 33-year-old.

#7 Geri Halliwell – Mi chico latino

Musically, Geri Halliwell did not do an outstanding job here, and even the Spanish at the beginning of her song Mi Chico Latino is very cringy for the people who really know the language. But with enough Prosecco, Vodka-Redbull, and some rainbow glitter, we can overlook that, at least for a while, don’t you think? On the dance floor, there is then either the obligatory flamenco clapping to the intro or the dreamy memories of the last Latino nights with a hot, muscled, hairy man.

#8 Weather Girls – It’s raining men

In fact, vocalists Martha Wash and Izora Rhodes Armstead had their first and only hit with It’s raining men, but this one-hit-wonder will most certainly remain an immortal one-hit wonder thanks to every LGBTQ+ event and gay party, Gay Pride season or not. This is certainly more about the dream of a cloudburst of attractive men than the song itself, but it does not matter, right?

#9 Village People – Y.M.C.A.

Men in costumes, who allude very much to the stereotypes of gay men in the USA of the 70s where everything is a bit too thick. But that does not matter because at every Gay Pride Party this song is played at least once (more likely many, many times). Most of the time it’s so crowded on the dance floor that you cannot pull the arms apart for the dance Y far enough. And you know what? The Village People are still out there. Just two years ago, we saw them performing during Amsterdam Pride at Milkshake Festival!

#10 Christina Aguilera – Beautiful

Although this song is more of a bouncer compared to the previous CSD and Gay Pride Party hits, it undoubtedly deserves a place in our top ten because Beautiful is about the clear message: each one is wonderful, beautiful, and great, no matter which skin color, sexual identity, gender identity, religious beliefs or looks. This makes this song a real hymn for gays, lesbians, transgender, and queer – and just for everyone.  And you should know that Christina’s song was one of the coming out songs for Karl!

Gay Pride Songs Classics: Top 10

But anyway, thank you, Christina, we could not have said it any better! And now, in this sense: Let’s sing and dance at the next Gay Pride Party and LGBTQ+ events – you know already know which songs are made to warm up for your next Gay Pride parade. Happy Pride and have a wonderful Pride season 2019!

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Dance & Celebrate for Pride & Equality with our Top 10 Gay Pride Songs Classic

Anyone who demonstrates equal rights, love, freedom, and diversity can, of course, do so in his own way. Homemade posters, rehearsed songs and sayings, and of course colorful costumes and rainbow-colored clothes – all is possible and appropriate. But the most important thing on a CSD or Gay Pride demonstrations is definitely noticeably showing that “normal” is what we define and call “normal” and having fun together peacefully. Yes, that’s right.

Fun and party are an important part of it, especially when everyone is invited to join. This year we will participate again in several gay pride parades all over the world. Actually, we already celebrated our first Gay Pride in January in Canada with the rainbow flag on the ski slopes in Whistler. We cannot wait to attend this year’s L.A. Pride in Los Angeles, followed by Portland Pride in Oregon and the 50th Chicago Pride in Illinois. Where are you demonstrating equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community this year?

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Sarah & Karl & Daan.