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Our 7 Gay Men Movies of 2017 Amsterdam Film Festival

Our 7 Gay Men Movies of 2017 Amsterdam Film Festival

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[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#3f6557″ background_color=””]O[/edgtf_dropcaps]ur best Gay Movies Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2017 – This year the LGBTQ Film Festival in Amsterdam is celebrating its 20th edition with more than 120 short movies, documentaries and motion pictures. Additional to the premiere of SCAR TISSUE, the gay migration movie with our Daan as one of the main actors, the Queer Amsterdam Film Festival is featuring movies with Gay Men, Lesbian, Transsexual and Intersexual topics from all over the world but of course, with a Dutch focus as it is the 20th edition of the LGBTQ Film Festival in 2017. Thus, for a selection of the Top 10 Lesbian and Mix movies during the Festival, click on our Blog article “Best 10 Lesbian & Mix Movies of the Roze Filmdagen”!

We as gay travel bloggers and travelers to other festivals all over the world, we understand how difficult it is to figure out which movies are the top selection to get an overview of the festival’s program and a good feeling for the festival. Therefore, we met Werner Borkes, Festival & Programming Director of the Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam to talk with him about the top picks and tips for gay men looking for the 7 best Gay Movies of the Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam in 2017. Our selection together with Werner’s knowledge about all movies screened during the festival made us create this list for your best overview and experience of the 20th edition of the festival. Enjoy planning your visit to the LGBTQ Film Festival in Amsterdam between March 9th and March 19th and see the Roze Filmdagen through a couple of men’s eyes. PS: Don’t miss to put the premiere of SCAR TISSUE on your list of the best Gay Movies Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam of course, and see Daan as Johan meeting the Syrian refugee Sami and the world he comes from.

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#1 Scar Tissue | The Netherlands

Dutch Short movie “Scar Tissue” about 13 minutes plus 60 minutes panel afterward – Of course, Scar Tissue is our insider tip. The movie by Nish Gera and Morgenster Films is about a casual hookup in Amsterdam, that takes an intimate turn when Sami (Noah Valentyn), a Syrian refugee from Damascus, meets Johan (our Daan Colijn), a self-confident and settled gay guy from Amsterdam. In the course of a night in the Dutch capital, the two men will confront some truths, and unsettling secrets, about the very different worlds they come from…

Dates: March 11th, 2017 | 13:00 Hours
Location: Westergas Theater

Best Gay Movies Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam by Morgenster Films

Insider Tip of our Best Gay Movies Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam by Morgenster Films

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#2 The Pass | UK

UK movie “The Pass” about 88 minutes – We all know Russel Tovey, the handsome actor of the American series “Looking”. But he is more than “just” an eye-candy. The Pass spans fifteen years in the rise and fall of a closeted pro footballer; starting out with frolicking with his long-time pal and colleague in football Academy all through the disintegrating fake persona he has constructed to keep up in a sport where coming out is not an option. With an excellent performance by Russel Tovey, this has much more to draw you in!

Dates: March 11th, 2017 | 19:30 Hours & March 19th | 15:30 Hours
Location Ketelhuis 1

Click here for more about The Pass >[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”20px”][vc_column_text]

#3 Corpo Eléctrico (body electric) | Brasilia

The Brazilian movie “Corpo Eléctrico” about 93 minutes – Elias divides his days between working in a cloth factory and casual encounters with other men. As the end of the year approaches, work intensifies, he finds himself increasingly trapped within the factory. With limited free time, he attempts to etch his place in new social circles and to assert the possibility of new relationships.

Dates: March 12th | 13:30 Hours & March 17th | 21:30 Hours
Location Ketelhuis 1

Corpo Eléctrico | Our 7 Best Gay Movies Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2017 LGBTQ Film Festival

Corpo Eléctric Best Gay Movies Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2017 LGBTQ Film Festival

Click here for more about Corpo Eléctrico >[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”20px”][vc_column_text]

#4 Lazy Eye | United States of America

American movie “Lazy Eye” of 94 minutes – Passions reignite and hidden secrets revealed when a graphic designer in Los Angeles reconnects with an ex-lover he hasn’t seen or heard from in 15 years. Over the course of a weekend at a vacation house in the desert, they must determine whether or not they have a future together. A movie about roads not taken, unfinished business, and the struggle to adjust to progressive lenses!

Dates: March 10th | 17:30 Hours & March 16th | 21:30 Hours
Location Ketelhuis 1

Click here for more about Lazy Eye >[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”20px”][vc_column_text]

#5 Jonathan | Germany

German movie “Jonathan” about 99 minutes – Passions run deep in this beautifully filmed drama set in rural Germany. Jonathan reluctantly keeps the family farm running, together with his aunt. They take care of his dying father, whom they both have a strained relation with. The arrival of a new nurse, and of his father’s long-lost lover, make deeply suppressed secrets spill over into unexpected territory. Good to know: the screening will have Dutch subtitles, not English.

Dates: March 11th | 13:30 & March 18th | 15:30 Hours
Location Ketelhuis 1

Click here for more about Jonathan >[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”20px”][vc_column_text]

#6 Esteros | Argentina & Brasilia

The South American movie “Esteros” about 83 minutes – Told in a comforting rhythm, this wonderfully quaint story of second chances uses flashbacks and the meandering wetlands of Argentina as a backdrop. It tells the story of two youngsters who, while once in love, have become estranged in more ways than one. Ten years after one of them moved into a new life, their paths cross again and they will face their old attraction.

Dates: February 18th – 21st 2017
Location Ketelhuis 1

Click here for more about Esteros >[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”20px”][vc_column_text]

#7 Present Perfect | Japan & Thailand

Asian movie “Present Perfect” about 105 minutes – Following a painful breakup, Toey decides to heal his broken heart in Higashikawa town where he meets Oat, who is on his bachelor finale trip. From strangers to friends, romance spark off between the two. Before returning to the “real” world, they have to pick up their broken pieces and rebuild it. A heartwarming journey as we follow the simple pursuit of love.

Dates: March 12th 19:45 Hours & March 14th | 15:45 Hours
Location Ketelhuis 2

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All you need to know about the Roze Filmdagen:

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Our best Gay Movies Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2017

We hope our selection of the best Gay Men Movies of the 20th Roze Filmdagen in Amsterdam made you planning your visit to the LGBTQ Film Festival easier and you enjoy our Top 7 picks of Gay Movies. But of course, there are even more Gay Men movies you can put on your list to watch. Since it is an LGBTQ Film Festival do not miss to see the short films, movies, and documentaries of the other queer movie genres. The international gathering of high-quality film art creation is well-known all over the world. Have fun with our Best Gay Movies Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam or click here for the best Lesbian movies 2017!

Do you wanna know and see more of us gay couple travel bloggers? Stay tuned on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook! See you in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and around the world!

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