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Our best Photos of the Gay Euro Pride Amsterdam 2016

Our best Photos of the Gay Euro Pride Amsterdam 2016

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[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#3f6557″ background_color=””]O[/edgtf_dropcaps]ur Strong Photos Gay Euro Pride Amsterdam 2016 – The first weekend in August is marked in our agenda in all possible rainbow colors, as usual. Because it is Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Pride time! This year’s pride festival last about 1 month since it was Euro Pride 2016. Starting with events in gay bars, during gay parties and with a rainbow flag demonstration to the Homomonument, Amsterdam Pride is like a festival of colors, rainbows and a lot of love. It is the time of the annually Gay Pride Amsterdam with a worldwide unique canal parade of colorful boats along the historic Prinsengracht.

This year more than half a million LGBTQ+ people and allies from all over the world celebrated their pride in the Dutch capital Amsterdam, one of the most open-minded, gay-friendly and equality providing cities in the world. We as gay couple travel blogger enjoyed this warm summer weekend in our hometown in Noord-Holland with friends from Sweden, the Netherlands and from all over the world. Join us on our photo tour around the cities of canals with our strongest 33 Photos from the Gay Euro Pride Amsterdam 2016 and see the Canal Parade through a couple of men’s eyes. Happy Pride Travels from Amsterdam!

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>> Click here for our best photos of Pride Amsterdam 2017 incl. Videos <<


Euro Pride and Gay Pride Amsterdam 2016

This year the Pride in Amsterdam was a very special one: it was Euro Pride. For about two weeks the city of Amsterdam became, even more, rainbow colored (if that is even possible) and proud of its diverse people. A packed program including concerts with Conchita Wurst, street parties and festivals like the MilkShake Festival offered a varied list of possibilities to celebrate one of the most spectacular Gay Pride Parades of the year with an attendance record of more than 560.000 people on the 2016 Amsterdam canal parade. It was nice to see that a lot of the organizers stepped up their game with a visible improvement concerning the quality and uniqueness of the 80 boats compared to the Gay Pride Canal Parade 2015. It was a colorful mix of non-profit LGBTQ organizations, singers, politics, dancers, commercial companies, drag queens and fetish lovers. Again and again, the Gay Pride Amsterdam is a true rainbow festival along the Grachten that no one should miss.


A Couple of Men gay kiss takes Strong Photos Gay Euro Pride Amsterdam 2016 ©

A Kiss for Equality! | Strong Photos Gay Euro Pride Amsterdam 2016 ©

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It all starts with the annually Drag Olympics 2016

The evening before the annually Drag Olympics on the Homomonument at the Westerkerk, herald the start of the final Pride Weekend of the EuroPride 2016. For this hilarious event next to the Pink Point Amsterdam, the best trashy Drag Queens of Amsterdam and some of their international girlfriends gathered together for a high heel race, a hula-hoop contest and a handbag long throw. But mind your head, the ladies have unforeseen powers!


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No fear during Amsterdam Gay Pride 2016 – Photo Gallery 1

After last year’s incident in Jerusalem, the massacre of Orlando and all the terroristic attacks against gay people around the world, participating in a pride parade is a sign. A sign that we are not afraid of being in love, being who we are, being human. We are with all the victims and families of everyone and sending them our love. But standing together and being proud of who we are, that seems to be the right answer against any terror, at least for us.



Closing Party Amsterdam Pride at Rembrandt Plein – Photo Gallery 2

Still got some energy left because the weekend just started! After the Amsterdam Pride Canal Parade, the city keeps on celebrating with multiple street parties and smaller events. Having the luxury of our Amsterdam home we decided to enjoy some time relaxing before getting ready for the night. Especially this year there was a lot to choose and it felt like every niche had its own party. From Funhouse and Bear Necessity for the bigger muscles to FPQXL for the twinks and GayPride is burning for the hip and fashionable. And we are not done yet. On Sunday you could keep on dancing with the sweaty hunks at Rapido, meet some raunchy twinks at the Church or enjoy the sun with your friends at Rosario. We decided to stay at the Amsterdam pride official closing party where we enjoyed performances of Karin Bloemen, the nineties teen band K-otic, the G team and Conchita Wurst who impressed everyone with her amazing voice. As for many years, DJ Jean was there to squeeze out our last bits of energy while playing the perfect set making an end to a perfect weekend.


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Our Tips for a Canal Parade Gay Pride Amsterdam:

In case you want to see the 2017 Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade with your own eyes, we have a few tips on how you can enjoy it even better!

1: Get up early! The best spots along the Prinsengracht are gone very quickly. And in the end that is the only thing that really matters: a great spot with a view.

2: Don’t forget sun lotion even if it is cloudy. There are not a lot of spots in the shadow or be sure about these will be gone first.

3: Drink enough and do not worry about toilets: public open toilets and private ones for a small fee are everywhere along the canal parade.

4: Dress accordingly: it is Pride so wear your unique and most colorful outfit and become part of the rainbow crowd.

5: Choose a pair of very comfortable shoes since the duration of the parade is more than four hours. You will have to stand and walk around the whole day.

6: You can buy drinks and snacks all along the way. So do not worry about that. You might want to make a reservation at your favorite restaurant before cause it will be busy. Happy Pride and enjoy!


Euro Pride Parade Amsterdam – Gallery 3

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Thank you, Amsterdam! Thank you, everyone!


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33 Strong Photos Gay Euro Pride Amsterdam 2016

After participating the Gay Pride Parades 2016 in Tel Aviv and Helsinki, Amsterdam was our third Gay Pride of the season 2016. Where did you go this year or where are you planning to go? Let us know! Maybe we will meet somewhere around the globe to celebrate together! In the meanwhile enjoy our pictures on our gay travel blog or on (American Media Company). The kinda gay travel blog mentioned us in his Gay Pride post as well as “the new gay sensation”. We are proud to be gay and proud to gay travel the world!


Strong Photos of the Gay Euro Pride Amsterdam 2016[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”30px”][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Our Strong Photos Gay Euro Pride Amsterdam 2016

Once again the city of Amsterdam convinced us being one of the most livable cities in the world. We found rainbow flags hanging literally everywhere. Some of the traffic lights were changed to same-sex couples. The event program was incredible. And the security was present but exactly on the right level of not being disturbing. We would like to encourage all the LGBT people worldwide to be part of this gay-friendly lifestyle. There are always black sheep among us trying to destroy our love and peace and harmony. Let us not hate them, let us love them and show that this love means so much more than any destroyable hate. See you on the next Pride.

Interested in more information for your Amsterdam – Trip? Leave a comment or write an email and we will try to help and provide you with all the things you need to know. Don’t be afraid and ask away! Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube for more adventures.

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