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A Couple of Men.

We are Karl and Daan and this is our gay couple travel blog.
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Our Couple of Men Gay Pride Trips around the World.

Couple of Men Gay Pride Trips: We from traveling the world together participating Gay Pride Parades to supporting the LGBT community. We are standing together with locals, gay, lesbian and trans people by giving Gay Pride and Christopher Street Day Demonstrations a voice on our blog and social media. Even in the 21st century homophobic tendencies, hate and powers against equality have a tower in some parts of our society worldwide. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to stand up for each other, prevail, love, respect and equality over unity, hate, and aggression.

Our Couple of Men Gay Pride Trips are always full of love, color and proud individuals celebrating their uniqueness as an outstanding treasure for the world. Join us on our colorful experiences during Gay Pride Parades in Helsinki, Tel Aviv, and Amsterdam and of course, some extraordinary Gay Pride Festivals like Castro Street Fair San Francisco or Jasper Pride Festival in the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Winter, with a lot of events to follow.

Enjoy our colorful photos and strong statements of a Couple of Men Gay Pride Trips and become a part of the #lovewins #loveislove movement.


Karl & Daan.

Our Gay Pride Trips worldwide

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And we are planning to attend more Gay Pride Demonstrations around the world. This year we are planning to walk with LGBTQ+ community of Tallinn, Estonia and the Baltic States for Baltic Pride 2017. Later this year, after our home Gay Pride in Amsterdam, we will visit Benidorm, Spain to stand up for equal rights together with the gay community of South Spain. Do you have any tips for the best LGBTQ+ Pride in the world, send us an email or drop us a line on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Happy Gay Pride Parades!