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We are Karl and Daan from Amsterdam.
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From KarlisWorld to CoupleofMen

From karlisworld to coupleofmen – The story of our gay travel blog started already almost 4 years ago when we met each other for the first time in Berlin. It was love at first sight between these two men from different countries. The love was stronger than the distance and so our (travel) love story together began.

After traveling for 6 months between Amsterdam and Berlin, Karl got a job offer in Amsterdam and the decision was made to move in together in the Dutch capital. But traveling was anything but over. Together we made our first big trips to Vietnam and Japan and discovered to be a perfect match when traveling together.

Karl founded the gay travel blog Karlisworld

Also at home in Holland, there was a lot to discover as an interracial couple with different origins starting with each other’s hometowns and countries. The time was right for Karl to start his own travel blog named karlisworld.com. Some of you might remember how Karl’s blog was written in German. Especially at the beginning, karlisworld was meant to be a website for Karl to try travel related writing and photography. Our first Road Trip around Iceland in September 2015

changed everything and marked the official beginning of our travels together as gay travel bloggers. With our Dutch city tour around the Netherlands, traveling became an even bigger part of our relationship life and we love every part of it. Going on press trips together all around the world and Karl’s experience as a blogger and social media pro for the number 1 ski blog in Germany, Snowplaza, paved the way to start developing karlisworld to be a gay couple travel blog.

from karlisworld to coupleofmen

Exploring the Golden Circle of Iceland together

What’s new on Coupleofmen.com?

And here we are, ready to change into a coupleofmen.com. From now on we are officially focusing on our explorations together. We wanna show the world how beautiful (gay) love can be and what (not only gay) couples from all over the world are able to achieve. It is time to change the one-man blog to an official gay couple travel blog. What does that mean for you?

Gay Couple Travel Stories

We keep on traveling, making loads of (stunning) picture and writing everything down like we have done the last 1.5 year. Iceland, Japan, the USA and many city trips throughout Europe: We love to share our experiences and tell you exactly where you will find the most beautiful spots and secret hideouts so you will get inspired to plan your own next trip around the world.

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Reviews: Gay-friendly Hotels, Restaurants & more

Traveling means for us to open up our minds by trying foreign cuisine, testing gay-friendly hotels and being active and experience everything (in and outdoors) that a travel destination has to offer. Information like contacts, maps, reviews and pictures in our review articles will provide you with everything you need to plan your next holiday trip together with your boy/girl/boygirlfriend.

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Gay-friendly Travels

A big motivation for our trips are our concerns for the (inter)national LGBT community. Therefore, we love to travel very open-minded by expressing the love of two humans being proud and happy to share their lives together. We are proud to stand side by side with locals during Gay Pride Parades all over the world. This year we were able to demonstrate for equality in Helsinki, Tel Aviv, and Amsterdam. But also other gay-friendly travels like Gay Ski Weeks and Gay Cruises are a way for us to celebrate diversity!

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Gay Travel News

The world keeps on going around and around and a lot of things are happening all the time. Almost daily we find gay travel related news from destination all over the world that are positive or negative but important enough to write down and share. Our Newsfeed is always on the lookout for everything you need to know in the gay travel world. We will try to provide you with all the information you need to be safe and joyful on your next trip.

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Introducing Gay Couples from all over the world

Additional to all the information you need to plan a perfect trip, we are looking for gay couples from all over the world, who achieved their goal in life by living openly together and found their way in gay travel related business. If you know the perfect gay couple (men or women) who crowed-funded a restaurant, are operating a hotel or starting their own business, let us know and send us a message or leave a comment. Because our world needs more love! #lovewins.

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From KarlisWorld to CoupleofMen

We are more than excited about our new gay couple travel blog and all our new projects to come.  We cannot wait to hear your feedback. We highly appreciate it if you could take some time to click around, like the stuff that you like and send us a message. Coupleofmen.com version 1.0 is live now. But there are always options to make it even better! See you around the world!

We are happy to welcome you on our travels!
Karl & Daan from a CoupleofMen.com

from karlisworld to coupleofmen

Our first photo together at “Prik” Amsterdam

December 9, 2016
So lovely! Gay Couple in Family Commercial of Leipzig’s Belantis – Park
This commercial is simply beautiful. It was the best decision ever to include a...

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