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Dutch Winter Day Amsterdam Netherlands in February | ©

A Dutch Winter Day in Amsterdam | The Netherlands

A Dutch Winter Day Amsterdam Netherlands – The unexpected happened: Finally, after three Winters without any snow Amsterdam turned into a winter wonderland. Big snowflakes falling down from the sky covering Dutch bikes, Grachten boats and the beautiful Grachten houses of Amsterdam Jordaan with white fresh snow. There is nothing better than to jump in our winter clothes, snap our camera and walk through the capital of the Netherlands on a Winter Day in February. And let us tell you, the city of Amsterdam looks very different as you might know from your last attend at Amsterdam Gay Pride!

We decided to take a walking tour along the Bloemgracht of the Dutch capital towards the famous “Westerkerk” close by the Anna-Frank House and the Homo Monument. On our way back we stopped at Bilderdijkpark to have a small lunch snack at one of our favorite restaurants of Amsterdam “De Liefde” (The Love). We enjoyed the beautiful view of playing dogs, happy people, and falling snowflakes while tasting delicious vegetarian lentil soup for Daan and salmon bread for Karl. Join us on our tour through the winter wonderland of Amsterdam and see the beauty of the Dutch capital through a couple of men’s eyes.

Dutch Winter Day Amsterdam Netherlands | ©

Dutch Winter Day Amsterdam Netherlands | ©

A Dutch Winter Day in Amsterdam in February

We started our day wandering around the Amsterdamse Grachten with a walk towards the world famous Bloemgracht in the neighborhood “Joordan”. The city experience of the usually very busy streets of Amsterdam was now totally different. Almost empty streets and parks around Marnixstraat and Nassaukade with nothing but peacefully snow white nature. The few bikers we saw were driving very slowly to not slide off the road. Winter wheels are not common in the Netherlands, neither for cars nor for bikes. So it is a good advice for pedestrians and drivers to always pay a little extra attention during winter time in Holland.

Walking along the Bloemgracht with Snow

This part of Amsterdam is famous for beautiful Grachten houses and small shops and cafés along narrow little streets along the canals. We decided to walk around in Amsterdam today instead of biking since the snow made the ground very slippery, especially over the tiny little bridges. Here and there some people just felt and slid off the road. Mostly, nothing seriously was happening, of course.

Photo moment Bloemgracht – Derde Leliedwarsstraat

Our favorite photo motive at the Bloemgracht is the little bridge over the canal coming from the “Derde Leliedwarsstraat” facing Amsterdam West. Now covered in snow, the bikes, canal boats and Grachten houses are looking even more beautiful as usual.

Our best Winter pictures of Amsterdam in Snow 2017

Karl moved to Amsterdam more than 3 years ago. Since then, there was no real winter day in Amsterdam anymore. The last time the Grachten were totally frozen and the Dutch people all over the Netherlands could finally do their most favorite winter hobby ice skating again, is already 5 years ago. In January 2012 this was possible for the last time, until now. We have to stay optimistic that this will happen again, since we love the Winter!

Our way back through snowfall to Windmill “De Otter”

We decided to walk back the way we came and a little further west to see the Dutch windmill “Molen De Otter” covered in snow. After a tour along the canal “Kostverlorenvaart” we got hungry. A short stop for a lunch snack at the small hidden restaurant “De Liefde” at Bilderdijkpark was exactly what we needed.

Lunch break at “De Liefde”

Karl would call it typical Dutch, but we both love to warm up with a “hot chocomelk met slagroom” (warm chocolate milk with creme). The restaurant is located in the middle of the Bilderdijkpark facing a meadow covered with snow. Dogs were playing in the snow, people were chatting while walking around the park and children started a snowball fight. Daan enjoyed his vegetarian lentil soup while Karl loved his salmon capers bread. Our lunch snack choice “De Liefde” was a perfect match for our Dutch Winter Day Amsterdam Netherlands in February.

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Dutch Winter Day Amsterdam Netherlands in February | ©

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A Dutch Winter Day Amsterdam Netherlands

We love Winter and we love snow. And we love Amsterdam covered in snow! We cannot wait to travel to Canada in March for our Winter Road Trip through the Rocky Mountains all the way North to Jasper for Jasper Pride Festival 2017. But before we leave the winter wonderland of our hometown, it is time to enjoying the Dutch winter at its best!

Wanna know more? Stay tuned.. on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See you in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Europe and all around the world!

Karl & Daan

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