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Gay Malta Travel Guide

Gay Malta Travel Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive gay travel guide to Malta – a delightful invitation for you to join us on a truly remarkable journey. As a gay couple, we know how important it is to find travel destinations that not only offer stunning scenery and fascinating cultures but also embrace and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta’s azure waters, charming cities, and progressive mindset make it an ideal haven for gay travelers seeking both relaxation and inclusivity. Join us as we, as a gay couple traveling the world, delve into the enchanting world of Malta, uncovering some of its hidden treasures and sharing valuable insights to create unforgettable memories.

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Flying to Malta with AirMalta ©
Flying to Malta with AirMalta ©

Welcome to LGBTQ+ Friendly Malta

In a world that is slowly becoming more accepting, Malta stands as a beacon of LGBTQ+ inclusivity and equality. The tiny island nation Malta made history in 2017 by becoming the first European country to outlaw conversion therapy, solidifying its commitment to protecting the rights and dignity of all individuals. The warmth and friendliness of the Maltese people create an environment that embraces diversity, making it a destination where LGBTQ+ travelers can feel safe and respected. Beyond the picturesque landscapes and historical wonders, it’s this spirit of acceptance that truly sets Malta apart.

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Malta Trip – When to Go?

Choosing the perfect time to embark on (y)our Maltese adventure is key to experiencing the country at its best. The period from spring to early fall, from April to October, shows Malta at its best. During this time, the weather is delightfully warm, providing the perfect backdrop for sun-soaked beach days, leisurely city explorations, and outdoor activities ranging from snorkeling to hiking. In addition, this period coincides with a variety of LGBTQ+ events and festivals, allowing you to not only enjoy Malta’s natural beauty, but also immerse yourself in its vibrant community. Good to know: You can book your flights on the KLM website (see link above this paragraph).

Gay Malta Travel Guide - Our tip: Visit Malta off-peak season ©
Our tip: Visit Malta off-peak season ©

How LGBTQ+ and Gay-Friendly is Malta?

Malta’s journey toward LGBTQ+ acceptance is truly inspiring. Not only does the country’s legal framework provide protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation, but it also recognizes same-sex relationships, a clear indication of its commitment to fostering a nurturing environment for all. This extends to the wide range of gay-friendly establishments, from hotels to restaurants, ensuring that gay couples can relax, unwind and bask in the warmth of Maltese hospitality without fear. It is not for nothing that the European country ranked first in this year’s Gay Travel Index by Spartacus.

A Gay Kiss during our Gay Travels to Spain | Spartacus Gay Travel Index 2020/2021 ©

Gay Travel Index 2023

The Berlin-based Spartacus informs LGBTQ+ and queer travelers about how gay-friendly a holiday destination is according to several ranking factors and criteria. Gay travelers can use the Gay Travel Index 2023 to prepare for their gaycation and as a guide when choosing a holiday destination. But which country ranks first? Where is it safe to travel to as a gay and LGBTQ+ traveler?

Malta Pride & Euro Pride 2023

Planning your visit around Malta Pride or even EuroPride 2023 promises an experience unlike any other for those seeking an even deeper connection to Malta’s LGBTQ+ community. These exuberant events unite locals and visitors, creating a vibrant tapestry of diversity and unity. The colorful parades, thought-provoking discussions, electrifying performances, and infectious celebrations are a testament to Malta’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity and acceptance. Participating in these festivities allows you not only to witness, but also to actively contribute to the spirit of love and respect that envelops the nation during these times.

The detailed program for Euro Pride 2023 >

Gay-Friendly Hotels in Malta

Where you stay can make or break your trip, and Malta’s gay-friendly options promise not to disappoint. Among the selection of gay-friendly options we tested, Casa Elul, La Falconeria Hotel and AX The Palace in Sliema shine as beacons of comfort, sophistication, and hospitality. These establishments have cultivated an environment where diversity is not only welcomed but celebrated, ensuring that your stay is one of relaxation, romance, and a genuine sense of belonging.

Gay Malta Travel Guide: Treat yourself to a luxury stay at an LGBTQ+ friendly destination ©
Treat yourself to a luxury stay at an LGBTQ+ friendly accommodation ©

Gay-Friendly Activities & Things to Do in Malta

Malta’s enchanting landscapes and rich history offer a range of activities to suit all interests. Wander the ancient streets of Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where centuries of history come alive. Take a boat trip to the stunning Blue Grotto, a series of sea caves with iridescent blue waters. Explore the medieval city of Mdina, known as the “Silent City,” and get lost in its labyrinthine streets. For the more adventurous, diving, snorkeling and water sports await you along the crystal-clear coastline, ensuring every moment of your journey is filled with wonder and excitement:

  • Exploring the historic city of Valletta
  • Relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Golden Bay and Mellieha Bay
  • Visiting the ancient temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra
  • Enjoying the nightlife in Paceville, Malta’s main entertainment district
  • Taking a boat tour of the Blue Lagoon and Comino Island

* We will update our Gay Malta Travel Guide after this year’s trip to Euro Pride in Malta!

Karl overlooking Malta's capital Valletta ©
Karl overlooking Malta’s capital Valletta ©

Gay Bars, Clubs & Sauna in Malta

As dusk falls, Malta’s LGBTQ+ scene awakens, promising nights of entertainment and camaraderie. St. Julian’s Paceville is a hub of activity, with several gay bars and clubs offering a variety of atmospheres and music genres. Whether you’re dancing the night away with locals or fellow travelers, you’ll find a vibrant and accepting environment that fosters connections and unforgettable memories. For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, Valletta’s gay sauna offers a peaceful escape where you can unwind and recharge in a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Michelangelo Club Lounge in St. Julian’s
  • Klozet Club in Paceville
  • The Birdcage Lounge in Valletta
  • Saints Club in Paceville
  • Sauna Hercules in Valletta

* We will update our Gay Malta Travel Guide after this year’s trip to Euro Pride in Malta!

Gay Travel Guide: Happy to be in Malta ©
We cannot wait to be back in Malta ©

Now it is your time to plan your trip to Malta with our Gay Travel Guide!

As you embark on your unforgettable journey through LGBTQ+-friendly Malta, remember that this guide is just a glimpse of the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and inclusive atmosphere that await you. Whether you’re walking hand in hand through historic streets, enjoying a romantic sunset over the Mediterranean, or dancing at a Pride event, Malta promises an experience that will stay with you forever.

Start planning your Malta Adventure today with our Gay Malta Travel Guide and embrace this remarkable destination’s beauty and diversity.

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Nevertheless, please consider our tips as suggestions, with no guarantee that it will still be like that when traveling there. Though we did our research, all our opinions in this article are honest, authentic, and genuine. So, are our photos and videos always aiming to prove our experiences to be authentic? We want to thank Visit Malta for their invitation, support, and the possibility to experience the European County in a free and authentic way.

For any clarifications about your plans for traveling to Malta, follow us, email us, or drop us a line on FacebookTwitterYouTubePinterest, and Instagram. See you around the world and the next time in Malta! Karl & Daan.