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Karl & Daan driving their own rental boat in Amsterdam | Gay Couple Rental Canal Boat Tour Amsterdam Boats4rent © CoupleofMen.com

Amsterdam Canal Tour | Rent a Grachten Boat

A Gay Couple Rental Canal Boat Tour Amsterdam with Boats4rent – A Gay City Weekend Amsterdam without a boat tour around the canals and Grachten of Amsterdam? No way! Not only because it is very common in the Netherlands to have your own boat (or know someone who does). As soon as the sun comes out, everyone with a boat is on the canals, cruising around the Grachten, ordering pizza at the “boat drive in” and is just enjoying the beauty of the gay-friendly Dutch capital, unique nature, and the Amstel River.

Actually, for us, it is simply one of the best ways to explore and enjoy the biggest city of the Netherlands. Enjoy our review, tips, and information and experience the Canals of Amsterdam through a gay couple of men‘s eyes.


Cruising around Amsterdams Grachten

But how to organize canal tour in Amsterdam? Do it like the Dutch people and drive together with friends. We like to take the aluminum electro boats from boats4rent.nl. Starting from Amsterdam Westerpark, a map guides us through the narrow waterways passing by beautiful Grachten houses and all the most important sights of Amsterdam. The goal of a 3-hour tour is the Amstel River with a stunning view of the Amstel Hotel, the Opera House of Amsterdam, and the busy traffic of Amsterdam’s biggest waterway.





Become an Amsterdam Canal Boat Captain

Since we don’t have an own a boat in Amsterdam, we like to rent one of the small, electronic boats from boats4rent at Westerpark Amsterdam. The ideal solution for travelers as well. Why? These boats are easy to navigate, they are not able to drive speed up too fast, and they are suitable for at least 6 people. Bring some snacks, cold drinks, and a blanket for the late evening wind and sit down on your own rental boat for at least 3 hours (or longer, if you prefer another time package) enjoying the stunning over the historic architecture of the Amsterdam’s Grachten houses from a boat’s perspective. Simply a must do for a trip to Amsterdam.



Things you need to know about driving a boat on the canals of Amsterdam:

But be aware of the long, hard to navigate canal cruise boats! Smaller boats have to give way and are asked to drive on the right side close to the canal sides. Do you need a drivers license for a rental boat in Amsterdam? No, you don’t need a boat license for a boat shorter than 15 Meters or slower than 20 kilometers per hour. You are even allowed to stop the boat and go to a toilet or store as long as someone stays on the rental boat of boats4rent. Have a look at the time, since you have to go all the way back to Westerpark. The map of the waterways of Amsterdam shows you where you are allowed to drive and the distances with full speed back to the dock. And now, do it like the Dutch people do, or how we like to do it for a couple of hours together with our best friends, countless selfie options, and the real Dutch Amsterdam feeling.


Karl and Daan on a boat trip together with Kit Williamson and John Halbach | Rent Canal Boat Amsterdam Boats4rent © CoupleofMen.com

Karl and Daan on a boat trip together with Kit Williamson and John Halbach © CoupleofMen.com

Karl and Daan on a boat trip together with Kit Williamson and John Halbach | Rent Canal Boat Amsterdam Boats4rent © CoupleofMen.com

A boat trip together with Kit Williamson & John Halbach | Rent Canal Boat Amsterdam © CoupleofMen.com

Our Rental Canal Boat Tour Amsterdam:

Polonceaukade 2, 1014 DA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Official Website: Boats4rent Amsterdam
Rent Your Boat here: Amsterdam Boat Hire
Contact: Tel.: +31 6 26326420

Fun Fact:
Bring your drinks and snacks for your trip. Don’t forget to check the distances to calculate your schedule correct. Especially when you are planning to stop along the way. If you have questions, ask the staff at the docks/boats. The Westerpark is a perfect place before and after your trip.

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