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Best Gay Movies 2019 at Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Festival

Best Gay Movies 2019 at Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Festival

This is our list of the 15 Best Gay Movies 2019 selected for the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival Roze Filmdagen bringing LGBTQ+ cinema to the Dutch capital city Amsterdam. We teamed up with festival director and gay movie guru Werner Borkes to find the 15 feature films about lovely and dramatic coming-out stories, historical gay relationships, and unexpected outings of an adult movie actor to his mother, that will definitely catch your attention to watch all films of this year’s pink film festival. The 22nd edition of the Dutch LGBTQ+ film festival will start on 14th March and end on 24th March 2019 with the gay movie “Giant Little Ones” from Canada. The 11-days festival will be screening 44 feature movies, 10 documentaries, and 84 short movies that aired in 2018 and 2019 coming from 48 different countries including Vietnam, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and Argentina.

Best Gay Movies 2019 by Couple of Men

Feature gay movies we are really looking forward to will be “Mario” from Switzerland, “Until Porn Do Us Apart” from Portugal and “Kanarie (canary)” from South Africa that also made it on our list of the best gay movies for the 2019 edition. And that is by far not all that you can see when traveling to Amsterdam for the Roze Filmdagen with an exciting and diverse program that needs proper planning, of course. Therefore, our gay movie list has trailers as well as screening dates and times so you won’t miss a thing. And don’t forget to put highlights of the Best Lesbian Movies 2019 and Best Queer Movies 2019 on your checklist as well. Enjoy the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival, and we hope to meet you before (or after) a gay movie for a drink, or two. Have fun checking out our 15 Best Gay Movies 2019 as part of the Pink Film Days 2019!

#1 Consequences (posledice) | Slovenia/ Austria

In this tale of hyper-masculinity set in an all-boys correctional facility, homo-eroticism is just one of the tools used in the power struggle between Andrej and the leader of the gang, Zeljko. With excellent performances, this tough story also has one of the most tender moments seen in a while. An impressive film from Slovenia – Consequences (posledice).

Slovenian, with English subtitles
18th March 2019 | 19.30 Hours
24th March 2019 | 15.30 Hours

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#2 Kanarie (canary) | South Africa

A coming-of-age gay musical war drama about a small-town boy who gets chosen to serve his compulsory two-year military training in the South African Defence Force Choir and Concert group known as the ‘Canaries’ during the height of the Apartheid regime – Kanarie (canary).

Afrikaans, with English subtitles
15th March 2019 | 21.30 Hours
18th March 2019 | 21.45 Hours


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#3 Mapplethorpe | USA

Few galleries even until now are brave enough to show Mapplethorpe’s works as he wanted to show them in his final exhibition: with equal attention to fragile flowers, celebrity portraits, and up-close images of sadomasochism and exuberant gay sensuality. Most relegate the explicit images to a side gallery. This involving bio-pic is brought to life by Matt Smith’s vivid performance – Mapplethorpe.

English, no subtitles
17th March 2019 | 21.30 Hours
23rd March 2019 | 19.30 Hours
24th March 2019 | 21.45 Hours

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#4 The Blond One (un rubio) | Argentina

When an Argentinian woodworker rents out a room to a workmate, they soon become more than housemates. Yet, both also have other relationships in this brooding low-key drama filled with erotic tensions. Probably the best crowd-pleaser yet from festival favorite Marco Berger – The Blond One (un rubio). (previous work: Ausente, Plan B: Volatile and Mariposa)

Spanish, with English subtitles
17th March 2019 | 19.30 Hours
21st March 2019 | 21.30 Hours

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#5 Your Will be done (so auf Erden) | Germany

Johannes and Lydia run an evangelical parish near Stuttgart. He’s the charismatic preacher, and she writes the sermons. While he recruits donors for church expansion, she handles the planning. In doing God’s work, they take in sick, drug-addicted musician Simon, awakening long-suppressed interest in the same gender in Johannes and plunging him into a deep spiritual crisis. As Johannes struggles to deal with his desires, Lydia and the parishioners also deal with the effects. Many prayers will be said, but what if prayers aren’t enough? Starring Jannis Niewöhner from ‘Jonathan’ – Your will be done (so auf Erden). (Roze Filmdagen Audience award winner 2017)

German, with English subtitles
18th March 2019 | 15.45 Hours
21st March 2019 | 17.30 Hours

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All you need to know about the Roze Filmdagen:

#6 Papi Chulo | Ireland

Matt Bomer stars as a successful weather presenter in Los Angeles. Yet, his life is like his house: perfectly styled but filled with a deep emptiness. When he hires older Ernesto, who only speaks Spanish, to do some handy work, the two will embark on a journey of discovery and empathy in this touching tale of loss and redemption – Papi Chulo. (From the director who delivered the festival Opening Night-film in 2017: Handsome Devil)

English, no subtitles
20th March 2019 | 17.30 Hours
23rd March 2019 | 13.30 Hours

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#7 Jonas | France

An intriguing tale of two incidents in Jonas’s life, 18 years apart yet totally intertwined. As a shy Gameboy-obsessed youth, he discovers his intimate encounters with his first love, an outgoing and charismatic classmate who seems his opposite. Now, he’s a troubled thirty-something with anger management issues and a need to get closure on his teenage traumas. The very competent cast and the compelling twists in the story are sure to keep you engaged – Jonas.

French, with English subtitles
15th March 2019 | 19.30 Hours
17th March 2019 | 17.45 Hours

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#8 Song Lang | Vietnam

Set against a gloriously filmed backdrop of the distinctly jaded charm of mid-90s Saigon, the lives of two men intertwine as they are both bound by traditions and honor. One to his mafia family, the other to the traveling troupe that performs elaborate classic operas. Yet, they have much more in common than either wants to admit – Song Lang.

Vietnamese, with English subtitles
18th March 2019 | 17:45 Hours
22nd March 2019 | 17:45 Hours

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#9 José | Guatemala

José lives with his mother in Guatemala City – a typical lower-class existence in one of the world’s most dangerous, religious, and impoverished countries. Her life is her church and selling sandwiches at a bus stop. José spends his days on cramped buses and fighting traffic as he runs food to waiting drivers. He fills his free moments playing with his phone and random intimate encounters arranged on street corners and dating apps. When he meets Luis, a migrant from the rural Caribbean coast, they pursue an unexpected relationship. Winner Queer Lion at the Venice festival 2018 – José.

Spanish, with English subtitles
16th March 2019 | 13:45 Hours
20th March 2019 | 15:45 Hours

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#10 Sauvage | France

At times, this electrifying story of a gay street worker looking for love gets so close it hurts. With a mesmerizing performance by Félix Maritaud we follow Leo, who sells his body yet is also passionately in love with a fellow street worker. Unflinching and without moral judgments, the movie has a playful tone yet manages to, in the end, focus more on his internal journey than a physical one – Sauvage.

French, with Dutch subtitles
16th March 2019 | 18:00 Hours
24th March 2019 | 19:30 Hours

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All you need to know about the Roze Filmdagen:

#11 Drive me Home | Italy

Two childhood friends have lost track of each other, as each of them wanders aimlessly from job to job in Northern Europe, far from their native Sicily. But fate, friendship, and shared secrets put them back together in this intense film.  With a powerful visual style, which compares the icy lights of Northern Europe and the warm and quiet atmospheres of southern Italy it reflects on the true meaning of Home – Drive me home.

Italian, with English subtitles
17th March 2019 | 15:45 Hours
23rd March 2019 | 15:45 Hours

Drive me home - Best Gay Movies 2019 at Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam
Drive me home – Best Gay Movies 2019 at Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam

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#12 Socrates | Brazil

This gritty and emotionally charged drama centers on young Socrates, whose life is forever changed after his mother’s unexpected and inexplicable death in São Paulo’s ghetto. In a rough and unforgiving environment, he struggles to find relationships – but also a job. The film was co-developed with underprivileged youths from the same area, which lends extra authenticity to this independent voice from the other side of the tracks – Socrates.

Portuguese, with English subtitles
17th March 2019 | 13:45 Hours
21st March 2019 | 15:45 Hours

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#13 Until Porn Do Us Part | Portugal

Eulália, a conservative 65-year-old mother, finds out that her son who emigrated to Germany became Fostter Riviera, the internationally awarded first Portuguese gay porn actor. From shock and disgust to desperately trying to understand him, Eulália embarks on an emotional journey that puts her values, expectations, and perceptions to the test. A very impressive and truly mind-opening documentary that treats both son and mother with deep respect – Until Porn Do Us Part.

Portuguese, with English subtitles
16th March 2019 | 15:30 Hours
24th March 2019 | 13:45 Hours
Location Ketelhuis 1

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#14 Giant Little Ones | Canada

Franky and Ballas have been best friends since childhood. They are high school royalty: handsome, stars of the swim team, and popular with girls. They live a perfect teenage life – until the night of Franky’s epic 17th birthday party when they are involved in an unexpected incident that changes their lives forever. A heartfelt and intimate story about friendship, self-discovery, and the power of love without labels – Giant little Ones.

English, no subtitles
24th March 2019 | 21:30 Hours

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#15 Mario | Switzerland

Two professional footballers fall in love, the start of a tightrope walk between secrecy and gossip. The romantic drama tackles a taboo subject with subtle shading and shows how life is for gay men in professional football. Swiss footballer Mario has fallen in love for the first time, with Leon, a new transfer from Germany. On a sporting level, they’re competing for the same position in the first team. The players’ feelings for each other don’t stay hidden very long and soon the first rumors surface. Mario sees his career risking but doesn’t want to lose Leon. He has to decide – Mario.

Swiss German and German, with Dutch subtitles
15th March 2019 | 18:30 Hours
20th March 2019 | 21:30 Hours

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Our 15 Best Gay Movies 2019 selected for Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam

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The second option is to become a Platinum Member (one-year membership for €750) including a personal passe-partout, access to all movies, a unique Roze Filmdagen shirt, and access to several events during the festival. Have a look at the website for the whole festival program of the Roze Filmdagen 2019  and stay up-to-date on their social media. We hope you liked our selection of the Best Gay Movies 2019. See you in March or next year for the 23rd edition of the Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2020!

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