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Where to be Gay? The Situation of the LGBTQ+ Community around the Globe

We (Karl, Daan, and Sarah) love to travel and are eager to explore the world. During our trips, we also visit places that are rather off the beaten paths. That way, we get to understand the daily life situations of people who are very different from our lives in Western Europe. Especially LGBTQ+ people have to face difficulties regarding acceptance, knowledge, self-determination, and safety in their home countries.

This is why we want to use Where to be Gay to share information about their situation, their rights as well as the struggle of local communities for lesbian, gay, trans, and queer people to achieve equality and acceptance in their countries. We want to support their fight and we want them to be seen – by sharing their stories. We hope you will get all the information you need about what it is like to be gay and LGBTQ+ in countries off the beaten paths on Couple of Men and how you can support them from home and while traveling.

Cambodia | Laos | Lebanon | Myanmar | Republic of Georgia | Russia | Vietnam

Where to be Gay? All countries on a map

Why is ‘Where to be Gay’ so important?

Even in some parts of Europe, the situation for the LGBTQ+ community keeps getting worse. For example in Poland or Hungary where human rights are massively violated. Therefore, it is important for us to keep an eye on what is happening there and to give the local people the well-deserved attention who are trying to improve the situation for LGBT. As we get to see these days, what fake news and misinformation can do, from our point of view it is even more crucial to inform our audience with reliable research what the situation in certain countries is really like currently.

This is what we want to do with Where to be Gay – however, we do not claim for our countries list to be complete – as much as we’d love it to be, it is quite impossible to achieve with such limited (hu)manpower. What counts for us is the conversation we are starting about sensitive topics with real people and to tell real stories beyond LGBTQ+ events like Pride.


Pride LGBTQ+ rights Movement Proud son and a proud dad walking side by side © Coupleofmen.com

Proud son & a proud dad walking side by side at Portland Pride © Coupleofmen.com

New York City World Pride History of Gay Pride and CSD - Geschichte der Gay Pride und CSD Demonstrationen © Coupleofmen.com

LGBTQ+ History

LGBTQ+ Activists Gay LGBTQ+ Aktivisten: Top 10 der LGBTQ+Bewegung, die Geschichte geschrieben haben

LGBTQ+ Activists

Lesbian Couple Diana Roksana Marriage by Jakub Nowotynski

Queer Couple Stories

Portland Pride 2019: Best of the LGBTQ+ Rainbow Celebration in Oregon


Sarah is straight. Why does she do this?

Injustice is still injustice, even if it only concerns others and not herself directly. As a journalist, Sarah is used to digging deep into new topics and situations that might not be part of her daily life. However, as LGBTQ+ rights are human rights, they are worth fighting for. Therefore we consider it even more important to have someone in our team, a straight ally if you will, who has the skills to research and write about topics the cares for and to inform and reach our audience as good as possible. Because knowledge is power. #facts


Gay in the Republic of Georgia Gay Pride Rainbow Group of people LGBTQ+ activists Aktuelle Situation der LGBTQ+ in Georgien © Mikheil Meparishvili www.netgazeti.ge

Current situation of the LGBTQ+ community in the Republic of Georgia © Mikheil Meparishvili www.netgazeti.ge


Sarah likes to travel to, let’s called them unconventional destinations. Traveling as a single woman alone has its challenges already. But she takes it to the next level by meeting with local NGOs, activists for women and LGBTQ+ rights as well as getting to know the locals. After her adventures, she shares her experiences in exciting interviews, in-depth reports, and interesting analyzes. So far, she published insightful articles about Cambodia, Laos, Lebanon, Myanmar, Republic of Georgia, Russia, and Vietnam with many more countries to follow.

What do we want to achieve with ‘Where to be Gay’?

Our aim is to draw attention to people all over the world that are fighting for LGBTQ+ rights and that are striving to support their local communities on a daily basis. Furthermore, we wish to provide LGBTQ+ travelers with crucial knowledge about their destination and the local situation of LGBT rights. Because in some parts of the world, being misinformed about what can be done and will be tolerated in public can be dangerous – and in the worst case fatal. This is why we are trying to cover as many local LGBTQ+ communities as possible – to make them visible, heard, and recognized. We are confident to contribute our part to help them improve their situation bit by bit.

The list of countries covered in Where to be Gay very much depends on Sarah’s trips and therefore does not claim to be complete. However, we are trying to constantly update them as soon as possible. Next on our article list: Ukraine and the Baltic States. Do you wanna know more about our gay couple travels and reports from LGBTQ+ communities around the world? Stay tuned on FacebookTwitterYouTubePinterest, and Instagram. See you again soon!

Where to be Gay - Situation of the LGBTQ+ around the World