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Japan Gay Travel Guide by Couple of Men

Japan Gay Travel Guide by Couple of Men

Our Gay Couple Travel Guide Japan

Gay Couple Travel Guide Japan: Japan, the country of Rice, Geishas, Mangas, Shinkansen Trains, and Theme Parks. Not to forget, the land of meditation, Buddhism, and Hinduism. During our one-month trip around the center of the Japanese Empire, we explored a wide range of known places, always on the lookout for the special hidden gems. Our first stop was Tokyo where we stayed in an extraordinary place at first, the Nakagin Capsule Tower. After visiting the theme parks Disneyland and Disney Seas, the city of Tokyo’s adventure could begin with a visit to the Ghibli Museum for example. But no Japan trip is complete, without driving through the country of the rising sun by high-speed train Shinkansen, for example from Tokyo to Kyoto, like we did. The city of temples, Kyoto is worth a trip and should not be missed during your Gay travels to Japan. From Kyoto, it is just a short trip by train to Osaka, where we visited the Universal Studios Japan before we continued our journey “Gay Couple traveling Japan” to the holy Buddhism mountains of Koyasan, the spiritual valley high up in the Wakayama Mountains.

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The hardest and at the same time most full-filling part of our Japan-travels was still ahead of us, hiking the Kumano Kodo. This Pilgrimage from the West to the East part of the Wakayama Peninsula was simply stunning. So was our “Japanese Wellness Hotel” stay after our hike. After a wonderful panoramic train ride to the Mount Fuji area and Fujiyama with our one-day experience at Fuji Q-Highland Park, our Gay Couple traveling Japan trip ended where it began, in Tokyo. Enjoy our travel story of a gay couple traveling Japan openly gay, hand in hand around Japan, and get inspired by our photos, stories, and Japan tips for your travels to the land of the rising sun.

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Karl & Daan.


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