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Gay Travel Guide Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Winter © CoupleofMen.com

Gay Travel Guide: Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen in Winter & Christmas Time | Denmark

A Gay Couple Christmas at Time Tivoli Gardens in Winter Time – The Danish capital is one of our favorite cities in Northern Europe. Especially in the summertime, when a bike becomes your best friend to exploring Copenhagen during the long and bright days. But also during winter, when the days are getting significantly shorter, the city of the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen turns into a Northern Christmas city, especially in the second oldest theme park in the world, making Copenhagen a perfect destination for a short trip during Christmas and New Years.

We as gay travel bloggers and true theme park fans wanted to visit Tivoli Gardens for so long already. As it was Christmas time and “Jul i Tivoli” – Winter in Tivoli – Karl planned a surprise for Daan by planning the best Christmas gift surprise possible. A couple of days later the plane departed from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport heading towards Copenhagen. The whole Danish city including Tivoli theme park was illuminated like an ocean of light making the surprise trip a magical experience for both of us. Join us know for a short trip to Copenhagen and see Tivoli Gardens Theme Park through a couple of men‘s eyes.


Our Visit to Tivoli Gardens Theme Park – Copenhagen

Christmas Time in Tivoli Gardens: 18. – 31. DEC 2017

It was the Christmas present for Daan: a surprise trip for the crazy theme park geek, as Tivoli Gardens was still on his bucket list. We spent a short weekend in Copenhagen at Tivoli Gardens between Christmas and New Years. Is this time to busy for a visit? No, we did not experience the Park as too busy or too crowded. Families, happy children and satisfied parents after Christmas enjoying the cold but heartwarming time visibly as it was a pleasure for everyone, including us. We had our all-inclusive ticket packages, so free entrance to all attractions of the park (riding the attractions as many times as we wanted to) including a free dinner in one of the restaurants. And we didn’t miss one attraction, although we went there after lunch. Always a good scale to estimate the bustle of the visitors as we are really into enjoying everything possible a park has to offer. But now some helpful information you might wanna know about the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and some photographs taken during our day in Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen in Winter & Christmas Time.



Tivoli Gardens – Second oldest Theme Park in the World

As second oldest theme park in the world, Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen opens its gates in 1843 as “Kjøbenhavns Tivoli og Vauxhall” based on the examples in Paris and London. The final name Tivoli is following the Italian town Tivoli, close to the capital Rome. Partly destroyed during the Second World War by the German occupying forces, the Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen reopened shortly after the war.


Tradition meets Rollercoaster in Copenhagen

The special atmosphere of the park is owed to the attempts to preserve the traditional look and constitution of the park, the buildings and of some special attractions. These, the uncountable lights, the location of the city center and the short ways are creating at Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen in Winter & Christmas Time a very special experience for everyone!



What to see and to do at Tivoli Gardens Theme Park

Copenhagen’s Tivoli in Winter & Christmas Time opens all the attractions of the park. Especially with snow, it is a truly magical experience when all the lights are reflecting on the white snow while the Christmas market of Tivoli offers typical Danish sweets and dishes. And even on New Year’s Eve Tivoli is open from 11.00 am to 00.30 am. Check the actual opening hours here! Our favorite attractions are:

Wooden Rollercoaster “Rutschebahnen”

The wooden side-friction coaster from 1914 is the real historically experience! Due to its altitude difference of around 13 meters and its age, the coaster has to be manually slow down by a so-called brakeman sitting in the middle of the coaster. Up and down through dark tunnels and around bright crystal and diamond caves. It was not really busy the day we went there so we drove the coaster several times. So much fun, seriously!



Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Flying Trunk”

“Life is the most wonderful fairytale” – keeping that promise the only dark ride of Tivoli The Flying Trunk (Danish “Den flyvende Kuffert“) stays in the typical traditional style the rest of the park is designed of. It is a truly fairytale feeling while sitting in a trunk flying through the tales of H.C. Andersen with all the wooden figures and lovely detailed artwork.  Don’t miss this experience as a short trip back to your childhood with the well-known Danish author.

Floorless Coaster in Japanese Style “Dæmon”

After coming back from Japan last year the experience of the rollercoaster Dæmon and the themed area around was such a pleasure and fun! Dragons, lanterns and a thrilling speed of 77 km/h hanging in this floorless coaster made a ride through the snow an unforgettable trip. Lucky us, big snowflakes flew in our face while flying in the next looping of the Dæmon! Great one!


Japanese Lights Rollercoaster Gay Travel Guide Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Winter © CoupleofMen.com

Japanese Lights of Rollercoaster “Dæmon” © Coupleofmen.com


“The Mine” with Dragon mistress Mother-of-Pearl

Get ready for an interactive adventure through the mines of Copenhagen! On this water ride around shiny and glittery diamonds, you have to find with the detector in deep and dark grottos, where the dragon awaits you! A fun game on a fun ride at Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen in Winter & Christmas Time.

Lights, Snow & Pure Magical Atmosphere with “Tivoli Illuminations”

Every evening the Tivoli Park Copenhagen offers a beautiful show for its visitors: the Tivoli Illuminations. This show of interacting light – music – lasers – fire – smoke and water take place every evening when it is dark. Please ask at the entrance for special times of the Christmas season. The scenery in front of the illuminated Japanese pavilion is unique. Are you looking for the best spot to see Tivoli Illuminations? Try the bridge over the Tivoli Lake or in front of the attraction Vertigo. Especially for Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen in Winter and Christmas Time a wonderful finish of our stay.


Gay Travel Guide Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Winter © CoupleofMen.com


Karl & Daan’s Secret Christmas Tip! Christmas Shopping at “Kompagnistræde”

Are you a fan of Christmas time and of your own very special Christmas tree decoration? So are we. And in the Christmas wonderland Denmark we found a very special place in the street “Kompagnistræde”. Additional to a number of other (Christmas) shops we discovered a tiny little secret: a small shop full of Christmas ornaments and baubles in all forms and colors you can imagine. We spent some time in there for our own special Danish Christmas souvenir. Enjoy Christmas shopping in or outside Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen in Winter & Christmas Time!


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Our Gay Travel Guide Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen Winter

We hope you enjoyed our small Christmas trip with you to the Winter- and Christmas wonderland of Copenhagen. Do you have any questions or you are missing some information? Please comment below and we will give you anything you need for your perfect trip to Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen in Winter & Christmas Time!

Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram and never miss news from a Couple of Men again! See you around the world and the next time in Copenhagen!

Karl & Daan.


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