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Gay-friendly Hotels Worldwide tested by a Couple of Men

Gay-friendly Hotels worldwide: Traveling the world as an openly gay couple is not always easy, especially when it comes to the hotel respectively accommodation. Because next to being fit for the next day adventures, it is all about the importance of feeling safe, accepted, and free to be who you are. Therefore, a hotel has to offer more than just a comfortable mattress. What about how the staff is treating its guests?

For our gay-friendly hotel reviews, we are checking an accommodation on one side of the interior, the room coziness and the view out of the window.  On the other side, the gay-friendliness aspect begins, at least for our review, with the following aspects: did we get without any problems one double bed (if booked) instead of two separate ones? How does the staff react during the check-in on two guys checking-in in one (double bed) room? How do the people treating us holding hands and giving each other a kiss as a same-sex couple? Of course, we do pay special attention if a reception offers information for gay (night) life at the holiday destination, but not as a necessity for the #certificate gay-friendly”.

You wanna know why we are doing what we are doing?
Because nothing else matters (for you and for us) during the best time of the year than to feel free, safe and accepted.


Karl & Daan.

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Gay-friendly Hotels worldwide tested by Couple of Men © Coupleofmen.com


Reviews of Gay-friendly Hotels worldwide on a Map:

All gay-friendly accommodations tested by a Couple of Men

Gay-friendly Hotels worldwide: On our map, you find all our hotel reviews from all over the world tested on gay-friendly aspects. But to be clear, not everyone has similar experiences in one hotel. It differs from guest to guest, from daily staff to the time of year. But one thing should be always correct and appropriate: how to get treated as a gay man, gay couple or person of any other gender and sexual orientation. If you have different, or negative experiences (what we hope won’t ever happen) in one of our as gay-friendly distinguished accommodations, please contact us and we will add this information to our articles.

If you have any gay-friendly accommodations for us worth spreading the word in and outside the queer community, send us an email and/or drop us a line on FacebookTwitter, YouTube and Instagram. Have a great stay in one of our selected Gay-friendly Hotels worldwide where ever you are planning to go!