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Best Queer Movies 2019 & Documentaries at Roze Filmdagen

Best Queer Movies 2019 & Documentaries at Roze Filmdagen

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[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#3f6557″ background_color=””]T[/edgtf_dropcaps]he 10 Best Queer Movies 2019 at Roze Filmdagen, the 11-days Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival. Like the last two years, we teamed up with festival director and LGBTQ+ movie guru Werner Borkes with whom we chose 10 films and documentaries drag queens, intersex topics, about being trans in sports and more you should put on your movie list for this year’s event. The 22nd edition of the Dutch LGBTQ+ film festival features the world premiere ‘Galore’ about our beloved drag queen Lady Galore. In our list of the “best queer movies 2019” includes contributions from the UK, the USA, the Netherlands as well as Italy, Kenya, and Scotland.

Best Queer Movies 2019 – Top 10 List

But be prepared, the queer movies and documentaries are one part of the whole film festival starting March 14th ending 11 days later March 24th. In total 44 feature gay and lesbian movies, as well as 84 short movies from over 48 different countries, will attract LGBTQ+ visitors from all around the world. Our short overview of the 10 best queer movies 2019 including Documentaries will give you a good starting point and red line throughout the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival program. Get your tickets now before they will be sold out and start planning your festival week 2019 with Couple of Men. Check out our movie lists Best Lesbian Movies 2019 and Best Gay Movies 2019 as well. Enjoy the pink movie festival in Amsterdam and have fun watching the 10 Best Queer Movies 2019 selected by and for the Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2019!

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#1 Riot | Australia

Before Mardi Gras became the huge spectacle it is today, there was an enormous amount of homophobia, sexism, and racism to overcome in ‘70s Australia. We follow the lives and loves of a group of brave pioneers that kept going despite the odds. A powerful lovingly depicted and deeply humanizing portrait of a vital piece of LGBTQ history.

English, no subtitles
21st March 2019 – 19:30 Hours
23rd March 2019 – 17:30 Hours


Click here for more about Riot >>


#2 Tucked | UK

A raw and tender drama about an aging 80-year-old drag queen who forms an unlikely friendship with a younger queen, both struggling with their own issues of gender identity and mortality. As they discover more about each other, they realize how to truly be themselves. It’s a ‘slice of life’ drama about love, loss, and friendship; a feel-good film with great charm and sense of humor.

English, no subtitles
15th March 2019 – 17:30 Hours
24th March 2019 – 13:45 Hours


Click here for more about Tucked >


#3 Zen in the ice rift (zen sul ghiaccio sottile) | Italy

As the lone girl on the local (all male) ice hockey team, Zen is often bullied by her teammates for her supposedly ‘masculine’ behavior. She can take refuge in her mother’s mountain lodge deep in the Italian mountains. But she’s not the only one in need of refuge: Vanessa, the troubled girlfriend of the team captain, also wants to break the mold and escape. As their paths cross, they go on a journey of self-discovery in this visually stunning coming-of-age story with a twist.

talian, with English subtitles
17th March 2019 | 21:45 Hours
21st March 2019 | 15:45 Hours


Click here for more about Zen in the ice rift >


#4 Knife & Heart | France / Mexico / Switzerland

With hints of Italian “gialli” movies, 70s queer trash cinema as well as Brian de Palma, and in lurid color, this feast of horror, sex, camp, and latex is surely not for the fainthearted. Those with a healthy (or unhealthy) sense of humor are rewarded with a bizarre and borderline brilliant flick. Vanessa Paradis holds it all together with her portrayal of an alcoholic, recently dumped, broken-hearted, lesbian gay-porn-director…fighting, tooth-and-nail, many a battle…against the bottle, for her lost love, her dissolving business…and, against the madly bewigged, masked murderer who is murdering all of her cast!

French and Spanish, with English subtitles
15th March 2019 | 21:45 Hours
23rd March 2019 | 21:45 Hours


Click here for more about knife & heart >


#5 Galore | Netherlands

Drag sensation Lady Galore is about to undergo her biggest transformation yet. Fighting for visibility and solidarity, she has become vital to the European drag community. For Sander den Baas, the man behind Lady Galore, this devotion is starting to take its toll. Although his size is what makes Lady Galore stand out and brought her fame, Sander is struggling with more and more health problems. Gastric bypass surgery will help him regain a healthy weight. But what will remain of Lady Galore?

Dutch and English, with English subtitles
16th March 2019 | 20:30 Hours
19th March 2019 | 19:30 Hours


Best Queer Movies 2019 Galore Docu - About a Dutch Drag Queen - World Premier Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2019

Galore Docu – World Premier – Best Queer Movies 2019 Roze Filmdagen

Click here for more about Galore >

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All you need to know about the Roze Filmdagen:


#6 Sidney & friends | Kenya/Scotland

When his family tries to kill him, Sidney, who is intersex, flees to Nairobi where he meets a group of transgender friends. Together, they fight discrimination and discover life, love, and self-worth. A heartfelt exploration of the hopes, dreams, and everyday reality of a group of intersex and transgender friends fighting to survive on the edge of Kenyan society. Filmed over 3 years, our friends reveal the secrets of their struggles with poignancy and sometimes also humor. The premise is simple; it’s about gender, friendship, and love.

English, with English subtitles
15th March 2019 | 17:45 Hours
18th March 2019 | 15:45 Hours


Click here for more about Sidney & friends >


7 Erik/Erika | Austria

The ski sensation that became a media sensation. In ‘60s Austria, there is a rising star on the slopes. Yet Erika is not what she seems: born with an intersex condition, she is unlike the other girls. Using impeccable flair and with a lovely light touch, this true story is brought to life with all due respect to Erik/Erika.

German, with English subtitles
16th March 2019 – 17:30 Hours
20th March 2019 – 19:30 Hours


Best Queer Movies 2019 including Documentaries © Erik/Erika

Best Queer Movies 2019 including Documentaries © Erik/Erika


Click here for more about Erik/Erika >


#8 Bao Bao | Taiwan

Cindy and Joanne work together with Charles and Tim to have children. However, strains on their relationships and the balancing act of leading a modern life with traditional families back in Taiwan will have dramatic consequences for all. A gripping drama beautifully told using flashbacks and very strong cinematography.

Mandarin and English, with English subtitles
17th March 2019 | 15:45 Hours
24th March 2019 | 19:45 Hours

Click here for more about Bao Bao >


#9 Alone in the Game | United States of America

A documentary that follows a group of elite athletes and iconic figures from the biggest stages in sport to explore the ongoing struggles LGBT athletes are facing at the professional, university, and Olympic levels. An exploration of the big business of sports exposes a culture of exclusion, bigotry, and discrimination which keeps these athletes in the closet and living in silence. Subjects also include three closeted athletes who share their personal journeys.

English, no subtitles
16th March 2019 | 19:45 Hours
23rd March 2019 | 19:45 Hours


Click here for more about Alone in the Game >


#10 A Kid like Jake | USA

Claire Danes, Jim Parsons, Priyanka Chopra, and Octavia Spencer star in the adaption of food for thought paly about a Brooklyn couple who has always known that their four-year-old son is more interested in fairy tale princesses than toy cars. But when his preschool director points out that his gender-nonconforming play may be more than a phase, the couple is forced to rethink their roles as parents and spouses.

English, no subtitles
15th March 2019 | 15:30 Hours
24th March 2019 | 15:45 Hours


Click here for more about A Kid like Jake >

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Our 10 Best Queer Movies 2019 and documentaries at Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam

So far, we were able to watch the opening movie ‘Carmen y Lola’, a lesbian coming out and a love story from Spain and the Swiss gay sports movie ‘Mario’ just last night. And there is so much more to see. Please check the complete program of the Roze Filmdagen 2019 with different filter options to plan your evenings in March. We hope you enjoy our selection of the Best Queer Movies 2019 and documentaries and see you next year again for the 23rd edition of the Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival ‘Roze Filmdagen’ in 2020!

Do you wanna know and see more of us gay couple travel bloggers? Stay tuned on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook! See you around in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and on one of our next gay pride trips around the world!

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