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Gay Couple Biking Trips Amsterdam Forest © CoupleofMen.com

A Gay Couple Biking Tour | Amsterdam Forest

Our Gay Couple Biking Trips brings us this time to the green lounge of the Dutch capital, to the Amsterdamse Bos or the Forest of Amsterdam. Located in the South-West of the city of Amsterdam, the man-made nature preserve is home to hundreds of different bigger and smaller animals, beautiful gardens, waterways and of course, wood. All year around the Forest of Amsterdam offers its visitors space to breath fresh air and relax from busy everyday life in a peaceful green environment just 30 minutes by bike from the city center of Amsterdam.

We love to bike as it is part of our daily life. But we also like to enjoy a good biking trip to explore the Netherlands around our home city, Amsterdam. This time we want to give you a short inside of how beautiful an excursion to the forest of Amsterdam by bike can be. Take a look on our tour map and if you have time for some extra biking fun on your Dutch bike, add this biking tour to the forest and the Scottish Highland Cows to your gay travel itinerary for Amsterdam. Enjoy our trip  Gay Couple Biking Trips Amsterdamse Bos and experience the beauty of the Netherlands through a gay couple of men’s eyes.

Bike from Amsterdam Center to Amsterdamse Bos (engl.: Forest of Amsterdam)

Biking to a small island park at Olympic Stadium

When the weather is sunny and warm like this Sunday, there is only one way to go: outdoors on an autumn day in the Amsterdamse Bos! In our opinion, there is no better way to recharge the batteries than spending the rare free time outside. After packing our backpacks with drinks, snacks and our Nikon Camera, we are more than ready to start our trip into the woods. The green lung of Amsterdam, in the southwest of the city center of Amsterdam, is an idyllic and peaceful nature spot reachable by bike in less around 30 minutes. But before we arrive in the “Forest of Amsterdam” we stopped at the small island Park between Olympiakanaal, Stadiumgracht and Schinkel. This small green island is just a beautiful spot on your way to the forest with a view over boat houses and canals.

Free admission to Amsterdamse Bos (Forest of Amsterdam)

You can enter the Amsterdamse Bos unconcerned where ever the path leads your way into the woods, there is no main entrance or something like that. The nature Park is subdivided by water areas, wide meadows and parts of dense forests. And who looks closely through the green flora is able to observe the Amsterdamse Bos wildlife: a variety of birds, insects, wild rabbits and Scottish Highland Cows is living in the forest. Have a picknick, take a sunbath, have a swim: Amsterdam’s green lounge is the place to go in warm summer days, sunny autumn weekends and a great location to discover the first signs of spring. 

It does not really matter when you are in the forest of Amsterdam, a breeze will be always part of your adventure. The wind guided us our way and let us feel the arriving cool breeze while enjoying the beautiful green and colorful trees and plants of the forest. We really like to stop in between to just sit in the sun somewhere close by a waterside, watching dancing insects on a water surface and grazing Scottish Highland Cows on wide damp fields in the sun. No traffic, no noise.. What else is necessary to simply be so close to the busy Amsterdam city life?

Amsterdam Bos is a man-made project

As you can imagine, the “Amsterdamers” love this place to get away from stress and hustle and bustle of everyday life. But do you know, that this green piece on earth is man-made? The first ideas of a forest nearby Amsterdam have been already made around 1900. The project was finished by planting the last trees in 1970. In all the years in between, men of different nationalities from all over Europe worked on this Dutch mammoth project. In the early 1930ies, building the forest was a welcome job creation scheme in times of crises in Europe. But also Jewish prisoners of the Second World War were forced to be part of the construction. Today the “Forest of Amsterdam” is almost 3 times bigger than the Central Park in New York and one of the most beautiful natural parks in Europe so close to a metropole. If you are staying in Amsterdam for some days, a Gay Couple Biking Trip to Amsterdam Forest will be a memorable experience.

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Gay Couple Biking Trips Amsterdam Forest

On our way back home in the late afternoon, a short stop for a snack or dinner is mandatory, right? One Tip for a stop in the forest is actually the Pannenkoeken Boerderij Meerzicht. Try a Dutch specialty like a pancake! As the Dutch people would say: Eet smakelijk (Dutch for “enjoy your meal”). During the year we are doing

aDuring the year we are doing a couple of biking trips in and around Amsterdam. Check our Gay Couple Travel Blog the next months for more Gay Couple Biking Trips to add them to your Gay Travels to Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

Wanna know more? Stay tuned.. on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See you in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the world!

Karl & Daan


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