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Top 15 Best Gay Movies 2024 for Roze Filmdagen in Amsterdam

Top 15 Best Gay Movies 2024 for Roze Filmdagen in Amsterdam

Step into the dazzling realm of LGBTQ+ cinema as we eagerly anticipate the International LGBTQ+ Film Festival in Amsterdam. The so-called Roze Filmdagen will take place from the 13th to the 24th of March 2024 in the Netherlands’ capital city. From the sun-soaked beaches of Greece to the vibrant streets of London and the heart of Texas, these films celebrate love, self-discovery, and resilience: Immerse yourself in this cinematic journey, embracing diverse narratives and experiences that define the queer community. Get ready for a unique celebration of the LGBTQ+ cinematic experience at the 27th edition of the Roze Filmdagen featuring the Best Gay Movies 2024 we’ve selected together with festival director Werner Borkes that promises to captivate and inspire.

Aristotle Dante - Gay Movies 2024 Top 15 List Roze Filmdagen in Amsterdam
Aristotle Dante – Gay Movies 2024 Top 15 List Roze Filmdagen in Amsterdam

Gay Film List 2024 with Extended Descriptions

Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2024 continues the tradition, offering a unique opportunity to relish LGBTQ+ cinema. Experience the vibrant tapestry of LGBTQ+ narratives at the upcoming festival, highlighting the diversity within the community through exceptional performances by gay, lesbian, and queer actors. Engage in thought-provoking discussions on queer culture, specifically in the film domain, during dynamic panel sessions. Running for twelve exciting days starting March 13, 2024, the festival unfolds at Het Ketelhuis in Amsterdam Westerpark. Save the date for this cinematic extravaganza, where inclusivity, representation, and cinematic brilliance converge for an unforgettable experience. Like last year’s editions, enjoy the best gay movies selected by Couple of Men for Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2024.

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#1 The Summer with Carmen (to kalokairi tis karmen) | Greece

(2023) – 106 minutes by Zacharias Mavroeidis

Join best friends Demosthenes and Nikitas on a sun-soaked day at a queer Athens nude beach, relishing the picturesque rocks, crystal-clear water, and vibrant people-watching. Amidst this idyllic setting, they reminisce about a recent summer, contemplating transforming their memories into Nikitas’ debut screenplay. Navigating ex-boyfriends, family complexities, and the lovable stray dog Carmen, the duo’s journey unfolds with a captivating blend of lust and relationship drama. Yet, at its core, their platonic friendship radiates an irresistibly electric energy. The delightful, sexy, and charming comedy “The Summer with Carmen” weaves a warm embrace around you, creating an unforgettable cinematic experience. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 17-03-2024 at 17:15 and 19-03-2024 at 21:00

Trailer for the Greek Gay Movie The Summer With Carmen

#2 Femme | UK

(2023) – 99 minutes by Sam H. Freeman / Ng Choon Ping

Meet Jules, renowned as Aphrodite Banks, a leading drag star in London. Post-show, while grabbing cigarettes, he faces a brutal attack by homophobic youths. Amidst trauma, Jules encounters one of his assailants, Preston (George MacKay), at a familiar gay sauna. Stripped of makeup and a wig, Jules adopts incognito vengeance, initiating a risky cat-and-mouse game. This intense and gripping narrative of “Femme” unfolds with brilliant tension, showcasing Jules’ quest for retribution. Immerse yourself in this compelling tale of resilience and revenge, offering a riveting exploration of identity and justice. Discover the captivating drama that unfolds as Jules navigates the shadows in pursuit of closure. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 17-03-2024 at 21:00 and 22-03-2024 at 17:00

Trailer of the British Gay Movie Femme

#3 Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe | UK

(2022) – 96 minutes by Aitch Alberto

Enter the world of Nicky (Luke Evans) and Gabriel (Billy Porter), the epitome of a perfect family for years. While Nicky focuses on his career, Gabriel manages the household and their son. However, as fissures emerge, Gabriel seeks a divorce, triggering a poignant custody battle. This modern-day gay Kramer vs. Kramer delves into the evolving dynamics of their love. Join these fathers as they grapple with each other and, more significantly, with their inner selves. The exquisite drama “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe“, featuring a stellar cast, weaves a beautiful, sensitive, and light narrative, offering a captivating exploration of love, change, and self-discovery. Immerse yourself in this heartfelt journey of two fathers navigating the complexities of modern relationships. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 16-03-2024 at 15:00 and 21-03-2024 at 17:00

Trail of the British Gay Movie Aristole and Dante

#4 Our Son | USA

(2023) – 104 minutes by Bill Oliver

Nicky (Luke Evens) and Gabriel (Billy Porter) and their son have been the perfect family picture for years, with Nicky dedicated to his career while Gabriel managed the household and their son. However, as the relationship cracks surface, Gabriel seeks a divorce, sparking a poignant custody battle. This leads to a custody battle that forces them both to face the changing realities of their love for each other and their son. Like a modern-day gay Kramer vs. Kramer, we follow both fathers in their struggles with each other but, more importantly, with themselves. Our Son is a beautiful, sensitive, and light drama with a delightful star-studded cast, a must-see on our list of the best gay movies in 2024. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 14-03-2024 at 19:00 and 21-03-2024 at 15:00

Trailer of the US-American Gay Movie Our Son

#5 Sunflower | Australia

(2023) – 88 minutes by Gabriel Carrubba

Explore the life of Leo, a 17-year-old in a working-class Melbourne suburb, navigating typical activities like sports with his best mate Boof and handling attention from female classmates. However, Leo grapples with questioning his sexuality, fearing the consequences of his secret being exposed. The poignant coming-of-age drama “Sunflower” captures the essence of a tumultuous phase in our lives, where emotions like anger, love, and shame become overwhelming. Immerse yourself in this atmospheric exploration, offering a touching portrayal of self-discovery and the challenges faced during the formative years, and join Leo on a journey that delves into the complexities of identity. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 17-02-2024 at 15:00 and 18-03-2024 at 17:15

#6 Glitter & Doom | USA

(2023) – 115 minutes by Tom Gustafson

Embark on a surreal, glittery musical romance featuring the Grammy Award-winning hits of the iconic Indigo Girls. Doom (Alan Cammish), a serious musician, and Glitter (Alex Diaz), a free-spirited circus kid, weave a summer romance with camping trips, late-night talks, and vibrant song and dance. Their relationship faces trials as they navigate the challenges of the music industry, family dynamics, and personal aspirations. The film “Glitter & Doom” boasts a star-studded queer supporting cast, including Lea DeLaria, Tig Notaro, Kate Pierson of The B-52s, Drag Race alum Peppermint, and even the Indigo Girls themselves. Immerse yourself in this glittering tale of love, music, and self-discovery. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 15-03-2024 at 19:00 and 19-03-2024 at 19:15

Trailer of the US-American Gay Movie Glitter & Doom

#7 Lie With Me / Arrête avec tes mensonges | France

(2022) – 89 minutes by Olivier Peyon

In the emotionally charged drama “Lie with me“, acclaimed novelist Stéphane Belcourt returns to his hometown after decades, becoming the brand ambassador for a renowned cognac distillery. Upon arrival, he’s surprised to find Lucas, the son of his teenage love Thomas, among the company’s executives. This encounter awakens vivid memories of their secret adolescent affair. As Stéphane grapples with the pain of lost years, he embarks on a journey to heal the wounds of his youth. Simultaneously, Lucas delves into understanding his father’s truth. Join Stéphane and Lucas in this poignant exploration of love, memory, and reconciliation, promising a captivating narrative of rediscovery and self-understanding that put this movie on our best gay films for 2024. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 18-03-2024 at 19:15 and 24-03-2024 at 13:00

Trailer of the French Gay Movie Lie With Me

#8 Patagonia | Italy

(2023) – 112 minutes by Simone Bozzelli

Experience a breathtaking cinematic tale following Yuri, a 20-year-old living a sheltered life in an Italian countryside town with his aunt at an advanced age. Content in his routine, Yuri’s world transforms when he encounters Agostino, a charismatic wandering clown and children’s party magician. Agostino’s free spirit introduces Yuri to a newfound desire for independence and freedom. Together, they embark on a journey that initially promises self-discovery but ultimately spirals into a nightmarish reality. Immerse yourself in the spectacular film “Patagonia“, capturing the contrasting facets of Yuri’s life, blending moments of joy with the dark twists of unforeseen challenges. Witness the transformative odyssey of Yuri and Agostino in a narrative that explores the complexities of self-discovery and freedom. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 21-03-2024 at 21:00 and 22-03-2024 at 15:15

Trailer of the Italian Gay Movie Patagonia

#9 Old Narcissus (ro narukisosu) | Japan

(2023) – 110 minutes by Tsuyoshi Shôji

Explore the captivating tale of 74-year-old Yamazaki, a self-centered, eccentric gay man who, for the first time, experiences love with the young sex worker Leo. The unconventional and beautifully filmed modern fable “Old Narcissus” unfolds as Yamazaki confronts his past, forging connections with friends and family that eluded him in his youth. Immerse yourself in this touching and unusual narrative, offering a glimpse into the transformative power of love and self-discovery. Witness the gorgeously filmed journey of Yamazaki as he navigates the complexities of relationships and finally opens his heart to a connection that transcends a lifetime of self-love. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 16-03-2024 at 21:15 and 24-03-2024 at 17:15

Trailer of the Japanese Gay Movie Old Narcissus
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#10 You Promised Me the Sea / L’Air de la mer rend libre | France

(2023) – 90 minutes by Nadir Moknèche

In contemporary French Brittany, Saïd, living with his family, maintains a clandestine relationship with Vincent. He reluctantly agrees to an arranged marriage with Hadjira to avoid family confrontation. She, too, succumbs to her mother’s wishes after romantic setbacks and legal issues. Bound by familial expectations, Saïd and Hadjira unite to carve their path to freedom. Join them on this compelling journey in Nadir Moknèche’s “You Promised Me the Sea” as they navigate societal pressures and strive to break free from the constraints imposed by their families. Experience the poignant narrative of Saïd and Hadjira, a tale of resilience, love, and the pursuit of independence in modern French Brittany. More about this best gay movie in 2024 here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 14-03-2024 at 17:15 and 17-03-2024 at 13:15

Trailer of the French Gay Movie You Promised Me The Sea

#11 Narrow Path to Happiness | Hungary

(2023) – 88 minutes by Katalin Oláh

Witness the inspiring journey of Gergő and Lénárd, a young gay Romani couple determined to fulfill their dreams despite challenges. Their remarkable story unfolds from a hostile, homophobic village in Hungary to the vibrant city of Budapest, where they aspire to create a musical film based on their lives. However, familial tragedies compel them to return to their roots, confront the past, and seek inspiration to craft their own happy ending. The uplifting documentary “Narrow Path to Happiness” captures a couple boldly confronting homophobia, racism, and poverty. Join Gergő and Lénárd in their resilience, turning adversity into empowerment in a narrative that resonates with courage and pursuing a brighter future. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 17-03-2024 at 13:15 and 19-03-2024 at 17:15

Trailer of the Hungarian Gay Movie Narrow Path to Happiness
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#12 The Judgment | Egypt – Lebanon – USA

(2023) – 111 minutes by Marwan Mokbel

Mo and his boyfriend, a gay Egyptian couple, face a family emergency, compelling their return to Egypt from the U.S. Forced back into the closet, they adopt the guise of mere friends. However, their secret is unveiled by an anonymous individual resorting to witchcraft, reigniting Mo’s childhood fears and religious shame. As the long-feared judgment day looms, Mo grapples with literal haunting experiences. Will he summon the strength for the impending confrontation? The must-see drama “The Judgment“, enriched by compelling performances and supernatural elements, delves into the complexities of identity, fear, and the consequences of secrecy within the LGBTQ+ community. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 22-03-2024 at 19:15 and 23-03-2024 at 13:15

Trailer of the Egyptian – Lebanese – US-American Gay Movie The Judgement

#13 Big Boys | USA

(2023) – 90 minutes by Corey Sherman

Embark on a heartwarming coming-of-age journey where an unexpected crush transforms a camping trip into a weekend of self-discovery. Jamie, a 14-year-old, eagerly anticipates a woodland weekend with his brother and beloved cousin Allie. However, Allie’s new boyfriend, Dan, initially irks Jamie. Over time, Jamie discovers Dan’s positive qualities, from adept tent-pitching to fire-building skills, even bonding overboard games. Perhaps, Jamie reflects, Dan is not entirely wrong — in fact, he might be amazing. Immerse yourself in this endearing tale of unexpected connections, challenging preconceptions, and the magic of self-discovery. Join Jamie as he navigates the complexities of newfound admiration and camaraderie in the must-watch story “Big Boys“. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 19-03-2024 at 17:00 and 21-03-2024 at 15:15

Trailer of the US-American Gay Movie Big Boys

#14 Baldiga – Unlocked Heart | Germany

(2024) – 90 minutes by Markus Stein – WORLD PREMIER at BERLINALE 2024

“Prostitutes, transvestites, alcoholics and the mentally ill. That’s where I feel at home. That’s the world that needs to be captured.”

In 1979, at 19, Jürgen Baldiga relocated to Berlin, choosing to pursue artistry. Confronted with the dire implications of his HIV infection, he finds solace and expression in photography. Amidst despair, longing, rebellion, and an unwavering will to survive, Baldiga emerges as a chronicler of the 80s and early 90s queer West Berlin subculture. Demonstrating a distinctive talent as a sensitive and provocative photographer, he captures the essence of an era marked by resilience and self-expression. Dive into Baldiga’s captivating visual narrative in the documentary “Baldiga“, offering a unique glimpse into the dynamic and transformative world of Berlin’s queer subculture during this pivotal period. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 15-03-2024 at 15:15 and 24-03-2024 at 15:00

Baldiga shown at the LGBTQ+ Filmfestival
Best Gay Movies 2024: Foto: Jürgen Baldiga © Schwules Museum Berlin – Loan from Aron Neubert

#15 The Trace of your Lips (La huella de unos labios) | Mexico

(2023) – 75 minutes by Julián Hernández

Román, a B-movie actor, and Aldo, an essential worker, find a connection across their apartments in the throes of a global pandemic. Despite online interactions through video calls, the authorities’ restrictions prevent them from meeting in person. Román, isolated in his apartment, and Aldo, permitted to move about, grapple with the temptation to break free from their lockdown constraints. Explore the captivating narrative of these two lives intertwined across the digital realm, reflecting the challenges and desires emerging amid a global crisis in “The Trace of your Lips“. Delve into this poignant tale of connection and restraint, echoing the complexities of relationships during unprecedented times. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 15-03-2024 at 21:00 and 23-03-2024 at 19:15

Trailer of the Mexican Gay Movie The Trace Of Your Lips

Best Gay Movies selected for Roze Filmdagen 2024:

Plan your visit to the Roze Filmdagen with our Best Gay Movies 2024

Roze Filmdagen 2024 promises an unforgettable journey through captivating narratives, making it a must-attend event for film enthusiasts and LGBTQ+ communities alike. From heartwarming coming-of-age tales to gripping dramas and surreal musical romances, these films offer a diverse and enriching cinematic experience. Our selection of the best gay movies in 2024 captures the essence of love, self-discovery, and resilience within the LGBTQ+ community. Grab your popcorn, join us in celebrating these cinematic gems, and experience the beauty of LGBTQ+ storytelling at its finest.

Check the whole program of the Roze Filmdagen 2024 for all movies, films, and documentaries!

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