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Top 10 Lesbian Movies at Amsterdam’s LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2024

Top 10 Lesbian Movies at Amsterdam’s LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2024

Welcome, fellow LGBTQ+ film enthusiasts, to the vibrant cinematic world of the Roze Filmdagen 2024, the international LGBTQ+ Film Festival in Amsterdam! In our quest to celebrate love, diversity, and the rich tapestry of lesbian stories, we present to you our annual Top list of lesbian movies for the 27th edition of Amsterdam’s spectacular festival taking place at Het Ketelhuis at Amsterdam Westerpark. From the charming landscapes of North Wales to the lively streets of Los Angeles, each movie promises a unique perspective on lesbian life in 2024. Join us and thousands of queer movie fans for a unique celebration of the LGBTQ+ cinematic culture with our movie list of the Best Lesbian Movies 2024 we’ve selected together with festival director Werner Borkes.

LEON - Best Lesbian Movies 2024 in Amsterdam
LEON – One of the best lesbian movies 2024 at Roze Filmdagen in Amsterdam

Lesbian Film List 2024 with Short Synopses

Prepare for Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2024, where LGBTQ+ cinema stands in the spotlight. This festival offers a chance to immerse yourself in the authenticity of queer narratives skillfully portrayed by talented lesbian, gay, and queer actors. Engage in insightful discussions on queer culture within the film industry during thought-provoking panel sessions. From March 13, 2024, the festival unfolds over twelve meaningful days at Het Ketelhuis in Amsterdam Westerpark. Mark the date on your calendar, as this cinematic event promises a unique and inspiring experience of queer culture. We, from Couple of Men, have thoughtfully curated a selection of impactful lesbian movies, continuing the tradition of making Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2024 a celebration of diverse voices within the LGBTQ+ community.

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#1 Chuck Chuck Baby | UK

(2023) – 101 minutes by Janis Pugh

In North Wales, Helen grapples with an unconventional living situation, sharing space with her ex, his 20-year-old partner, and their newborn. Nights are spent packing chickens, and days revolve around caring for her ailing mother-in-law, Gwen. Despite the bleak outlook, a spark ignites in Helen’s life when her childhood crush, Joanne, reappears in the village. “Chuck Chuck Baby” beautifully captures the complexities of love and loss within the backdrop of a chicken factory. The soundtrack, featuring artists like Neil Diamond and Janis Ian, adds an inspiring layer to this compelling narrative. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 16-03-2024 at 19:00 and 21-03-2024 at 21:15

Trailer of the British Lesbian Movie Chuck Chuck Baby

#2 Gondola | Georgia – Germany

(2023) – 85 minutes by Veit Helmer

The stylish opening film of Roze Filmdagen 2024 shows love can reach across mountains and valleys

Roze Filmdagen

A cable car with two tiny gondolas in Georgia’s mountains connects small villages across a deep chasm. Returning to the village, Iva becomes an attendant for one gondola, sparking a friendship with Nina, the attendant in the other cabin. What begins as delayed-chess games evolves into open, humorous flirting and blossoms into love. Filmed with a Wes Anderson-like flair and meticulous attention to detail, the delightful and uplifting narrative of “Gondola” sets the tone for the 27th edition of Roze Filmdagen, promising a bright and enjoyable experience. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 13-03-2024 at 19:30 and 14-03-2024 at 10:45

Trailer of the Georgian-German Lesbian Movie Gondola

#3 Lesvia (:the herstory of eressos) | Greece

(2024) – 78 minutes by Tzeli Hadjidimitriou

Enter the world of Nicky (Luke Evans) and Gabriel (Billy Porter), the epitome of a perfect family for years. While Nicky focuses on his career, Gabriel manages the household and their son. However, as fissures emerge, Gabriel seeks a divorce, triggering a poignant custody battle. This modern-day gay Kramer vs. Kramer delves into the evolving dynamics of their love. Join these fathers as they grapple with each other and, more significantly, with their inner selves. The exquisite drama “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe“, featuring a stellar cast, weaves a beautiful, sensitive, and light narrative, offering a captivating exploration of love, change, and self-discovery. Immerse yourself in this heartfelt journey of two fathers navigating the complexities of modern relationships. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 19-03-2024 at 19:00 and 24-03-2024 at 13:15

Trailer of the Greek Lesbian Documentary Lesvia

#4 Marinette | France

(2023) – 95 minutes by Virginie Verrier

Marinette Pichon’s life has centered around soccer from the moment she kicked her first ball. Despite her rural French hometown lacking a girls’ team, Marinette’s undeniable talent and focus on the sport provide an escape from a toxic home life. Spotted by a talent scout after aging out of the local boys’ team, she joins the national women’s team. However, her career success leads to challenges at home, compounded by the lack of recognition for female soccer players in France. Frustrated by this injustice and weary of competitive teammates, Marinette seizes an exciting opportunity to sign with a professional team in Philadelphia, becoming the first French player to do so. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 17-03-2024 at 19:00 and 24-03-2024 at 17:15

Trailer of the French Lesbian Movie Marinette

#5 It’s Only Life After All | USA

(2023) – 123 minutes by Alexandria Bombach

This lesbian movie is a revealing exploration and anticipated homage to the widely beloved folk-rock duo, Indigo Girls. From their serendipitous meeting at Emory University, where their musical styles harmonized, to their rise from a popular bar band to global music stardom with their eponymous album, this deep dive fulfills the cravings of their devoted fans. It offers a timely glimpse into the obstacles, activism, and life lessons faced by these unexpected queer icons who made it big. Its Only Life After All is an impressive journey into the lives of two friends who defied expectations. More about one of the best lesbian movies 2024 here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 16-03-2024 at 21:15 and 23-03-2024 at 21:15

Trailer of the US-American Lesbian Documentary It’s Only Life After All
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#6 The Queen of My Dreams | Canada – Pakistan

(2023) – 95 minutes by Fawzia Mirza

Fawzia Mirza’s latest film delves into familial dynamics, exploring the relationship between a rebellious daughter and a mother with a relatable past. The very colorful film “The Queen of My Dreams“, an ode to classic Bollywood cinema, weaves various generational narratives together, shedding light on the age-old war between convention and personal aspirations. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 18-03-2024 at 21:15 and 23-03-2024 at 13:0

Trailer of the Canadian-Pakistani Lesbian Movie The Queen of My Dreams

#7 Cora Bora | USA

(2023) – 92 minutes by Hannah Pearl Utt

Millennial Cora, played by the hilariously talented Meg Stalter from “Hacks,” aims to make it as a musician in Los Angeles but faces setbacks, leaving her broke and in chaos. Discovering her open relationship partner’s newfound love prompts Cora to fly back to Portland for a comedic quest to win them back. In a series of humorous mishaps, Cora offends every colorful character she encounters, realizing that her love life isn’t the only aspect needing rescue. Experience the laughs in “Cora Bora” as Cora navigates through a riot of blunders and unexpected twists. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 17-03-2024 at 13:00 and 22-03-2024 at 19:15

Trailer of the US-American Lesbian Movie Cora Bora

#8 Light Light Light (Valoa, Valoa, Valoa) | Finland

(2023) – 91 minutes by Inari Niemi

In 1986, following the Chernobyl explosion, Mimi arrived in a small western Finnish village, casting a radiant light into 15-year-old Mariia’s life. Two decades later, Mariia returns home to attend to her ailing mother, triggering the resurgence of memories and the poignant pain of that significant summer love. Explore the enduring impact of a youthful romance in “Light Light Light” amidst the backdrop of historical events and the passage of time. More about one of the best Lesbian Movies 2024 here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 14-03-2024 at 17:15 and 18-03-2024 at 19:15

Trailer of the Finnish Lesbian Movie Light Light Light (Valoa, Valoa, Valoa)

#9 Todo el silencio (All the Silence) | Mexico

(2023) – 88 minutes by Diego del Rio

Miriam, an actress and dedicated sign language teacher, finds herself deeply connected to the deaf community, with her girlfriend Lola, her parents, and numerous friends being members. Despite not being deaf herself, Miriam’s world is disrupted when she learns about her own hearing loss. In the face of this challenge, she refuses to accept a silent world, navigating the complexities of her changing reality. Explore Miriam’s journey through “Todo el silencio” as she grapples with a newfound connection to the deaf experience and her determination to embrace sound in her life. More about the movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 14-03-2024 at 19:15 and 20-03-2024 at 19:15

Trailer of the Japanese Gay Movie Old Narcissus

#10 LEÓN | Argentina

(2023) – 80 minutes by Andi Nachon & Papu CurottoNadir Moknèche

Julia, coping with the loss of her life partner, navigates the delicate balance between grief and a world unraveling around her. Determined to uphold the legacy of the restaurant they co-created and maintain a strong connection with their son León, Julia faces new challenges from a determined grandmother and the return of an absent father. This poignant narrative of “León” explores the intricacies of relationships and the rewarding yet challenging journey of mutual love and understanding. Delve into this beautifully filmed portrait, enriched with intimate flashbacks, offering a glimpse into Julia and her beloved’s rich and complex life. More about this movie here >

Playing times at the festival 2024: 16-03-2024 at 13:15 and 21-03-2024 at 19:15

Trailer of the French Gay Movie You Promised Me The Sea
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Best Lesbian Movies selected for Roze Filmdagen 2024:

Gondola - Best Lesbian Movies 2024
Gondola – Opening Film and one of the best Lesbian Movies 2024 in Amsterdam

Plan your visit to the Roze Filmdagen with our Best Lesbian Movies 2024

As the film festival Roze Filmdagen unfolds its cinematic tapestry, immerse yourself in these compelling narratives that celebrate the beauty, resilience, and diversity of lesbian lives, culture and the lesbian community. From heartwarming romances to thought-provoking documentaries, these lesbian films for the 2024 edition are sure to leave an indelible mark on your cinematic journey. Grab your tickets, embrace the love, and enjoy the enchanting world of LGBTQ+ films with our selection of the Best Lesbian Movies 2024.

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