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Dresden Gay City Trip: A Couple of Men enjoying the view over the historical old town city center in the Zwinger © Coupleofmen.com

Best of LGBTQ+ Germany & beyond – Road Trip 2020

This year turned out to be different for us. Planned trips got canceled, Pride parades have been postponed or held online and we all had to get used to the idea of spending this summer in our countries. But no reason to be sad or disappointed. There is so much to see, to explore, to learn, and to enjoy just a few steps outside our homes. And there is no reason to just take a few more steps and to find out how beautiful Europe actually is. It all started with a call from Sweden, Malmö to be precise.

You might remember our first trip last summer where we attended Malmö Pride and toured around the Southern part of Sweden, Scania. This year, we are going back to see even more of Malmö especially the preparations for World Pride 2021 together with Copenhagen. Well, out of this idea developed a plan to see more of central Europe. The idea for a staycation 2020 was born. After our road trip to Sweden, we will make our way over the Baltic Sea to Germany by ferry in order to start our one-month road “Best of LGBTQ+ Germany”. Join us on our gay couple road trip and summer staycation adventure through a Couple of Men‘s eyes!



Our Best of LGBTQ+ Germany – Road Trip 2020

And now all eyes on our road trip around Germany’s highlights with information about LGBTQ+ hot spots, cultural highlights, and our favorite things to do while traveling as a gay couple from Western Europe. Some of Daan’s highlights will be our visits to three of the biggest theme parks in Germany including Heide Park in Soltau, Europa-Park in southern Germany, and last but not least, Phantasialand in Western Germany. Karl cannot wait to go on a camping adventure again but not just somewhere: On the island Rügen in the Baltic Sea! Additionally, we will spend some days in some of the most LGBTQ+ and gay-friendly German cities including Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Heidelberg, and all the cute little villages, castles, and towns on our way. Get ready for some German realness with Couple of Men!




Heide Park Resort – Northern Germany’s biggest Theme Park

We will start our journey in Amsterdam heading in a north-eastern direction. Our first destination will be Heide Park in Soltau located between the German cities Bremen and Hamburg. We cannot wait to be on a rollercoaster again. The biggest theme park of Northern Germany has more than 40 attractions we can try out, of course, with a mask and by respecting the park regulations. Definitely on our to-do list is a #heideparkmaskies, a selfie with a mask! Our accommodation for two days will be the Holiday Camp with its wooden huts – pure adventure outdoor feeling for us nature lovers!



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Gay Couple Travel Hamburg Gay Couple Travel Bloggers exploring Hamburg | Gay Couple City Weekend Hamburg Germany © CoupleofMen.com

Gay Couple City Weekend Hamburg © Coupleofmen.com

Gay Hamburg City Trip

The Hanseatic city in the Northern part of Germany was high on our gay travel’s bucket list already for a while. We visited Hamburg for three days in the early summer. Exploring the main port city of Germany with its Warehouse District, the gay (friendly) neighborhood St. Georg and the world-famous Reeperbahn.


Detour – Sweden for a week

Before we will continue to travel around Germany, we will cross the borders to Denmark and Sweden for a couple of days in Malmö. The city in Southern Sweden will be the co-host of next year’s World Pride 2021 together with the Danish capital Copenhagen. It will be our second trip to Scania. As you might recall, it is a beautiful and LGBTQ+ welcoming part of Sweden and in our eyes a worthy place to celebrate one of the biggest pride events in Europe. Did you know that the Crown Princess of Denmark is the patron of World Pride 2021? She will be the first-ever royal to serve as the patron for a major LGBTQ+ event. Stay tuned for our articles, interviews, and videos to get ready for World Pride next year!



Camping on the Island Rügen – Baltic Sea

From one side of the Baltic Sea to the other… mhh… What would be the best way to do it? Of course, with a ferry. Starting from Trelleborg, we will cross the Baltic Sea, or how the Germans call it, the Ostsee, to reach Rostock, one of Germany’s Hanseatic cities. We cannot wait to reunite with Martin and Henning, two very old friends of Karl before we will continue our journey to the island Rügen. Fans of Caspar David Friedrich, a 19th-century German Romantic landscape painter and in our eyes one of the inspirations for many Instagram pictures of today, will love what we are going to do. We will spend a good week on the island in the Baltic Sea camping at the Regenbogen Camp and visiting Karl’s nice. The chalk cliffs of Rügen in particular will undoubtedly become one of our highlights of Rügen as a natural monument.



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Gay Capital Berlin & pickled cucumbers at Spreewald

Our next stop in Germany will be a short visit to Berlin to pick up Karl’s friends for a short vacation in the German pickled cucumber paradise, the Spreewald. Just short drive south-east from Berlin in the German state Brandenburg, Karl’s parents have a small, secluded holiday home. Dense pine forests and an extensive lake and river landscape have everything you need for a short trip to Brandenburg. Of course, we take our inflatable canoes with us to paddle through late summer nature. And of course, we will take a few jars of the famous pickled gherkins from the Spreewald with us, just in case.


Berlin Gay Travel Guide Germany © Coupleofmen.com

Berlin Gay Travel Guide © Coupleofmen.com

Gay Berlin Travel Guide

Berlin is one of the most international cities in Germany and is, at the same time, considered to be one of the gay-friendlies European cities for LGBTQ+ travelers from all over the world. The gay scene and the LGBTQ+ community are considered to be very diverse, welcoming, truly hipster, and rainbow proudly queer.


Dresden – Florence of the North

From the Spreewald, it is just about 1,5 hours by car to our next stop: Dresden. The so-called Florence of the North is Karl’s home town located in the heart of the German state Saxony. Although the city was completely destroyed in the last days of WW II, the efforts to rebuild, recover, and to focus on the future are exemplary of the Saxon people and their strong connection to their heritage and history. Although the LGBTQ+ and gay scenes are comprehensible, events, parties, and localities are offering a diverse queer life for the locals and for LGBTQ+ travelers. We will stay for a couple of days to visit the city and Karl’s family before we will be back on the road in a southern direction!


Dresden Gay City Trip: Gay Couple waving a rainbow flag in front of the Church of Our Lady (German: Frauenkirche) © Coupleofmen.com

Dresden Gay City Trip © Coupleofmen.com

Gay Dresden City Trip

A small but lively gay community, many bars, cafés and restaurants, and of course, the river Elbe are creating this very special Italian city flair, even in Germany. Once a year Dresden turns into the gay capital of Saxony with thousands of LGBTQ+ demonstrating for equality and human rights at CSD Dresden.


Munich – Summer in the capital city of Bavaria

Many years ago, Karl visited Munich with his former boyfriend just for a night or two. But of course, the Bavarian capital city has much to offer for LGBTQ+ travelers. Known for being relatively conservative and religious, the south-german state of Bavaria is for many international travelers the epitome of what Germany is all about: beer, sausages, Oktoberfest. But let us tell you, that’s how we define Germany. We will spend a couple of days in Munich exploring some of the cultural heritage, get to know the gay scene, and best places to go to for LGBTQ+ travelers. Please let us know what you wanna know about Munich and we will make sure to find it out!


Munich Gay City Trip Munich Gay City Trip - Summer Fun at Nymphenburg Palace © Coupleofmen.com

Munich Gay City Trip – Summer Fun at Nymphenburg Palace © Coupleofmen.com



Discover Salzburg the Different Way

Not in Germany… but just a 2-hour drive away: Salzburg! What Munich is to Germany, Salzburg is to Austria. The Mozart and Sound of Music city in Austria close to the German border is a true picture book travel destination in Austria. We had the chance to visit Salzburg two years ago and dreamt about going back ever since. If everything works out as planned, we should have time for four days in Salzburg to meet friends again, to see some more places in the Austrian city, and even to attend CSD Salzburg Pride 2020.


Gay-friendly City Trip Salzburg Gay Städtetrip Salzburg Gay Travel Guide Salzburg Austria All LGBT travelers need to know for a gay-friendly trip to the Mozart city Salzburg in Austria

Gay Salzburg City Trip © Coupleofmen.com

Gay Salzburg City Trip

Sound of Music, Mozart, Salzburg Castle, Schönbrunn Castle… and we could go on and on and on with highlights LGBTQ+ travelers can experience in Salzburg. But we let our blog article speak for itself. Make sure to have enough data on your phone and SD card because there is much to explore in Salzburg!


A Day Trip to Neuschwanstein Castle

Did you know that the Disney castles have been modeled after the famous Neuschwanstein castle? Well, we do, of course, #themeparknerds! So, guess where we are going after our stay in Munich!? Correct: Schloß Neuschwanstein! And since we couldn’t fly to Orlando this spring, we’re bringing a piece of Disney home to us. Neuschwanstein Castle was built in 1869 for the then Bavarian King Ludwig II above the town of Hohenschwangau near Füssen. Just a 1,5 hours car ride south-west of Munich. From there, we will make our way west to our next theme park adventure!



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Europa Park – Germany’s largest amusement park

Leaving Disney’s ideal castle behind, we are on our way to the largest theme park in German, the Europa-Park. With its 18 rollercoasters and 18 areas themed after European countries, Europa-Park is the second most popular theme park resort in Europe, following Disneyland Paris. And guess what: Daan, the theme park nerd, never visited this German amusement highlight before! Simply a must-do when traveling around the south-western part of Germany and perfectly located for our following gay city trip!


Europa Park - Germany's largest theme park

Europa Park – Germany’s largest theme park



Heidelberg Old Town over the Heidelberg Castle

Right in the middle between Europa Park and our last destinations before returning to Amsterdam, we will visit Heidelberg. Known for its beautiful old town and majestic castle, Heidelberg is home to a lively LGBTQ+ community. One of the annual highlights it the Queer Festival taking place every year in May. Our plan was to visit the festival this spring and to show you the best of the Queer Festival. But, you know what happened… We are super excited to get the chance for at least a short stop to get a first glimpse of the picturesque German city by the Neckar River. See you next May for the Queer Festival 2021?


typical for Germany - Beautiful old towns with castles like here in Heidelberg

typical for Germany – Beautiful old towns with castles like here in Heidelberg



Phantasialand – Award-winning Theme park close to Cologne

Last but not least, we will arrive in a fantasy wonderland. Karl was once at Phantasialand at the cute age of 8. All he can recall is the magically enchanted forest and the feeling of being overwhelmed by beautifully themed areas. Phantasialand is one of the largest amusement parks in Germany and really offers something for everyone with six lively theme worlds, unique attractions, and exciting shows. Disney fan and theme park nerd Daan has never made it to Phantasialand. But that should finally change. It is about time!



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From Europe with Love: SAFE gay traveling!

Traveling in the time of an international pandemic is a delicate topic. Especially in Europe where, after months of (partial) lockdown in many EU countries, the numbers of active cases are either stagnating or slowly increasing again. However, it is vacation time for Europeans and the keyword for safe traveling is “responsibility”. Every country worldwide has its own restrictions and measures in order to flatten the curve and to protect especially the vulnerable in our society. Facemasks, physical distancing (we like this term better than social distancing), and regularly disinfecting of our hands are part of our standards in order to reduce the risk for ourselves and everyone else. Additional to that, please inform yourselves about the specific measure in the countries you will travel to during a trip including Sweden and Germany.



On the road to find the best of LGBTQ+ friendly Germany has to offer

Of course, Germany has much more to offer for LGBTQ+ travelers. Cities like Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, or Weimar should be on everyone’s bucket list who want to learn more about Germany.

But also the so-called green heart of Germany, the states Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt, or Hesse have much cultural heritage to offer including a lot of nature parks and forests. For us, our road trip 2020 was just the beginning and we cannot wait to plan our next LGBTQ+ Germany adventure together!

Wanna know more about our gay travels around the world? Stay tuned on FacebookTwitterYouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. See you again in Europe, Germany, Sweden, or somewhere around the world! Happy gay travels and happy pride!

Karl & Daan.


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