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Top 10 Queer Movies at Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2022

Top 10 Queer Movies at Amsterdam LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2022

For 26 years now, the largest Dutch LGBTQ+ film festival takes place in Amsterdam every March under the name “Roze Filmdagen“, meaning Pink Film Days. The queer Community will be able to watch an extensive selection of international films, documentaries, and short films. Furthermore, on the 25th anniversary of the queer film festival, all the films have something in common: they address queer culture, romantic comedies, provocative documentaries and everything in between. We teamed up with festival director Werner Borkes to choose our best queer movie of 2022 including the US-American “Death & Bowling”, the Hungarian docu “The Colors of Tobi”, the Mexican-Spanish co-production “Finlandia” and the opening film of this year’s festival “Swan Song”.

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Top 10 List of Queer Movies 2022 at Roze Filmdagen

In doing so, the selection of movies shown is meant to reflect the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community, with lesbian, gay and queer performers. In addition, there will be interesting roundtable discussions that will go beyond the film themes to explore queer film culture. For a total of eleven days, beginning on March 10, 2022, film lovers can experience a diverse program either in the theaters at Ketelhuis or online, in the comfort of their homes. Like the other editions in the past year, enjoy the best queer movies 2022 for the Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam 2022 selected by Couple of Men.

#1 Swan Song | USA

(2021) English, with Dutch subtitles

We start our list with the queer opening movie Swan Song. The once flamboyant barber Pat Pitsenbarger, formerly the undisputed star of gay life in a small Ohio, USA town, is languishing in a retirement home. When his former best customer’s last wish is for him to give her hair the necessary posthumous glamour, he sets off on an exuberant journey past old rivals, new encounters and sensational outfits. With Udo Kier in what may be his best role ever and fantastic supporting roles by Linda Evans (Krystle from Dynasty), Jennifer Coolidge and Michael Urie. This warm story is a gem full of melancholy, hope, and comfort. In short, a breathtaking opening to the 25th Pink Film Days. Pure enjoyment for everyone! 

#2 Rūrangi | New Zealand

(2019) English and Maori, with Dutch subtitles

Impressively played by trans actor Elz Carrad, we follow trans activist Caz Davis who returns to rural New Zealand after a ten-year absence. With a father, who doesn’t recognize him at first and is still angry that Caz wasn’t at his mother’s funeral, an ex-boyfriend who begins to question his sexuality now that he still feels something for him even after Caz’s transition, and an ever-closer environmental crisis that threatens the entire farming community, he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

#3 Potato Dreams of America | USA

(2021) English, no subtitles

The Vladivostok of 1985 is clearly too drab and gray for young Vasili, who gets unreasonably excited by movies with Jean-Claude Van Damme. His mother, equally unhappy, sees only one way out: to sign up as a mail-order bride. The dream seems to come true when they can go to Seattle, USA to live with John, but he turns out to be a reactionary asshole. So, there must be a second escape. In this autobiographical dark comedy, Wes Hurley pulls out all the stops: with great inventiveness and humor, he outlines his migration story in a highly entertaining mix of styles and timelines, which together make a powerful statement. Highly recommended!

#4 Aviva | USA – France

(2021) English, no subtitles

In this unique film, we are introduced to Aviva and Eden. One living in Paris, the other in New York. After meeting online, they plunge into decorating, a love affair and marriage. They argue, reconcile, and go through all the stages of relationships. What makes the film special is that there is a male and female side to both of them – shaped by having a man and a woman play each other alternately. The intensity increased by the fact that all are professional dancers and that director Boaz Yakin does not shy away from frank sex. What may sound like a contrived idea, takes you irrevocably into a whirlwind experience?

#5 No Straight Lines (the rise of queer comics) – docu

English, with English subtitles

This performance is co-sponsored by: IHLIA – If queer heroines don’t exist, invent them! Comics and graphic novels are one of the most accessible and creative forms of expression in this regard. A pencil and paper (and the basement of a women’s karate club) was all that American Mary Wings needed to create the first lesbian comic strip in 1973. Following the example of Rupert Kinnard, father of the first Black and gay superhero, LGBTQ+ authors are creating innovative, devastating and profound works to break all taboos. Featuring Alison Bechdel (best known for Fun Home and inventor of the Bechdel test) and others, this documentary shows in matching comic style the magic of the 9th art form, the queer pioneer within popular culture.

Best Gay Movies selected for Roze Filmdagen 2022:

#6 Summertime | USA

(2020) English, no subtitles

In this musical journey, we are introduced to the tremendous multicolored nature of Los Angeles. Over the course of a long, sunlit day, the stories and lives of as many as 25 young people weave together in an exuberant style full of magical realism. The cast, diverse in all aspects, uses the power and rhythm of spoken word as the perfect means to express their dreams, fears, thoughts and desires, as well as their relationship to the city and its many faces.

#7 Pier Kids | USA

(2021) English, with English subtitles

In this documentary, the viewers follow a number of LGBTQ+ youth of color who live on the frayed edges of the city and form an alternative community and family at Manhattan’s Chelsea Piers. All balancing on the edge of becoming homeless, disowned by their families and threatened by police, a failing health care system and encroaching gentrification. With echoes of Paris is Burning, but made by a Black queer filmmaker who infuses each image with merciless honesty and unconditional empathy. Impressive.

#8 Colors of Tobi – docu | Hungary

(2021) Hungarian, with English subtitles

Listening, tenderness, openness, and empathy: words that are everything to the family in which 16-year-old Tobi has the chance to grow up. A rare opportunity, according to his friends, for any queer living in Viktor Orbán’s ultra-conservative and phobic Hungary. From the village home to the bustling city of Budapest, Tobi questions labels that are affixed, searches for expressions, lives in multiple shades of himself. An intimate observation and a successful dive right into the heart of a fascinating identity journey. A poignant docu about a transgender / non-binary person and a beautiful portrait of a remarkable mother and father who free themselves from entrenched thoughts with courage and pride.

#9 Finlandia | Mexico & Spain

(2021) Spanish, with English subtitles

A devastating earthquake hits Oaxaca and causes many casualties. The shocks are felt all over Mexico, and the emotional shocks even as far away as Finland. The consequences are greatest for the Muxes, people with the traditional third gender, and non-binary people. This is the starting point for this extraordinary film, in which we follow a group of Muxes who make a living by making beautiful traditional dresses, and taking care of their elderly. The outside world intrudes in the form of fashion designers from Europe, who seek to plagiarize the motifs of their robes. Drenched in magical realism, this is a film you must have seen.

#10 Death & Bowling | USA

(2021) English, no subtitles

Last but not least in our queer movies list for the 2022 LGBTQ+ film festival in Amsterdam, is Death and Bowling. A moving and quirky film about two trans men who meet at the funeral of the captain of a lesbian bowling league in Los Angeles. The film deftly explores death, longing and grief as we witness a particularly beautiful, rarely seen romance between two trans men. Made by and starring a host of trans individuals, it is also a wonderful reflection on how trans representation can work.

List of the best Queer Movies selected for Roze Filmdagen 2022 in Amsterdam

Of course, our top list of queer movies 2022 is just a selection for some guidance to get an overview for the online festival. Check the whole program of the Roze Filmdagen for all movies, films, and documentaries! A single online movie ticket will cost you €8.50 and the “normal” cinema tickets for €11. Access the online movie theater by visiting:

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