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Pyjama Park Hotel Hamburg Reeperbahn © CoupleofMen.com

Pyjama Park Hotel Hamburg: Our gay-friendly Stay on the Reeperbahn | Germany

The Pyjama Park Hotel Hamburg Reeperbahn – is an accommodation with best value for the money for a stay in Hamburg. The German city Hamburg, in particular, the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli, is well known for its nightlife. Loads of bars, clubs, and restaurants next to each other creating an atmosphere until late in the night. Our Hotel, the Pyjama Park Hotel, was located right in the beginning of the Reeperbahn in an old town building above the Pyjama Bar. Find our tips, ideas, and whole travel story on our Gay Couple City Weekend Hamburg >

Pyjama Park Hotel Hamburg Reeperbahn

The Hotel is decorated with an honest and urban feel by the Hamburg artist Kid Overhead with unique rooms on 3 floors. Uncomplicated check-in, friendly staff, comfortable beds and a good breakfast were our starting point for an active day. If you choose to stay at the Reeperbahn, sounds, music and noise until morning has to be taken into account (check our tips below). The Hotel itself is a tip for the price and the central location just a 10 min walk to the Hamburg-Landungsbrücken.

Pyjama Park Hotel Hamburg Reeperbahn:

Pyjama Park Hotel Hamburg Reeperbahn
Reeperbahn 36, 20359 Hamburg, Deutschland

Opening Hours: www.pyjama-park.de

Contact: Tel.: +49 40 314838

Our special tips:
1. mention while booking if you wanna have a double bed or 2 beds
2. bring ear plugs (also available at the reception), if you don’t wanna stay awake till the morning
3. be aware: the Wifi is not always steady, but near the reception it worked better
4. ask for a room on the highest floor of the Pyjama Park Hotel and on the backside (further away from the bar music).

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