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Our Top 13 Highlights for an Iceland Road Trip

Our Top 13 Highlights for an Iceland Road Trip

Road Trip Iceland Top 13 Highlights: If we as gay couple travel bloggers would have known how beautiful Iceland is, we definitely would have come and visit  the land of fire and ice earlier. But looking back on amazing things and stunning nature sights, like waterfalls and Geysirs, we discovered during our 21-days road trip Iceland, it was the perfect time for us and our gay travels in and around Iceland. The trip once around the island on the so-called “Diamond Circle” in the end of August and half September, started and ended in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Form the biggest Icelandic city, our tour started counter clock with a visit of the Golden Circle in a southern direction towards the mystical town on the black beach of Vík. Join us on our Iceland explorations and get an overview of our Top 13 Highlights Iceland through a couple of men’s eyes!

1. Get speechless: Nothern Lights in Iceland

Where: Best North Iceland | When: Winter, starting end August

The unbelievable story of our Aurora Borealis experiences in North Iceland already started on our flight from Amsterdam to Reykjavik! These lights appear on the dark sky out of a sudden in bright, green and purple colors, like waving curtains. There is no guarantee to see them for sure. But if you stay awake after sunset, when it starts to become really dark and have fun in being patient your will be rewarded with a breathtaking experience you will never ever forget again. Beyond doubt our highlight of our Top 13 Highlights Iceland! Read more about North Iceland Road Trip >

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2. Have fun with Iceland’s Puffins in Vík

Where: Best in Westfjörds, Vík, North | When: Spring and Summer (leaving End of August)

Lucky us: we were able to see the last Puffins of the season when reaching the black beach and coastline of the South Icelandic town Vík. First, to be honest, we did not understand why this small animal became THE Icelandic icon until we saw these clumsy birds flying and landing. Hilarious! Our tip: Take your time to discover the magical atmosphere of the black beach and listen carefully to the music of the rolling stones when waves hitting the beach. Read more about South Iceland Vík >

3. Hike Icelands Glacier Vatnajökull

Booked via Arctic Adventures | Where: Skaftafæll Visitor Center | When: all year

If you really enjoy hiking and like ice cold adventures through the history of planet earth, we can really recommend a Glacier hiking tour in the Skaftafell National Park. Different tours of various difficulty levels making this tours accessible for almost everyone. Next to stunning views and a cold breeze from the Glacier Ice of the mountains our guide provided us interesting information about Icelandic people and the climate changes and how the Ice is shrinking. Do you recognize the ice landscape where Matt Damon and Matthew McConaugheyhad their fight in “Interstellar”? Read more about our explorations of Skaftafell National Park >

Road Trip Iceland Top 13 Highlights ©

4. Get wet on a White Water Rafting Trip

Booked via Viking Rafting | Where: Varmahlíð, North Iceland | When: until end September

We were beginners, just to mention it before we show you more about our Wild Water Rafting North Iceland. But that did not matter at all when we, 7 people on a rubber boat started our rafting trip through unique and isolated landscapes on the East Glacier River. As our experienced guide always said “take your fun seriously” I really would not wanna miss this experience to whiter water raft a 4+ level river in the Northern part of Iceland! Read more about East Glacier River Jökulsá-Austari Rafting Trip >

5. Speed up on a Zodiac Tour on Jökulsárlón

Booked via Glacier Lagoon | Where: South of the Glacier Vatnajökull | When: all year

On a Zodiac tour, we drove together with 6 other adventurers on a speed rubber boat over the crystal clear and ice cold Glacier water of the Glacier Lagoon Jökulsárlón in South Iceland. But where does the water comes from? Every day bigger and smaller pieces of the thousands of years old Glacier breaking and melting into the lagoon. Over a small river the water and smaller icebergs are able to swim into the ocean. Cristal clear ice on black sand lapped by the salty dark blue sea. A simply stunning experience and one of our Top 13 Highlights Iceland! Read more about our Zodiac Tour Experience >

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6. Make a selfie with an Icelandic Whale

Husavík via Gentle Giants & in Dalvík via Arctic Seatours | When: 99% all year long

A specialty with goose bumps guarantee: Whale Watching in Iceland! It is simply an incredible adventure when you are able to experience a whales fountain exploding into the air next to your boat and its dorsal fin appears out of the dark sea, not even 10 meters away from you. Sometimes for minutes, sometimes for seconds you will be able to see the biggest mammal on earth before its tail rears and the whale dives deep under the surface to hunt and eat.. You have to do it, seriously.

Read more about our Whale Watching in Husavík >
Read more about our Whale Watching in Dalvík >

Whale Selfie in Dalvík Top 13 Highlights Road Trip Iceland ©

Whale Selfie in Dalvík Top 13 Highlights Road Trip Iceland ©

7. Golden Circle Tour: Iceland in three days

Where: Western Iceland, near Reykjavik | Ideal for short visits

We started our road trip counter clock visiting the attractions of the Golden Circle Iceland. The Great Geysir, Þingvellir (Engl. Thingvellir) and the huge waterfall “Gullfoss” are simply our “must sees nature sights” of this part of Iceland. And even here we were able to see the Northern lights by night and so our camping ended up every evening with sitting outside our tent with a drink scanning the sky for the magical lights. If you are planning to stay overnight in Geysir we have a special tip for the night soon on our blog (or just ask us)! Read more about our Golden Circle Tour Iceland >

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8. Get in touch: Pink City Tour Reykjavik

Booked via Pink Iceland | Where: in Reykjavik | When: all year

We as traveling and blogging gay couple are always very curious about the situation of the LGBT community all over the world. So we took the chance to pick up some interesting insides about the history and current situation of LGBT poeple in Iceland. We experienced already before how gay friendly this country actually is. And the tour guide from Pink Iceland confirmed our feelings: next to annual gay pride and bears on ice, Icelandic people are very open minded and friendly to every minority visiting the country. Dont miss the chance to join a tour and talk with the guide about your individual questions about not neccessarly gay Iceland. Read more about our Gay Couple City Weekend Reykjavik >

9. Stay a night with hidden people of Ásbyrgi

Where: Northern Iceland, ca. 50km east of Husavík

Camping in isolation. Almost. Ásbyrgi is truly a magical place as part of the Vatnajökull National Park in North East Iceland. Where in former times big glacial rivers shaped the landscape you will find now a unique and peaceful nature full of shy birds and blueberry bushes, where ever you go. When walking through the low grown trees visiting the hidden lake at the end of the valley, we are believers that this place is the capital of the hidden people of Iceland, pure and elfin beings. Wanna know more? Read here all about our North-East Iceland Road Trip >

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10. Climb into a hidden Volcano Lava Ice Cave

Booked via Saga-Travel | Where: hidden spot near Lake Myvatn | When: all year

How is this possible? It takes thousands of years to built a micro environment in a colded lava cave in Central Iceland close by Lake Myvatn. Ice stalactites and stalagmites growing slowly together having individual pureness and form. Our tip: No words can describe the sound of pure lava filtered water dropping on a stalagmite in a 100% dark and hidden Lava Ice Cave. If you are totally quite and you put your lights off you will be able to hear a song so beautiful and pure the best human orchestra will never be able to play it like that, promised. Read more about our Ice Cave explorations in Central Iceland >

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11. Take a ride on an Icelandic Horse Back

Booked via Hestasport | Where: Varmahlíð in Northern Iceland | When: all year

Being in Iceland but not on a back of an Icelandic horse is like being in Amsterdam but not riding a Dutch bike. These lovely but powerful creatures brought us even closer to nature while riding through typical windy but peaceful landscapes of North Iceland. And for a perfect stay, try one of the Hestasport Cottages for a (couple) of night(s). Our tip: Don’t miss the chance for a horse gathering after your trip! Read more about our Icelandic Horse Riding Trip >

12. Find Jules Verne’s entrance to center of the world

Where: West Iceland, Snæfellnsnes Peninsula | Visible from Reykjavik (sometimes)

We spent the last days of our trip in West Iceland close to the only volcano that is visible from Reykjavik. It felt like we were able to see all the different nature areas of whole Iceland in this particular area on Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Although we did not find the entrance for the journey to the center of the earth as Jules Verne promised, we reached almost the top of the volcano with a stunning view to say goodbye to Iceland. Snæfellsnes

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13. Swim the Volcano Lake Caldera of Askja

Booked via Askja Tours | Where: Starting Lake Myvatn | When: Summer

We decided to do a special day trip to Askja, a volcano where you can have a bath in a caldera. Sounds weird? We took the chance for the last day trip of the season from Lake Myvatn to Askja. And it was a good decision. Our ride itself in a vintage 4×4 Mercedes bus was a unique experience, crossing 4 rivers and driving to a sandstorm in a highland desert to reach the over 1600 meters high volcano crater. Unfortunately, the weather conditions changed and it was not possible to take a bath, which made Daan quite sad 🙁  But still, the trip was an amazing chance to see isolated nature and learn about the volcanic history of Iceland. Read more about our Bus Trip to Volcano Askja >

Road Trip Iceland Top 13 Highlights

These are our Road Trip Iceland Top 13 Highlights but of course, there is still so much more to tell. Did we see all the waterfalls? How is it to do camping in Iceland in autumn? Is driving in Iceland really so dangerous and full of sheep? What about elves and trolls and hidden people? Or do you have some more questions about your trip planning? Read now more information daily on our gay travel blog!

And now our Iceland Exploration starts. Come with us on our 21 days Road Trip once around Iceland. For more infos about Iceland click on our Iceland Gay Travel Page! And don’t forget to stay tuned… on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Karl & Daan.

Follow us on Instagram: @coupleofmen

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