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Hestasport Icelandic Horseback Riding North Iceland © CoupleofMen.com

Hestasport Icelandic Horseback Riding in North Iceland

What would a trip to Iceland be without a ride on a real Icelandic horseback through unique nature? Right, not a complete road trip North Iceland. To avoid this situation, we decided to participate a horse riding tour with the gay-friendly company Hestasport Icelandic Horseback Riding North Iceland. Icelandic horses are so lovely, nice and beautiful creatures and additional to that, very small. Perfect for Karl who felt very comfortable in company with same height horses of Hestasport stud farm.

The weather was windy and a little rainy. But our waterproof shiny orange pants kept us warm and dry. And so our group of eight horse lovers and our two German tour guide girls started the tour through rough but stunning nature in North Iceland with mist and a cold breeze. After our tour, attending the gathering of the horses was a perfect ending to our North Icelandic day. Join us on our Horse Riding Tour with Hestasport during our 21-days Road Trip Iceland.



Hestasport Icelandic Horseback Riding North Iceland © CoupleofMen.com

Hestasport Icelandic Horseback Riding North Iceland © CoupleofMen.com

Hestasport Icelandic Horseback Riding North Iceland

Just a short car ride away from the Viking Rafting, we reached the Hestasport Icelandic Horse Stables. What a warm welcome by a group of young German girls living and working here taking care of the Hestasport horses. Janina, Linda, and Svenja explained us everything about how to ride an Icelandic horse. Karl’s horse of the day was the lovely but stubborn mare Blæa while Daan took a ride on the stallion Tenor. Equipped with a helmet and our camera the ride could begin.

Icelandic Horses: sensitive & familiar

Icelandic horses are beautiful in appearance and peaceful in character but very sensitive as gregarious animals. They don’t mind the rough weather as long as they stay together. Even our crazy orange rain pants didn’t disturb these by nature calm animal who love to ride, eat and stand together with their best friends. If you are not strict enough, they just keep on walking until they are next to a friend.

Iceland Horse Gathering

After the tour, we were asked to participate in the horse gathering together with Janina, Linda and Svenja and all the Hestasport horses. Seeing this proud and impressive animals running over the Icelandic hills left us speechless. It was the perfect ending for an amazing day but also a must-do on a road trip Iceland, for sure. Next stop: our gay-friendly accommodation at Hestasport Cottages!

Hestasport Horseback Riding North Iceland

560 Varmahlíð, Iceland

Official Website: www.riding.is

Contact: Tel.: +354 4538383 E-mail: info@riding.is

Good to know:
We learned a lot about Icelandic horses, their history and about their sensitive and complicated character. But did you know most Icelandic horses have next to walk, trot or gallop an additional gait called “tölt”?

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