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Gay Couple exploring Lofthellir Ice Cave © CoupleofMen.com

Exploring the Lava Ice Cave Lofthellir in North Iceland

A Gay Couple exploring Lofthellir Ice Cave North Iceland – Did you have ever been in an ice cave created by lava underneath a volcano? Have you ever seen naturally grown ice stalagmites and stalactites in 100% darkness and 100% silence? Well, we did this adventure during our 21-days road trip around Iceland and it was breathtakingly spectacular. Together with a small group and our gay-friendly Saga Travel tour guide Ármann, we went on a unique excursion over a cold lava field to a secret entrance of the Lofthellir Lava Cave.

Our 5-hour trip started in Reykjahlíð at Lake Mývatn with meeting the explorer group, the best guide you can ever imagine (!) and his huge Super Jeep. Stories about today’s Iceland but especially about the origins of those rarely discovered and explored hidden ice caves where part of our trip over abounded Iceland landscape towards a huge black field. More to read about our whole story of a couple of men’s exploration around Lake Mývatn, North Iceland >


Gay Couple exploring Lofthellir Ice Cave: The Discovery Tour begins…

But first things first. The Lofthellir Ice Cave is a hidden place in the Volcanic Outback approximately 30 minutes away from Reykjahlíð by car. The entrance is in the middle of a cold lava field, where visitors should only walk across with a guide. Why? Because next to the narrow and safe path you walk on, the lava field is filled with dangerous holes and sharp edges you really don’t wanna risk to meeting from up close. Equipped with helmets, headlights, gumboots and warm and waterproof clothes, our lava-field-trekking tour started. After reaching the cave hole, our exploration in the dark could begin…

Pushing & Pulling into the Ice Darkness

We were walking in a line, sliding and pulling ourselves over huge ice hills while exploring the constantly zero degrees caves in the darkness, somewhere in the middle of the lava. This is not an adventure for claustrophobic people. For all the others: it is spectacular, wonderful and even magical…

An Unexpected Magical Moment

There is one moment, we will never forget. Our tour guide asked everyone to stand still, stop making sounds and switch off our head lights. The result was a pitch black concert of dropping water in all kinds of beautiful tones and melodies. It is a fantastic experience that you shouldn’t miss.

Exploring Lofthellir Only with Saga Travel:

Saga Travel
Kaupvangsstræti 4
600 Akureyri, Iceland

Official Website: sagatravel.is

Contact: Tel.: (+354) 558 8888, sagatravel@sagatravel.is

Fun Fact:
Our Tip: book a tour with Árman. He is the best tour guide we ever had. If our schedule would have been a little less tight, we would have really liked to get to know more about Tips for North Iceland, especially about Northen Light Hunting.

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