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North Iceland Whale Watching Húsavík Gentle Giants © CoupleofMen.com

North Iceland Whale Watching in Húsavík with Gentle Giants

Our first experience with the Gentle Giants – North Iceland Whale Watching Húsavík Gentle Giants. One of our biggest wishes became reality when we started planning our first Whale Watching tour during our road trip North Iceland. Two cities are offering a 99% chance of seeing Whales during a tour, Húsavík and Dalvik. We made our first gay-friendly whale watching tour with Gentle Giants in Húsavík. Of course, we were skeptical if we would ever see a whale, but luckily without any reason! Truly a highlight of our 21-days road trip around Iceland.

Our first stop for whale watching, Húsavík, is about 45 minutes driving distance from Reykjahlíð, at Lake Mývatn. The ride goes over half a gravel, half a normal road with a spectacular view of the North Icelandic landscape. After a short check-in at the counter of the Gentle Giants building, we waited at the boat bridge eagerly to get on board and start watching some whales! More about our adventures in North Iceland & Lake Mývatn >


A windy ride of the North Icelandic Sea

The weather was quite windy and it became more cloudy. Dressed in our warm, colorful and water-proofed onesies we were standing on top of the small but strong Icelandic ship SYLVÍA where we were looking out for the peaceful, gentle whales, especially the humpback whale. The waves played with our ship as if it was a toy. And although the wind got stronger and the Nordic Sea became rough, everyone was eager to spot the fountains and the huge fluke of the Gentle Giants Whales. But don’t you worry, the men and women of the ship’s crew knew what to do and how.

99% percent chances to see whales in North Iceland

And there they were: fountains rising up the air, and dorsal fins cutting the waves in half. Goosebumps guarantee! Connected with the 3 boats around us, we all try to spot the next whale before diving back down underwater to eat. But to be honest, seeing the biggest mammal of our times so close and in a free natural environment made us really really happy!

Happy faces & hot chocolate on our way back to Húsavík

On our way back we tasted self-made typical Icelandic Donuts and hot chocolate served by the crew of the ship of Gentle Giants. We couldn’t stop talking about the experience… it was unbelievable. After some selfies and waning wind, we reached the harbor of Húsavík exhausted but happy. Got to know: the building of the tour operator Gentle Giants has a Café on the backside of the building with toilets, souvenirs, and free Wifi.

North Iceland Whale Watching Húsavík Gentle Giants:

Gentle Giants
Harbour Side
640 Húsavík, Iceland

Official Website: www.gentlegiants.is/

Contact: Tel.: +354 464 1500

Travel Tip:
If you are not a big fan of getting soaked wet while searching the horizon for fountains of the whales, we recommend the upper deck. Otherwise, the waves and wind will make you drenched to the skin! If you like that, go all the way to the front of the ship! 😉

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