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Humpback Whale Watching Tour in Dalvík, North Iceland © CoupleofMen.com

Our Humpback Whale Watching Tour in Dalvík with Arctic Sea Tours | North Iceland

Whale Watching Trip Part 2 – Humpback Whale Watching Tour in Dalvík, North Iceland  with Arctic Sea Tours. After we met the first mammal giants on our first Whale Watching tour in Husavík, we got so excited and fascinated, we wanted to see more whales.  Lucky us, we had a little extra time during our 21-day Road Trip Iceland to try a second whale watching tour in North Iceland in Dalvík with Arctic Sea Tours. Wonderful sunny weather, a calm sea and a lot of whales with time for our whale-selfie (see below) made our adventure a great part of our 13 Top Highlights Road Trip Iceland.

If you are doubting which location is the best place for Whale watching in North Iceland, Husavík or Dalvík, choose the one that fits your itinerary better. Since both places in Iceland’s North offer a 99% chance of seeing whales during a tour (we saw whales on both trips), both ships have been clean, well maintained with friendly staff and you get a local snack on your way back to the harbor. Although we have to admit, the freshly caught fish from our trip in Dalvík with Arctic Sea Tours was the topping for our whale-adventure in Iceland. Enjoy our pictures and the whale-selfie!

Gay Travel Blogger Couple of Men Humpback Whale Watching in Dalvík (Northern Iceland) © CoupleofMen.com

Our Humpback Whale Watching Tour in Dalvík, North Iceland © CoupleofMen.com


Humpback Whale Watching Dalvík North Iceland

The early bird gets the worm, right? True to the motto, we had to get up very early to drive to Dalvík (North Iceland) for our second whale watching tour with Arctic Sea Tours. Blue sky, sunshine, and no wind created a magical morning ambiance on the North Atlantic Sea. After everyone got dressed in the blue waterproof and warming onesies, our tour boat started the engines heading towards the whales.  But it was not necessary to going too far into the Fjord Eyjafjörður before we saw the first air fountains of one of the biggest mammals in the world.



We saw so many whales: time for a whale-selfie

We couldn’t stop taking pictures since we saw so many whales. Everyone was looking around trying to spot the next giant coming up. And there again, a fountain exploding in the air not far from our boat. After a short moment on the surface when you are able to see the whale’s dorsal fin, the whale lifts its tail and starts to dive down deep into the dark sea to hunt and eat. But there, look there, the next fountain! For two hours we enjoyed discovering the Fjord’s inhabitants while taking photos and getting to know the group of really funny elderly Americans joining the trip. Even some dolphins showed up swimming in front of the boat. What a wonderful experience.



Karl & Daan’s Whale-Selfie in Dalvík

Whale Selfie! Humpback Whale Watching Dalvík North Iceland © CoupleofMen.com

Whale-Selfie during our Humpback Whale Watching Tour © CoupleofMen.com


Fresh Icelandic Fish on the way back to Dalvík from our Whale Watching

On our way back to the coast, the tour group was allowed to do some deep-sea fishing. The guide explained everything about the caught fishes and how to prepare them. Accompanied by hungry screeching seagulls we arrived overwhelmed and happy in the harbor of Dalvík. After a short break, the tour group assembled around the barbecue to taste the fresh deep-sea fish. Like butter on your tongue, so amazing soft a tasteful. Even Daan, the vegetarian of us, tried a piece of the fresh grilled Icelandic fish. An amazing end of our morning tour.


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Humpback Whale Watching with Arctic Sea Tours:

Arctic Sea Tours
Hafnarbraut 22, 620 Dalvik, Iceland
+354 771 7600

Official Website: www.arcticseatours.is

Tel.: +354 771 7600 Email: book@arcticseatours.is

Good to know:
After our successful “whale hunting watching tour” it was time for the explorers onboard to go fishing. The skipper explained during our way back to the harbor everything about the different species and how to prepare for the grill. Believe us, the fish was unbelievable soft and full of taste. Enjoy your Icelandic fish snack!

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