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Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland © CoupleofMen.com

Road Trip Iceland Part 6 | Exploring Central-North Iceland around Lake Mývatn

A Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland – Welcome to the natural world of Central Iceland around Lake Mývatn! After exploring the untouched eastern part of Iceland, we entered an environment full of volcanic activity, breathtaking natural spectacles and thousands of midges. During our one-month road trip once around Iceland, we planned 3 days to explore Central Iceland north of the Vatnajökull National Park.

Starting with an ice-cold adventure to the Ice Cave Lofthellir underneath a volcano and our relaxed time at Lake Mývatn Nature Baths (so-called Blue Lagoon of the North) full of minerals, we got to know even more about the volcanic activities during a one-day bus trip to the volcano Askja with the small caldera lake Víti. Using Lake Mývatn as base, we went on our first whale watching boat tour in Húsavík. Join us on our trip ‘Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland’ adventure, which is part of the 21 days road trip around Iceland, and enjoy the next part of Iceland through a couple of men‘s eyes.

Exploration of Lake Mývatn in Central North Iceland

Arriving in North Iceland opens up a whole, new and different nature-world. The area around Lake Mývatn is like an oasis in the middle of a volcano dessert with its own unique wonders. But before we are going into detail, there is something else you need to know about the Lake Mývatn, the lake of midges. They are small but they are a lot of them. Even in late Summertime (late September) or early autumn, they are literally everywhere. The only weather condition the midges cannot handle is wind. But as soon as the wind lies down, they are coming out of their hidden spots. Don’t worry, the Lake Mývatn midges do not bite nor sting. They are just simply very annoying.


Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland © Coupleofmen.com

Incredible views | Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland © Coupleofmen.com

Lake Mývatn – The Lake of Midges

Back to the beauty of the environment and to some handy tips along the way. If you make your road trip around Iceland counter clock, like we did, you will enter the wide green area around the lake by passing by Hverarond. It is steaming and horrible smelling but very colorful and this mineral-rich nature spectacle with solfataras and boiling mud pots is something not to miss. Take the road further over the 410 m high mountain pass Námaskarð and you will arrive after a short drive downhill at Reykjahlíð. This small municipality is the main place of the area Skútustaðir in the region Norðurland with 141 inhabitants, 3 camping sites, and a small, private airport. Welcome to Lake Mývatn and some of our Top 13 Highlights adventures of Iceland.

Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland © Coupleofmen.com

Ice Cave Lofthellir | Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland

Ice Cave Lofthellir with Árman from Saga Tours

Did you have ever been in an ice cave created by lava? Have you ever seen naturally grown ice stalagmites and stalactites in 100% darkness and silence? Well, we did and it was breathtakingly spectacular. Our 5-hour trip started in Reykjahlíð with meeting our Saga Travel guide Ármann, the best guide you can ever imagine (!) and his super jeep. You wanna know what happened deep down under the volcano? Have a read!

Bus Trip to Volcano Askja in Central Iceland with Mývatn Tours

High on our list: the famous Askja Volcano and a swim in its famous caldera lake Víti. But how do you get there safe through the rough nature of the Icelandic central region? Our tip: Let someone else drive, take the bus. The ride with an old but very charming, white and red Mercedes-Benz Bus and driver Alex Stefánsson, is an experience on its own.

Gay Couple Bus Trip Volcano Askja Central Iceland © CoupleofMen.com

Bus Trip Volcano Askja | Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland

North Iceland Whale Watching Húsavík © CoupleofMen.com

Whale Watching Húsavík | Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland

North Iceland Whale Watching in Húsvík with Gentle Giants

One of our biggest wishes would come true when we started planning a Whale Watching tour in North Iceland. Two cities are offering a 99% chance of seeing Whales during a tour, Húsavík and Dalvik. Of course, we were skeptical, but luckily without any reason! Our first stop for whale watching, Húsavík, is about 45 minutes driving distance from Reykjahlíð.

Mývatn Nature Baths – Blue Lagoon of the North

An Iceland trip without a bath in the Blue Lagoon is not an Iceland trip, you would think. Well, although we had 21 days in Iceland, we tried to stay a bit off the beaten track so we didn’t visit the world famous tourist magnet Blue Lagoon. Lucky for us, it has a little brother far North above the East bank of Lake Mývatn. Right after crossing the mountain pass Námaskarð on the left-hand side you will find the so-called Blue Lagoon of the North, the Nature Baths of Lake Mývatn. Order a beer right out of the pool, lean back and enjoy the incredible view over the wide plain of Lake Mývatn. Relaxed for a while from your trip and warm up for the windy nights, if you are out camping like we did. More information about the Nature Baths >


Mývatn Nature Baths | Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland © Coupleofmen.com

Mývatn Nature Baths | Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland © Coupleofmen.com

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A Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland around Lake Mývatn

The time at Lake Mývatn flew by like the strong wind. Our road trip around Iceland had to go on. Further North and West, that was the plan. What we didn’t expect, were the beautiful Aurora Borealis (Northern lights), and more whales at Dalvik and beautiful views over the fjords, before we reached the East Glacial River gorge (Austari-Jökulsá) for a white water rafting tour and a real Iceland horse ride. See you during our last days in North and West Iceland.

Wanna know more? Stay tuned.. on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. See you in North Iceland!

Karl & Daan


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