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Gay Couple Bus Trip Volcano Askja Central Iceland © CoupleofMen.com

Bus Trip to Volcano Askja in Central Iceland

A Gay Couple Bus Trip Volcano Askja Central Iceland – High on our list: the famous Askja Volcano and a swim in its famous caldera lake Víti. But how do you get there safe through the rough nature of the Icelandic central region? Our tip: Let someone else drive and enjoy the a gay-friendly bus ride. The tour with an old but very charming, white and red Mercedes-Benz Bus and driver Alex Stefánsson, is an experience on its own.

Together with a group of explorers we started our 11-hours-excursion in Reykjahlíð at Lake Mývatn. From here we passed Hrossaborg into a Southern direction along dusty and windy gravel roads. Driving through a river, drinking pure Icelandic volcano water and hiking over Glacier Ice: a trip to the center of Iceland during a road trip is an experience not to be missed. Read more about a couple of men exploring Lake Mývatn, the lake of midges >


Our tour through the Herðubreiðarlindir nature reserve

The Icelandic nature of the Herðubreiðarlindir nature reserve in this part of Iceland is stunning and simply indescribable. But what is Askja actually? Askja is the Icelandic word for caldera and is the name of a volcano system of about 200 km width. Several, nestable calderas of different sizes creating a landscape partially filled with water or lakes. The biggest and with 220 meters deepest lake of Iceland is Lake Öskjuvatn. A very beautiful but very dangerous water, in which different scientist already lost their lives because of unpredictable streamings.

Driving a bus through Icelandic Beauty

During our one-day trip to Askja, the bus made several stops perfectly fitting for short excursions with our guide Arnthrudur Anna Jónsdóttir. Already the first stop was delicious since we were able to taste fresh, pure volcanic Iceland Water from a natural spring. The view over the flat land and Volcanos far away is stunning. Next highlight of the trip: a ride through an Icelandic river. The way to Askja is open during summer and Autumn time also for public. But be aware that you might have to cross deep rivers. Your 4×4 has to be equipped with a special exhaust pipe on top of your car.  Anyways, it was a little extra adventure to try it by bus!

Lunch Stop with amazing view over Herðubreið

A lunch stop that has no equal. The bus stopped in the middle of nowhere but with an amazing view over the table mountain Herðubreið. A perfect spot for absorbing pure and fresh air nd moment of rest. Or, like we did, the natural place for stunning travel photography. Don’t forget to take a deep breath.


Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland Road Trip Iceland Top 13 Highlights

Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland


Riding through a Sandstorm and endless Lava fields

The trip towards the volcano Askja with its caldera lake continued. The closer we came to our final destination, the stronger the wind started to swirl up the dust and sand of the landscape. Out of a sudden, we were in the middle of a sandstorm. But the driver knew what to do and how to drive safely around the rock formations along massive rivers and never ending lava fields. Keep an eye on your camera! The sand might be difficult for the lenses!

When you finally reach Askja, dress water- and windproof and be brave: the way through the wind over glacier ice to the caldera lake can be exhausting but the view is worth every effort.

Take a bath at Lake Víti at Volcano Askja

They say in summertime you are able to take a bath in the small caldera lake, named lake Víti (Icelandic for “Hell”). When we were there, the weather conditions were simply too bad to risk the muddy and slippery descent. Although we were very disappointed that a bath in the volcano lake was not possible, the way there was full of interesting sights and beautiful landscapes. And the view over Askja spectacular.

Gay Couple Bus Trip Volcano Askja Central Iceland

On our way back to Lake Mývatn, we made a short stop by an extraordinary canyon, named Drekagil gorge (Icelandic for Dragon canyon), just at the mouth of the Dyngjufjöll massif. We sadly didn’t have enough time during our Gay Couple Bus Trip Volcano Askja Central Iceland to going in, but if you like that kind of special rock formation in unique nature, take your time here and go explore!

Bus Trip to Volcano Askja with Myvatn Tours:

Lake Mývatn Tours
660 Mývatn, Iceland

Official Website: www.myvatntours.is/en/askja

Contact: Tel.: +354 464 1920

Fun Fact:
Take me to the moon! The first man on the moon, Nils Armstrong, used this area of Iceland as a training center to learn how to walk on the moon.

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