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Hestasport Cottages Varmahlíð North Iceland gay-friendly © CoupleofMen.com

Hestasport Cottages Varmahlíð North Iceland

The Hestasport Cottages Varmahlíð North Iceland gay-friendly – or the perfect place to recharge your batteries on road trip North Iceland. Our time driving along the North Icelandic coast was full of adventures from whale watching, glacier river rafting, and horseback riding. With Hestasport Cottages we found a gay-friendly accommodation in North Iceland with a private natural hot spring in the center of the houses.

You can expect fully equipped wooden houses just on the hilltop in Varmahlíð with comfortable beds, spectacular view over Icelandic nature and the option to do Northern Lights Watching out of a hot spring. The cottages are part of Hestasport, who are also offering horseback riding. The Hestasport cottages were a wonderful accommodation for us during our 21-days Road Trip once around Iceland, yes, let us just called it the place to stay all year around “to come home” in North Iceland.


Hestasport Cottages Varmahlíð North Iceland gay-friendly

Relaxing in a natural Hot Spring outdoors at Hestasport Cottages Varmahlíð North Iceland gay-friendly


Hestasport Cottages – Sleep well around a private hot spring

Tired but satisfied we arrived at our accommodation for one night (or a whole week, if you are planning to stay longer), the Hestasport Cottages. Entering Varmahlíð when coming from Akureyri (the unofficial capital of North Iceland), take a left turn from the gas station and a little further straight ahead. When you see a white building on the left, your are right there for check-in. From there it is just a 5 minutes car ride to the cottages.

Cozy & comfortable Cottages in North Iceland

Located on a hill in Varmahlíð (driving back towards the center on the left), the different sized bungalows are arranged around a cozy hot spring. The huge and perfectly equipped cottages offer a warm atmosphere, really nice beds, modern bathrooms, and of course free wifi. After preparing our dinner, we were sitting for hours in the comfortable living room watching our latest travel photos of our North Icelandic day.

Hestasport Cottages Varmahlíð North Iceland gay-friendly even in Winter

We have been there in Autumn, but after talking to the owners, they recommend spending time for Northern Lights from the hot spring in Winter. Clear, ice cold air and snow and no bigger light sources around, the Hestasport Cottages seem to be an amazing choice during your trip through a frozen Iceland. Watching Northern lights out of the hot spring sounds pretty magical. We will definitely come back when visiting Iceland in Winter. So should you.

Hestasport Icelandic Horseback Riding North Iceland © CoupleofMen.com

Hestasport Icelandic Horseback Riding North Iceland © CoupleofMen.com

Hestasport Cottages Hotel Varmahlíð

Hestasport Cottages
560 Varmahlíð, Iceland

Official Website: riding.is/

Contact: Tel.: +354 453 8383

Good to know:
The Cottages are fully equipped. Just park your car right next to your wooden home, arrive and relaxe. And don’t hesitate to ask for help to explore the surroundings. Northern Iceland is a place for adventure.

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