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Viking White Water Rafting North Iceland © CoupleofMen.com

Viking White Water Rafting in Skagafjörður North Iceland

Thinking of North Iceland and it’s beautiful and impressive Glaciers, we automatically had to think about all the glacier rivers coming from the frozen giants streaming thousands of years old water into the ocean. A place to do a great rafting tour is Skagafjörð in North Iceland. Coming from the small North Icelandic town Varmahlíð, take the road 753 in a southern direction and you will find the home of Viking Rafting, a gay-friendly team of very experienced canoeists and rafters. It was a foggy and rainy day. But become a day full of Icelandic adventures in stunning and unique nature on our Road Trip North Iceland.

It was a foggy and rainy day, but with the right mood and excitement for the adventures in beautiful rough nature. Arrived at Viking Tours, we started with a warming coffee, hot chocolate, and the introduction of our glacier river rafting tour by our tour guide Anup Gurung. As rafting beginners, we were more than excited about our 4+ Level Glacier River Rafting experience. And to be honest, we had no idea what to expect. But looking back on our 21-days Road Trip Iceland, it was one of the best activities we experienced. Join us on our Viking White Water Rafting North Iceland tour!

Viking White Water Rafting North Iceland © CoupleofMen.com

Viking White Water Rafting North Iceland © CoupleofMen.com


White Water Rafting North Iceland

We arrived on time at the headquarter of Viking Rafting Iceland, also that meant to get up very early for us. The warming drinks inside the cozy and in a young styled waiting area with Pool table and couch corner offered great opportunities to mingle and get in contact with the team from all over the world. Today, we had the pleasure to meet our new friends from the states, Israel, Nepal, and Iceland. After the introduction by our chief tour guide Anup Gurung, we dressed waterproof with a full body rubber jumpsuit, shoes, and helmet. Make sure you used the toilet before, otherwise it is a hassle to get out and in the wetsuit again 😉 Together with our guide the tour guards and 4 other international explorers, the bus started driving towards the East Glacier River Jökulsá-Austari in Skagafjörður. Our Viking White Water Rafting North Iceland tour adventure through unique and isolated landscapes begun.


HD Video: Daan falling out of the boat, twice!


Our Way Downstream the Glacier River

We arrived at a calm part of the river. A good place to prepare the rubber boat together. Our experienced guide always said to us “take your fun seriously”, and so we did. The ride was wet, bumpy, rough and exhausting but so much fun. Even when Anup turned the boat upside down and threw us all in the water, we simply had to laugh about the fun we had. We can honestly say, we both really did not want to miss this 3 hours trip with a home-made waffle break and a guarantee for many wet waves of laughter. Daan felt off our boat two times (as you can see in the video). He was ok after all. Do you like our GoPro Video of our 4+ level river ride in the Northern part of Iceland? Yeah!

Viking White Water Rafting North Iceland

560 Varmahlíð

Official Website: vikingrafting.is/
Review & Deals: Best offers here
Contact: Tel.: +354-823-8300
Email: info@vikingrafting.com

Good to know:
Be on time to hear the whole introduction story. Dress warm but choose clothes that can breathe. Don’t worry about getting wet. the waterproof jumpsuit will keep you as dry as possible. And embrace the fun in the water.

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