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A Gay Couple Road Trip East Iceland to the Edge of the Arctic - Leaving the South behind, the gay couple started their way to the unknown East, before heading North along the coast. Highlights of this area are without any doubt the East Fjords with high mountains with deep and narrow valleys, the powerful waterfall Dettifoss and the stories of the hidden people around Ásbyrgi. After visiting Hrossaborg (set for the blockbuster Oblivion) the goal of this part of their gay travel was the active volcano area around lake Mývatn. Enjoy Karl and Daan's journey from East Iceland to

A Gay Couple exploring Central North Iceland - Welcome to the nature world of Central Iceland around Lake Mývatn, an environment full of volcanic activity, breathtaking natural spectacles and thousands of midges. Karl and Daan planned three days to explore Central Iceland. During our exploration to the Ice Cave Lofthellir underneath a volcano and our relaxed time at Lake Mývatn Nature Baths (so-called Blue Lagoon of the North), we got to know even more about the volcanic activities during a one-day bus trip to the volcano Askja with the small caldera lake Víti. Using Lake Mývatnas base, we went on

Humpback Whale Watching Dalvík North Iceland with Arctic Sea Tours. After we met the first mammal giants on our first Whale Watching tour in Husavík, we got so excited and fascinated, we wanted to see more whales. Lucky us, we had a little extra time during our 21-day Road Trip Iceland to try a second whale watching tour in North Iceland. Wonderful sunny weather, a calm sea and a lot of whales with time for our whale-selfie (see below) made our adventure a great part of our 13 Top Highlights Road Trip Iceland. If you are doubting which location

Road Trip Adventure Iceland Gay Couple Insider Tips – The first big challenge before our 21-days Road Trip to Iceland actually began, was the planning. Asking travel guides, books, blogs, and official websites was not really satisfactory concerning the length of our trip, choice of our rental car, the planning of our gay-friendly accommodations and assembling our camping equipment. Traveling Iceland in general but especially in late summer and early autumn makes good preparations necessary. Why? Since Iceland is called for a reason the country of fire and ice and for us, also the country of wind, especially between two

A Gay Couple traveling Road Trip North Iceland Part 7 – North Iceland is rough, wild, wilder than we thought. But its unique and remarkably beautiful part of Iceland with incredible landscape that made it all worth our road trip. Leaving Lake Mývatn in central Iceland behind, we headed to Dalvík for our second whale watching trip and further to Ólafsfjardar, a small town in between two huge mountain formations. For this part of our 21-days Road Trip Iceland, we stayed at Brimnes Bungalows far north of the island, a gay-friendly accommodation perfect for hunting Northern Lights. But West Iceland

The Hestasport Cottages Varmahlíð North Iceland gay-friendly - or the perfect place to recharge your road trip North Iceland batteries. Our time along the North Icelandic coast was full of adventures from whale watching, glacier river rafting and horseback riding. With Hestasport Cottages we found a gay-friendly accommodation in North Iceland with a private natural hot spring in the center of the houses. Fully equipped wooden houses just on the hilltop in Varmahlíð with comfortable beds, spectacular view over Icelandic nature and the option to do Northern Lights Watching from out a hot spring. The cottages are part of Hestasport,

What would a trip to Iceland be without a ride on a real Icelandic horseback through unique nature? Right, not a complete 21-days road trip Iceland. To avoid this situation, we decided to participate a horse riding tour with Hestasport Icelandic Horseback Riding North Iceland. Icelandic horses are so lovely, nice and beautiful creatures and additional to that, very small. Perfect for Karl who felt very comfortable in company with same height horses of Hestasport stud farm.

Thinking of North Iceland and it's beautiful and impressive Glaciers, we automatically had to think about all the glacier rivers coming from the frozen giants streaming thousands of years old water into the ocean. A place to do a great rafting tour is Skagafjörð in North Iceland. Coming from the small North Icelandic town Varmahlíð, take the road 753 in a southern direction and you will find the home of Viking Rafting, a team of very experienced canoeists and rafters. It was a foggy and rainy day. But become a day full of Icelandic adventures in beautiful rough nature on

Gay Couple Bus Trip Volcano Askja Central Iceland – High on our list: the famous Askja Volcano and a swim in its famous caldera lake Víti. But how do you get there safe through the rough nature of the Icelandic central region? Our tip: Let someone else drive and take the bus. The gay-friendly trip with an old but very charming, white and red Mercedes-Benz Bus and driver Alex Stefánsson, is an experience on its own. Together with a group of explorers we started our 11-hours-excursion in Reykjahlíð. From here we passed Hrossaborg into a Southern direction along dusty and

Our first experience with the Gentle Giants - North Iceland Whale Watching Húsavík Gentle Giants. One of our biggest wishes became reality when we started planning our first Whale Watching tour in North Iceland. Two cities are offering a 99% chance of seeing Whales during a tour, Húsavík and Dalvik. We made our first tour with Gentle Giants in Húsaviík. Of course, we were skeptical if we would ever see a whale, but luckily without any reason! Truly a highlight of our 21-days road trip around Iceland.