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Starting TODAY: Same-Sex Marriage Equality in Germany!

Finally Equality Germany Same-Sex Marriage – This year Germany had parliamentary elections (for the Bundestag) where Angela Merkel was up for re-election for the fourth time and won the election. Until now, the German government was against marriage equality and allowed only the soft version of the gay marriage as a civil union since 2001. That means German members of the LGBTQ+ community were not able to claim same rights compared to straight relationships. But this is about to change from today on! Thanks to LGBTQ+ activists in Germany and for sure thanks to all the people joining German Gay Pride Parades of the last years from today on, 1st of October 2017, Germany becomes the 24th country in the world with marriage equality.

After all political German parties confirmed to condition possible political coalitions on Same-Sex Marriage, in German called “Ehe für Alle”, German Chancellor Angela Merkel officially cleared the vote about Same-Sex Marriage at German Bundestag for the government at the end of this week. As expected, Same-Sex Marriage holds a majority within all parties except the right-wing party AfD (Alternative for Germany) and members of the Christian Democratic Union. In total 393 members of parliament voted for the gay marriage 30th June 2017, only 226 voted against it. Among the members of the parliament who voted against same-sex marriage is Chancellor Angela Merkel. After the German president Frank Steinmeier signed the law end of July, it is now possible for same-sex relationships and couples to get married and adopt children. The German LGBTQ+ community and their allies worldwide celebrate that equality finally arrived in Germany. We have Same-Sex Marriage in Germany!

Equality Germany Same-Sex Marriage Couple of Men Gay Pride Trips Gay Pride Helsinki LGBTQ Festival Parade 2016 © CoupleofMen.com

Gay Pride Trips – Love Kiss | Gay Pride Helsinki LGBTQ Festival Parade 2016 © CoupleofMen.com


Equality Germany Same-Sex Marriage

It was Monday evening when German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time did not say “no” anymore to equal marriage. During an interview with the Editor in Chief of the German magazine “Brigitte”, she said for the first time, that politicians will have to make a “decision of conscience”. But why did she changed her mind all of a sudden? She mentioned an invitation of a lesbian couple taking care of with 8 fosterlings. Since the German youth welfare office has no problems with giving 8 children to a family of two women (and they are all well), how should it be possible to argue against a child’s well-being as a reason to refuse a same-sex couple the same rights as a straight couple. Although she is right, of course, why didn’t the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party initiate the process of legalizing Same-Sex Marriage? The other German parties The Green Party, the Social Democratic Party of Germany and The left Party (later on the Liberals too) tried hard the last couple of years to change the opinion about the same-sex marriage especially against the fear of the conservatives that the equal marriage would threaten the “holy” conjunction of marriage. Anyways, this unexpected development in the German politics this week brings Germany a small step closer to equality, respect of human rights and therefore, respect for LGBTQ+ rights.



Current Situation in Europe & worldwide

Germany is about to join the other 13 European countries with legalized Same-Sex Marriage. The Netherlands was the first country ever with the right of equal marriage. Other states in Europe especially of Western Europe followed the example of the Dutch people. Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Denmark, France, Great Britain (without Northern Ireland), Luxemburg, Ireland, and Finland are countries with the same rights for gay and lesbian couples. In 7 countries of them, the right of adoption is legal for homosexual couples. These European countries are The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, France and Great Britain. Hopefully, in the future, more countries not only in Europe but worldwide will legalize human rights for all people. Until then, we will keep on traveling the world as openly gay couple bringing the equal love around the world.


Equality Germany Same-Sex Marriage Gay Couple City Weekend Dresden Saxony © CoupleofMen.com

Gay Travel Germany | Gay Couple City Weekend Dresden © CoupleofMen.com


Steps to legalisation: Equality Germany Same-Sex Marriage

After the overwhelming majority of votes to the Same-Sex Marriage, the next steps took some months. After passing the upper house of the German parliament, called Bundesrat, the German Bundespresident Frank-Walter Steinmeier (former active member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany SPD) signed the law on July 21st, 2017. The earliest possible date of a gay-marriage was estimated October 1st, 2017. Although there are still quite some logistical problems and bureaucratic steps to adopt, the first gay couple will get married already today, Sunday 1st of October 2017. We can only add: LOVE WINS and may many more countries follow around the world. Maybe Australia is the next on the list and becomes the 25th country with marriage equality?


Gay Travel Blogger hand in hand | Gay Couple Travel Gay Beach Ibiza Town Spain © CoupleofMen.com

Gay Travel Blogger hand in hand | Gay Beach Ibiza, Spain © Coupleofmen.com

More Equality Germany Same-sex Marriage:

Also, countries on other continents have legalized gay marriage, Canada in 2005 and the Unites States of America in 2015. Anyhow four South American countries, Taiwan as the only Asian country, South Africa as the only African country and New Zealand legalized same-sex marriage. Israel is the most advanced country in the Middle East with recognizing a same-sex marriage contracted in foreign countries.

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