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Gay Travel Blogger TwoBadTourists and Coupleofmen Where are you from Party The Cruise 2017 © CoupleofMen.com together Gay Travel Blogger TwoBadTourists

Our Best Photos & Video of the “Where are you from” T-Dance Party

Best Photos of the Where are you from Party The Cruise 2017 – as a permanent costume party feature, The Cruise by La Demence organizes the getting-to-know event as one of the first parties of the annual cruise week. There are more than over two thousand gay men on board the cruise ship Monarch so that are a lot of men to take into account! In total 86 different nationalities from all over the world gathered together for one big colorful, peaceful gaycation celebration on board the gay cruise ship!

So our tip for your ‘The Cruise’ experience in 2018 is to dress in a funny and sexy outfit representing your country of residence or origin and to have some drinks with all the handsome men on the pool deck during sunset. We guarantee it’s the best way to find out in which language you should start a conversation with everyone on board. The blue sky, sunset light, and warm temperatures have been the best conditions for an awesome party event on The Cruise 2017!  Enjoy our best photos and video of the “Where are you from” Gay World Party and see this T-Dance of the second cruising day through a couple of men‘s eyes!



The "Where are you from" Party during The Cruise 2017 © CoupleofMen.com

Sexy man during the “Where are you from Party” The Cruise 2017 © CoupleofMen.com


“Where are you from” T-Dance Party

After getting on board the Monarch it was all about arriving and saying goodbye to Lisbon at the same time. The cruise ship “set sail” towards Madeira, the Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean. After the 1001 Arabian nights Party, the first day on the sea was a good moment to get to know each other. Therefore, the team of The Cruise planned the “Where are you from” T-Dance Party on the pool deck right after the Mister The Cruise Election 2017. It was a fantastic party where everyone was invited to dress in typical garments from their home country or country of origin. Wonderfully dressed Drag queens, omnipresent country flags, and happy smiling faces throughout the whole ship made the get-to-know-each-other event a great opportunity to say hi to everyone and learn about each other’s traditions and heritage. 😉


Video of the first T-Dance of The Cruise


New Record: So many different nationalities!

Last year 83 nationalities from America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East shared a gaycation week around the South of Spain. A new record, that should not last long! Already in 2017, The Cruise announced a new record with 86 nationalities in total. Top of the list was once again France followed by Germany, the United States of America, the Netherlands, and Belgium. To get a better overview of who came from which country, here the detailed list with the corresponding number of passengers for each nationality:

Argentina 7 – Armenia 2 – Australia 20 – Austria 23 – Azerbaijan 1 – Bahrein 1 – Belarus 1 – Belgium 181 – Bolivia 1 – Brazil 43 – Bulgaria 1 – Cambodia 1 – Canada 30 – Chile 6 – China 9 – Colombia 16 – Costa Rica 6 – Croatia 3 – Cuba 3 – Cyprus 1 – Czech Republic 5 – Denmark 7 – Dominican Republic 1 – Egypt 7 – El Salvador 1 – Estonia 1 – Finland 3 – France 338 – Germany 250 – Greece 8 – Hong Kong 1 – Hungary 10 – India 10 – Indonesia 2 – Iran 1 – Ireland 16 – Israel 20 – Italy 64 – Jamaica 2 – Kazakhstan 1 – Kosovo 1 – Kuwait 6 – Latvia 3 – Lebanon 8 – Lithuania 7 – Luxembourg 1 – Malaysia 3 – Maldives 1 – Malta 11 – Mauritius 4 – Mexico 17 –Montenegro 1 – Morocco 2 – Netherlands 203 – New Zealand 5 – Nicaragua 1 – Nigeria 1 – Norway 13 – Palestine 1 – Panama 3 – Peru 3 – Philippines 4 – Poland 38 – Portugal 31 – Puerto Rico 1 – Qatar 1 – Romania 7 – Russia 49 – Saudi Arabia 1 – Serbia 1 – Singapore 3 – Slovakia 3 – Slovenia 3 – South Africa 10 – Spain 165 – Sweden 12 –Switzerland 81 – Taiwan 2 – Thailand 17 – Tunisia 1 – Turkey 2 – Ukraine 2 – United Arab Emirates 5 – United Kingdom 82 – United States 238 – Venezuela 8


Best 23 Photos of the “Where are you from Party”:


Click on photos to enlarge them!

>>> Click here for THE CRUISE DIARY <<<

With Photos, Videos, & Stories of The (Gay) Cruise 2017 Adventure!


Disco The Cruise 2017

Best of the “Disco Party” on The Cruise

Best of “Disco T-Dance Party”

Gold, Glitter, and Afro Wigs – The Disco T-Dance Party during The Cruise 2017 was a phenomenal mix of funky horsemeat music and the right amount of summer fun! After a wonderful day on the island Madeira, we dressed up with our Disco outfits and danced into the night together with disco kings and drama glitter queens.

Lady's T-Dance Party The Cruise 2017

Best of Lady’s T-Dance Party The Cruise 2017

Best of Lady’s T-Dance Party

Definitely a highlight party, again! This year’s Lady’s T-Dance was the colorful supreme of all T-Dance Partys during the Cruise 2017. Come dressed in a little black dress, in an ostentatious bridal dress or simply in Pamela Andersons Baywatch swimming suites (like we did): Just put on the high heels) and have fun!

Our best Photos & Video of the “Where are you from” T-Dance Party The Cruise 2017

During our first days onboard the cruise ship Monarch from Lisbon to the flower island Madeira, we got to know our fellow cruise ship passengers in an extraordinary way. Dressed with flags and items from all the 86 different countries from around the world, we were able to make all those colorful, hot and sexy gay men photos. But this was just the first part of the one-week trip to the Canary Islands, Spain. Enjoy our next blog articles about gay parties, our offshore adventures on the islands and, of course, our new upcoming trips around the world. Stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for all the latest updates!

Karl & Daan


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