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33 Photos of the Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv | Israel

33 Photos of the Gay Pride Parade in Tel Aviv | Israel

Our best sexy Photos Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade – Tel Aviv, in the center of the Middle East, is a charming, colorful, and very open-minded Israeli city. Especially during the annually Gay Pride Week shops and streets are decorated with rainbow flags all over the city. When LGBT people from all over the world are coming together to stand for equality, gay rights, and anti-discrimination, it is all about love, fun, and a great time together, side by side, in one of the most gay-friendly cities in the Middle East. Handsome hot men, fashionable drag-queens, and gay-friendly people from all over the world made this Friday a special, very colorful, and very peaceful day surrounded by music. The Gay Pride Parade Tel Aviv starting not far away from our gay-friendly accommodation at the Carlton Beach Tel Aviv Hotel takes its way along the beach promenade of Tel Aviv is the annual pride highlight of the Gay Pride Week that offers at the same time the best option to see the handsome, sexy, hairy Tel Aviv gay guys dancing the day away. Join us for our gay travel photo story of the Gay Pride in Tel Aviv and enjoy the heat of our Sexy Photos Tel Aviv LGBT Pride Parade in Israel through a couple of men‘s eyes.

Carlton Beach Hotel Tel Aviv Israel gay-friendly ©
Carlton Beach Hotel Tel Aviv Israel gay-friendly ©

Best Shots: LGBT Pride Walk in Tel Aviv

Blue sky and sun awaited the crowd coming together at Gan Meir Park. With 34 degrees Celsius, it should become a warm, no, even a very hot day. Equipped with sun lotion and enough to drink, we partied up with locals supporting the demonstration along the beach promenade of Tel Aviv. Let the rainbow-colored festival begin and enjoy our first selection of the shots of the day:

Sexy Photos Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade

A selection of our favorite street photos


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360° VIDEO of Tel Aviv LGBT Pride Party

Colors, Rainbow, LGBT – be who you are

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Happy Tel Avivi LGBT Pride from Karl and Daan! ©

Goodbye Tel Aviv Gay Pride – See you next year again! Update: Look where we are listed! Gay Star News made a list of  “37 blazing hot images of mostly shirtless guys in searing heat at Tel Aviv Gay Pride” and we are in it! Next Pride on our List: Helsinki – Finland on the first weekend of July 2016!

Our Sexy Photos of the Tel Aviv LGBT Pride Parade

What a day… What a Pride and what a city. It was a blast with everyone on the street, the trucks, and behind the scenes of the organizers. We are thrilled and proud to experience this unique spectacle of love, wonderful people, and uncountable rainbows throughout the whole city… Soon we will publish an article about our time in Tel Aviv and how to spend a great short trip over a weekend especially over the Tel Aviv LGBT Pride week and some helpful tips about how to enjoy the Israeli city even more. We are looking forward to telling you about our Water park Tel Aviv experience, the international LGBT Film festival Tel Aviv and the best parties to join. But not everything was perfect, of course.

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Karl & Daan.