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Our Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise 2016

Our Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise 2016

Yes, it really happened. Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise 2016 – finally, we, as a gay couple, went on a Gay Cruise with La Demence! Attending a gay cruise together was high on our gay travel bucket list, already for quite some time. With its 6th edition, we could embark on the SOVEREIGN and go on tour around the sunny and warm Mediterranean Sea along the coast of Southern Spain with the team from La Demence on The Cruise 2016. 

Starting from Barcelona with a Gay Couple Weekend Barcelona, the cruise started with a kick-off party on the sunny pool deck for one full week loaded with (themed) costume parties, extraordinary shows, and adventurous excursions to the beautiful Spanish harbor cities Malága, Cadiz, Valencia and to the gay beach on the island Ibiza. Enjoy a Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise 2016 through a couple of men’s eyes and see how much fun a gay cruise together with your lover, man or husband can really be like. Don’t miss our article about our Tips for a Gay Cruise with La Demence! And then… Sail away!

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Our Travel Diary of The Cruise 2016 with La Demence

A cruise is like a relaxed version of a sunny road trip at sea where you don’t have to be worried about which way to go, where to eat or where to sleep. This already sounds like a holiday and super fun, doesn’t it? Imagine now, moreover, that all passengers are gay guys who want the same as you: having their holiday time of the year with parties, the sun, and the right music mix.

For one week we were passengers on the cruise ship SOVEREIGN, the biggest cruise ship in the world during the 80s. That means 7 party nights and 6 days partially at sea partially harboring with a very gay cruise program next to exploring the south Spanish harbor cities. Our diary gives you a sneaky inside about our week on board with some extra information of what the cruise ship life is like.

Day 1: Saturday | Barcelona – the Check-in, Embarkment

After spending two lovely days in Barcelona, we arrived at the cruise terminal building in a cab around noon. And of course, we were not the only guys there. Almost 2,300 guys and some girls were already queuing for the luggage drop-off and the check-in. Do not forget to print all the documents you received before! The luggage drop-off works effortlessly (yes, they provide staples/tape to fix your name documents). You will be asked to fill in an insurance form, your credit card information, and a health report. Please be very honest about how you feel. Being just a bit sick or feeling unwell can ruin the complete cruise not only for you but for many passengers when they also get infected during the cruise. After the uncomplicated check-in and receiving our board card (payment during the cruise will be done only by this card, no cash, no other cards needed), we finally could enter the ship. After some first hours exploring, an obligatory drill for how to go to your nearest lifeboat equipped with your cabin life vest is part of the preparation before leaving the hailing port. During the afternoon/early evening, the staff will bring your luggage to the front of your room. Don’t worry, it might take a while, even if your roommate(s) already got his/theirs.

“SAIL AWAY PARTY” – Becoming a Cruiser: the Holiday can begin!

We were not the only newbies on the boat. There is a nice mix of old-time cruisers and new guys like us. Still, everyone needs to warm up a bit since being on a boat with so many men is an entirely new experience. Why? Well, you probably will have some similar experiences: We crashed non-stop into unknown people, we took, again and again, the wrong route or elevator, and we literally had no idea when and where to start dinner nor the night. The best way of getting a bit more self-confident around all the guys on board is the Welcome or “Sail away” Party with the following Sports Party. Grab a drink, and go with the flow into the crowd or up on the sun deck, get an overview and start socializing. It really helped us to arrive and created a holiday feeling.
Sail away!

Day 2: Sunday | At Sea with Mr. The Cruise Election

The Party nights are usually not ending. The DJs will keep on playing music until 7 or 8 in the morning. And even then you can keep on partying till noon at the onboard Discotheque but do not forget: there are 7 nights in total for partying. Make some right decisions about the parties, so you will have some energy left for the rest of the week! Good days to sleep are the at-sea-days. Although, the program on deck is worth a visit. Already on Sunday, the cruise passengers are invited to elect their Mr. The Cruise of the year. Beautiful sunny weather and 13 handsome men from all over the world made this election a diverse spectacle moderated by the drag queens Nickie Nicole and Koka. We had the pleasure to be members of the Jury. This year’s winner: We are proudly presenting Robby from Thailand. The rest of the day was really relaxed. Chilling in the pool, sunbathing, and having drinks and snacks from the bar and buffet.

T-Dance “WHERE ARE YOU FROM” Party & Fetish Party at Night

To be completely honest: the cruise is very French since La Demence and the Tour Operator ATC Cruises are from Belgium where the majority is French and Flemish-speaking. But anyway, in total 87 different nationalities boarded the cruise ship this year. A record and more diverse than on any other gay cruise. The “Where are you from Party” is made especially for the purpose to get to know the people and where they actually come from.

The night party was a fetish party and one of our favorites like most of the cruise guests. Leather, Sports, Rubber, or Latex – all variations are allowed. Our Tip: dress in the fetish you feel most comfortable and don’t be scared, a black Speedo combined with a harness is a bit dull but for this party fetish enough. For all of you who are already wondering: yes, on this gay cruise ship is a darkroom area. It can be found outdoors during the night on deck 12 where you and your new friends can get to know each other even better looking over a moon lid ocean underneath the stars.

Festish Leather Party Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise ©
Fetish Leather Party Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise ©

Day 3: Monday | Exploring Málaga, South Spain

The night was short as the party went on until dawn. The next morning the SOVEREIGN harbored in Málaga, the second-biggest city of Andalusia. After getting up around noon, we packed our stuff, had a short breakfast, and started our exploration of the city. All details about our time in Málaga, the Alcazambra, and the beach, now on our gay travel blog. All about One-Day in Málaga >

One Day in Malaga | Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise ©
One Day in Malaga | Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise ©

Disco Party – Time for Glitter, Flares, and Gold (or something like that)

Back on board and after a tasty buffet dinner, the Disco Party started on the deck. Disco was not our favorite theme during the party line-up of the Gay Cruise, but it turned out to be a great party. So much glitter, glamour, gold, and positive energy made this night a lot of fun. Dressed with a huge wig and golden glasses we were swinging around the night with all the other shiny disco fans.

Day 4: Tuesday | Exploring the Peninsula harbor city Cádiz

We decided to make our disco night not too late to get some sleep and being prepared to wander around Cádiz, the next stop of our cruise. This picturesque, typical Andalusian city located on a Peninsula was full of hidden spots, local surprises, and a variety of oriental and tropical plants which were brought to Europa by the treasure explorations of Columbus. More about Cádiz soon on our gay travel blog.

One Day in Cadiz | Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise ©
One Day in Cadiz | Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise ©

White Party – Pure and innocent shining between Africa and Europe

Back on the ship after a long sunbath and swim at the beach of Cadiz, it was time for the White Party. Being on our first cruise, our costume choice was clear: sailors. But everyone could give his own interpretation on the white theme, no rules, no boundaries. The party was a lot of fun, although the wind made us hold on to our sailor hats. It was a spectacular party since we passed the Strait of Gibraltar during the night celebrating with a view over the North African tongue of land. Together with our friends from Norway and new friends from all over the world, we danced the night away watching the sunrise over an endless ocean.

Day 5: Wednesday | At sea under the banner of TRUE LADIES

Our day started relaxed on the deck with having a good breakfast and a dip in the refreshing pool before it got too crowded. In the afternoon it was time for the High Heels Run and the Purse Throwing Competition. Hilarious and one of the most crowded moments on deck during the cruise. Make sure you are early enough in the pool area to get a good spot with a view. In our opinion, this form of sport should become Olympic. Don’t you agree?

Lady’s Night – Drag Queen Race at its finest

After a short break where literally everyone disappeared to their cabin, the whole ship transformed into a “Ladies Love Ship”. Eleganza, extravaganza, chic, modern or sporty, all kinds of drag gathered on the pool deck to celebrate the funniest T-Dance coffee party you can imagine. Branda and Kelly from the States (aka Karl & Daan) were also invited and gave their best during the photo shootings on deck and during dinner time. The funniest day onboard, no doubt. The Freestyle Party afterward was fun too, but the two girls went home early because walking in High Heels for half a day, was especially for Kelly quite a torture.

Day 6: Thursday | Exploration Ibiza – Gay Beach & Old Town

Spoiled with the perfect sunny weather of the last days, we reached the Balearic island Ibiza in the morning surrounded by clouds. Nevertheless, we were looking forward to spending a whole day relaxing at the Ibiza gay beach Playa de Es Cavallet. After midday, the weather changed and in the warm Spanish sun, we enjoyed the presence of our friends, local gays, and guys from our cruise while laying in the sand and swimming through the crystal clear water. 

One Day on Ibiza | Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise ©
One Day on Ibiza | Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise ©

NEON PARTY – Last Party Highlight | Colorful and shiny in Blacklight

Consider the Thursday night party as the last real party highlight of the cruise where you can dance until the sun rises at 7 in the morning. Black light led the dance floor, and you could feel everybody saved some last energy to go wild on this night of illumination.

Neon Party | Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise ©
Neon Party | Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise ©

Day 7: Friday | Exploring Valencia or a whole day on deck

One of the hard choices to make: visit Valencia for some hours (which is definitely not enough for this beautiful city) or spend the whole day on deck in the sun and the pools. After a whole week exploring and dancing through the Spanish sun, we were tired and exhausted and stayed on board enjoying the only day without any program on the sun deck talking to new friends, and enjoying the cooling breeze from the sea. Additional to that, Valencia is very high on our travel list, of course, but we would like to spend there more than just a couple of hours.

After all the explorers arrived back on board, the SOVEREIGN set sail towards Barcelona. It was time for the T-Dance, the last one of the Gay Cruise La Demence 2016. Later that evening we were busy packing our stuff since the luggage had to be readily packed in front of the cabin latest at 3 am. Since everybody had to check out the cabin at 8 am, the T-Dance-Good-bye was the time to exchange numbers, Facebook profiles, photos, and hugs after the fantastic time we all had as passengers of the 6th LD Cruise.

Karl on Deck the SOVEREIGN | Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise ©
Karl on Deck the SOVEREIGN | Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise ©

Preparing to disembark the SOVEREIGN

Later that evening we were busy packing our stuff since the luggage had to be readily packed in front of the cabin latest at 3 am. Since everybody had to check out the cabin at 8 am, the T-Dance-Good-bye was the time to exchange numbers, Facebook profiles, photos, and hugs after the wonderful time we all had as passengers of the 6th LD Cruise. But don’t worry, breakfast was served until the end when everybody had to disembark the ship.

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Gay Couple Diary La Demence Cruise

A summer holiday adventure trip onboard an old lady with parties, shows, and excursions around southern Spain, is what the gay cruise La Demence 2016 was like. And we liked it. As usual, there are always things to improve or to change or to make better the next year. But if you see it as an exciting adventure as we did, the La Demence Cruise as a gay summer festival on a cruise ship is an open up your mind bringing you joy and a load of new friends from all over the world. We are fans now and can be hopefully part of the next gay cruise(s) by La Demence! Read here our Gay Couple Tips for a Gay Cruise >

Thank you, The Cruise for making this trip possible. Nevertheless, our opinion and our writings are our own, as always.

Karl & Daan.