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Sexy! Funky! Fancy! “Disco T-Dance” Party at The Cruise by La Demence

Sexy! Funky! Fancy! “Disco T-Dance” Party at The Cruise by La Demence

Best Photos & Video of the European Gay Cruise Disco T-Dance Party The Cruise 2017 – Right after being back from our one-day trip to the Portuguese flower island Madeira, we slipped into our golden wrestling outfits, put on our disco wigs and golden sunglasses, and joined the party crowd on the pool deck to “Boogie Oogie Oogie” into the night. The annual Disco T-Dance is already for some years now a fixed part of The Cruise Party itinerary. We have to admit, that we have been quite skeptical last year already if we should bring our Disco wigs and party outfits. But we can assure you, it is a really fun event with all the gold, glitter, and disco hits. Really unbelievable how many variations of Disco outfits are possible! Join us now on our photo tour, disco dancing back in time with Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, A Taste of Honey and all the other Horsemeat Club sounds and enjoy the Disco T-Dance Party of the European Gay Cruise “The Cruise by La Demence” through a couple of men‘s eyes!

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Handsome man Best Photos & Video of the European Gay Cruise "Disco T-Dance Party" of The Cruise 2017 ©


“I am so excited” at the Disco T-Dance

The moment we were about to start our Disco Party, we run into our friend Drag Queen La Prohibida from Spain (She sends her love to all of you). If you could not join this year’s The Cruise, don’t worry. The next gay cruise by La Demence is already planned and ready to book. Under the motto “Treat yourself”, next year’s The Cruise will depart 9th July 2018 from Barcelona with stops in Palermo, Catania, Malta, and back to Barcelona July, 16th via a one-day layover on the Balearic Island Mallorca. We hope we will see you on board the next edition of The Cruise. And now, enjoy our Best-of-Video of the Disco T-Dance, and please don’t hesitate to like and follow us on YouTube too.

Our best 32 photos of the “Disco T-Dance” Party:

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Couple of Men with Two Bad Tourists ©

“Where are you from” Party

Europe, America, and Asia: this year’s The Cruise passengers came from more than 80 different countries. But what is the best way to get to know each other? Correct! Dress in your nicest outfit representing your country of residence or origin, take a flag, and T-Dance the day away with all the other over 2,000 handsome men.

Our Party Photos & Video >

Lady T-Dance Party The Cruise 2017 ©

Best of Lady’s T-Dance Party

Definitely a highlight party, again! This year’s Lady’s T-Dance was the funniest of all T-Dance Partys during the Cruise 2017. Come dressed in a little black dress, in an ostentatious bridal dress, or simply in Pamela Andersons Baywatch swimming suites (like we did): Just put on the outfit and high heels and have fun!

Our Best Photos & Video >

Our best Photos & Video Disco T-Dance Party The Cruise 2017

It was again a fantastic T-Dance Party on the wildest European Gay Cruise. The team from La Demence organized a great experience for everyone onboard the Monarch. We have to admit, that we liked The Cruise 2017 even more, although it was an impressive experience last year, already. Have a look at our Gay Couple Travel The Cruise Diary 2017 and book your trip now and prepare yourself with the party itinerary for all the costumes you will have to bring. And don’t forget to put the Disco T-Dance on your dance itinerary for The Cruise 2018!

Enjoy our next blog articles about gay parties, our offshore adventures on the islands, and, of course, our new upcoming trips around the world. Stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for all the latest updates!

Karl & Daan.

Armando Maccabi

Saturday 11th of November 2017

this pic with la prohibida is so fancy...