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Gay Cruise Stopover: One Day in Málaga in Southern Spain

Gay Cruise Stopover: One Day in Málaga in Southern Spain

Gay Malaga Travel to Spain – It is time for Málaga, the Spanish city in the south of Spain. Known as a holiday destination for sun lovers, we took the chance to make our opinion about Málaga, the second-biggest city of Andalusia. An incredible cultural heritage, a modern new town part in the west, and long beaches at the Costa del Sol turned our first La Demence Gay Cruise stopover at the Costa del Sol into a wonderful relaxed time in the sun, although the summer months can be very hot in Málaga like everywhere in Spain, up to 40 degrees Celsius. But this is just one more good reason to check some of the most popular sights of the city at the Guadalmedina River.

We decided to walk along the coast visiting the Centre Pompidou Málaga, before turning right into the old town part of Málaga. Here we explored Malaga Cathedral Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación, Alcazaba, and the Teatro Romano before walking back to the beach Playa la Malagueta passing by the Park Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso. One day in the Spanish city of Málaga off our Gay Cruise Ship was a welcome variation after two days non-stop on the sea and answers the question: should I go ashore in Málaga during a cruise? Join us on our one-day Gay Travel Malaga Spain around the ancient walls of the city and see the city of Malaga during our 12 hours gay cruise stopover, after visiting Barcelona before, through a couple of men‘s eyes.

Arriving per Gay Cruise Ship at Malaga Port

The first days of our La Demence Gay Cruise experience were meant to be relaxed onboard our cruise ship Sovereign. After Barcelona, our next stop should be Gay Malaga Travel, city number two on our stopover itinerary. After arriving at Málaga Port, we packed our blue The Cruise backpacks and started our one-day exploration with a walk in the sunshine towards the city center. The first impressive building crossing our way was the cuboid glass structure Centre Pompidou Málaga. We crossed the busy street going along the coast and entered the green oasis, Parque de Málaga. Full of flowers, exotic plants, and birds, this park was a great spot to cool down a bit and to enjoy the facades of the Museum and Universidad de Málaga along the Av. de Cervantes. Our next goal: the famous Málag Cathedral Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación.

Malaga Cathedral – Santa Iglesia Cathedral

Coming from Malaga Port, we first did not find the entrance of the Cathedral of Malaga, Basílica de la Encarnación. But it is actually effortless: just walk around the building, since the entrance is located on the northern side (or backside) of Santa Iglesia. The Roman church, built between 1528 and 1782, was built in Renaissance style, besides the baroque facade. It got immediately our attention due to its impressive construction on the south side of the building and 84 meters high north tower. But we as gay couple explorers are always curious about what is behind any facade. The inferiority of the church is at least as impressive as the exterior of Santa Iglesia. Our tip is to take a seat in one of the uncountable cafés around the Plaza del Obispo and the streets Calle Císter and Calle Canñón. One of the most beautiful spots in Malaga, at least for us.

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The Cruise Gay Couple Diary

Going on a Gay Cruise as a gay couple? A lot of people keep on asking if that is actually a good idea. We think it is. Everything is possible, nothing has to happen. True to the motto we had incredibly much fun and most fun during our one-week cruising experience with costume parties, good food, and a lot of (new) friends.

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Explore the Alcazaba of Málaga with a Great View

It felt like traveling back in time when we entered the walls and narrow streets of the palatial fortification complex Alcazaba of Málaga. The higher we walked and climbed, the more beautiful and stunning the view over the city of Málaga became. Dark shadowed corners of the inner and outer citadel alternate with bright terraces and green gardens on our way uphill. The plateau on top was a green area with small fountains, multifoil arches, and the Courtyard Garden of the Cuartos de Granada. The complex built in the 11th century is considered to be the prototype of military architecture, according to architect-restorer, Leopoldo Torres Balbás. The view over the port of the old town of Málaga from the top of the Alcazaba was breathtaking. We could even spot or gay cruise ship, the Sovereign. Our tip is to take your time to explore since there is much to discover like the remnants of a Roman theater dating back to the 1st century BC.

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Our way through Málaga to the beach

Exhausted because of the heat and thirsty for a dip in the cooling Mediterranean Sea, our next stop was the beach of Málaga. Therefore, we chose the way along the Park Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso around the Plaza de Toros in the center of the La Malagueta, the Amphitheatre of Málaga. The sun was shining from the blue sky during our Gay Couple Gay Cruise Stopover Malaga Spain. And we couldn’t wait to lay on the beach in the sun.

Málaga Beach: Restaurant Chiringuito Tropicana

Hungry and thirsty, our body was longing for food and drinks. When reaching Málaga the first thing we were looking for was a restaurant with beach view. Restaurant Chiringuito Tropicana seems to be the perfect spot with a wide terrace, palm trees, and sunbeds. Combined with the wonderful view over the Playa la Malagueta and the deep blue water, our late lunch break, or call it early dinner, was a great success. The lovely meal and the refreshing drinks in a relaxed atmosphere have been exactly what we needed. More about the Restaurant Chiringuito Tropicana >

Swimming & Sunbathing at Playa la Malagueta

Clear, refreshing, but still warm: swimming in the Mediterranean Sea at Playa la Malagueta was the perfect finish to our 12-hours shore leave in Málaga. The people laying at the beach, locals, and tourists, enjoyed themselves watching their children and us gay travel bloggers swimming and diving in the sea. The only tip we can give for this part of the day: when you are on shore leave during a (gay) cruise, don’t forget to be back on time on the cruise ship. Nothing worse could happen than to miss the next The Cruise costume party at night.

Gay Travel Malaga Spain: Our Gay Couple Cruise Stopover

Our first stopover during our gay cruise was a great beginning to explore the south of the Spanish coast. We are certain, there is much more to see and to explore than “just a few things” we did during the 12 hours stop of the gay cruise ship at the pier. We are looking very much forward to see more of the city in Andalusia, Spain. Do you have any recommendations for our next visit? And what about the gay life of Málaga? Comment below or drop us a line on our social media channels.

Do you want to know more? Stay tuned… on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See you in Spain!

Karl & Daan.