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Gay Travel Blogger hand in hand at the Gay Beach in Ibiza | Gay Travel Ibiza ©

Gay Travel Ibiza: A Day at the Gay Beach & Ibiza Town | Spain

Our Gay Travel Ibiza Tips for the Gay Beach and Ibiza Town in Spain – The Balearic island of Ibiza was on our gay travel bucket list for Spain already for a while. During our first Gay Cruise with La Demence we finally had the chance to spend a whole day on the Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea. Our shore leave of The Cruise Ship cruising around southern Spain started at noon with a bus trip to Es Cavallet Beach, the Gay Beach of Ibiza, where we were able to enjoy the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea, sexy bearded gay men, and a delicious lunch at Chiringay Restaurant. On our way back, we had enough time to explore Ibiza Old Town Dalt Vile during sunset with an incredible view over the city, Ibiza Port as UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the wide Sea.

The Ibizan atmosphere with its Spanish temper was just the cherry on top of a wonderful sunny summer day, not only because of the Catalan live music while having dinner at Plaça del Sol Restaurant. We had the chance to take beautiful and, of course, sexy photos of handsome men and the unique architecture of Ibiza to inspire you for your Gay Travel Ibiza to Spain.

But as you can imagine, one day is not enough for this popular European island. Unsurprisingly, the biggest Balearic island made it again on our travel list for a summer break in the sun. But now, get ready for our one-day island adventure and enjoy our gay travel tips for Ibiza and see the Spanish Island through a couple of men‘s eyes.


Karl & Daan enjoying the view over Ibiza Town | Gay Couple Travel on Ibiza at the Gay Beach during our The Cruise Stop Over -

Karl & Daan enjoying the view over Ibiza Town | Gay Couple Travel on Ibiza at the Gay Beach during our The Cruise Stop Over – Spain ©

A Gay Couple Traveling Ibiza at the Gay Beach & Ibiza Town

We arrived at the Cruise Terminal at Ibiza harbor in the morning. It was a cloudy day and the sun was not out yet, so we decided to take more time to have breakfast and to prepare for our shore leave at the gay beach. The magnificent Punta de Fora lighthouse was the first sight we saw of Ibiza after leaving the cruise ship. Motivated to discover even more of the island beauty, we took the shuttle bus from the cruise ship terminal Ibiza to the southern end of the Es Cavallet Beach, the gay beach hot spot of Ibiza and one of the official nudist beaches on the island. The bus stopped at Ses Salines Playa just about 14 kilometers south of Ibiza harbor. From the bus stop, it was just a short 10 minutes walk through the dunes and around the salt fields of Las Salinas to the gay beach. The white sand of the gay beach Ibiza is located in front of and around the cozy and stylish gay-friendly Restaurant, Bar, and Café “Chiringay”. After a cloudy start of the day, the weather changed in the early afternoon and the sun came out much to the joy of everyone at Ibiza Gay Beach. Chill out music by a live-DJ, handsome half-naked gay men, the turquoise blue sea and a glass full of fresh Sangria completed the Ibizan holiday feeling…


All about our Gay Cruise Experiences

We visited Ibiza for the first time in 2016 during our first gay cruise. Meanwhile, we just finished our third European Gay Cruise and still love the experience. The week full of exciting day trips, extravagant costume parties, unique and mindblowing concerts as well as some real good gaycation feeling. It is like being on a 100% gay-friendly environment on board a gay cruise ship, an environment where we do not have to explain ourselves being gay or have to be careful holding hands or giving each other a kiss. On the contrary, besides the cruising part at dark rooms and naked deck, we found some really good friends among the passengers every year again. So far, we tested the La Demance Cruise and the Open Sea Popcruise. Check out our articles about our Gay Cruises including videos and photos from all three Cruise Adventures!

Gay Couple Travel Blogger Karl & Daan Enjoying The Cruise view | Gay Men Tips La Demence The Cruise ©

Enjoying The Cruise view during our first Gay Cruise ©

Lunch & Sangria at Chiringay Restaurant at Ibiza Gay Beach

We started our gay beach time on Ibiza with laying in the white sand and cheering on our holiday with a fresh Spanish Sangria. But of course, we spend a lot of our time in the warm water of the Mediterranean Sea, too. Seriously, it was sooooo hard to get out of the sea again! But we started to feel hungry since it was already after lunch time. The restaurant Chiringay directly on the beach offers a diverse menu with various Spanish and international dishes. Karl, as usual, went for the burger menu while Daan chose the vegetarian option with fresh pasta. But there are plenty of other choices like you can see on the Chiringay photos with our sexy friends from Norway. The chill mood music in the background created a very relaxing atmosphere while we enjoyed the view over the white sand of Es Cavallet beach. Read all about the menu & events of Chiringay >



Before heading back to Ibiza Town, we took a refreshing shower at the restaurant (tip: make sure to have some Euro coins with you for the shower coin machine!) to be prepared for the sunset and evening life in the city. We heard of course, that the dunes around the nudist beach are a cruising area (not only) for gay man. We cannot confirm that, but it seems to be reasonable for this location and the number of gay guys around.

Our Gay Travel Guide for Spain

The south European country Spain is considered to be one of the gay-friendliest countries in the world. Additional to the equal marriage, several gay pride events take place all over the country. Lucky us, we have visited some great places of Spain already together, including Ibiza, Barcelona, Malaga, Benidorm, Cadiz and very soon Madrid. Sunny weather, the Mediterranean Sea and the lively LGBT community and Gay culture are creating a welcoming environment for gay men, lesbian women and queer people from all over the world. We collected necessary information about traveling to Spain as a gay couple testing gay-friendly hotels, gay events like Gay Pride and LGBT film festivals, and gay beaches. Enjoy your gaycation in Spain and don’t forget to send us gay selfie!

Exploring Ibiza-Town during sunset in Summer Time

The time at the beach gave us a wonderful holiday feeling. But everything nice has an end, right? After walking back to the bus stop Ses Salines Playa right next to a roundabout, we took bus number 11B direction P. Den Bossa to the center Ibiza Town. It was a half-an-hour ride through the hotel areas of Ibiza like a sight seeing tour around the tourist area. Our destination was Dalt Vila, the Ibiza Old Town. The plan was to wander around the heart of Ibiza Town as part of the UNESCO World Heritage level by level. Since Dalt Vila means Upper Town, you should be prepared to take stairs and some steep narrow paths around the old buildings of Ibiza.



As recompense for our efforts to go all the way up to the Catedral de Santa María, we have been blown away by the stunning view over Ibiza Town, the Mediterranean Sea, and La Marina y Sa Penya, the historic harbor area. Seriously, one of the best photo spots of Ibiza Town to take some gay selfies sitting on one of the ancient canons like we did!


A couple of men sitting on a canon selfie | Gay Couple Travel Gay Beach Ibiza Town Spain ©

A couple of men sitting on a canon selfie | Gay Couple Travel Gay Beach Ibiza Town Spain ©


Dinner at Restaurant “Plaça del Sol”

It was time for dinner with friends in the heart of Ibiza Old Town. Our restaurant choice of the night was on the beautiful terrace square “Plaça del Sol” with the identically named Restaurant. Live Music on the historic stairways and mild temperatures until the middle of the night made this location the right place to be for a dinner at Dalt Vila. And the delicious Asian cuisine under the leafy canopy of the square, the friendly staff and the company of other gay travelers not to mention… It was the perfect ending to a perfect summer holiday day on Ibiza island. Read all about the Menu & Reservations at “Plaça del Sol” >


All about our first The Cruise & One-Day Travels of Spain

Spain is one of the most gay-friendly countries in the world. Therefore, we love to explore more and more cities and islands of the South European country. Our first destination of our gay travels to Spain together was Barcelona. The unique Catalan flair of the beach city at the Mediterranean Sea let us fall in love with Barcelona. The city of Málaga was our second Spanish destination during our first gay cruise by La Demence. Followed by a city trip to Cádiz. Ibiza was our first Spanish island destination together, and we loved it. Already in September Spain will be on our travel list again when we will participate the Gay Pride in Benidorm. If you are planning to explore Gay Spain, have a look at our Gay Travel Guides for Spain!


Gay Travel Ibiza: Karl & Daan enjoying the view over Ibiza Port | ©

Karl & Daan enjoying the view over the Port of Ibiza | ©

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Our Gay Travel Ibiza Tips for Gay Beach & Ibiza Town, Spain

Spending even only one day on the Ibiza was a great choice. If you are busy with planning your gay travels to Ibiza, do not forget to put the gay beach on your list. The relaxed gay-friendly atmosphere and the possibility to go swimming naked at the nude beach Es Cavallet is more than tempting. But of course Ibiza has more to offer and one day is by far not enough time. Nevertheless, our one-day trip Ibiza made us hungry for more of the Spanish island. Do you have any recommendations for our or your next visit? And what about the gay life of Ibiza Town? Comment below or drop us a line on our social media.

Wanna know more? Stay tuned.. on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. See you in Spain!

Karl & Daan

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