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Gay Events 2019: Top 5 LGBTQ+ Travel Tips

Gay Events 2019: Top 5 LGBTQ+ Travel Tips

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[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”#3f6557″ background_color=””]O[/edgtf_dropcaps]ur Top 5 Gay Events this year 2019 is going to be a great year for celebrating Pride worldwide! We chose five great LGBTQ+ events that caught our attention and which we think are worth traveling to this year. Are you ready for the biggest World Pride celebration ever in 2019 in New York City? Would you rather scream and sing along with 42 new songs that will compete for the European Song Contest crown in Tel Aviv? Or did you always dream about the magical moment holding hands in front of Mickey Mouse wearing some rainbow colored ears? Join us on our gay travels around the world supporting the lesbian, gay and queers and see the gay-friendly and side through a couple of men‘s eyes.

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Our Top 5 of the best Gay Events 2019

Let us inspire you with some extraordinary gay reasons to travel! We think these bucket list events will help you to decide where you want to celebrate freedom, acceptance, equality, and love in 2019! And don’t forget to comment or drop us a line if you know any other gay travel worthy things to do around the world this year.


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#1 World Pride & StoneWall50

Dates: 1st to 30th of June 2019 | New York City – USA

In 2019, World Pride will return to the city where it once all started. New York will host World Pride, celebrating 50 years of standing up for our rights and being proud of who we are. The Stonewall Uprising that happened in the summer of 1969 is widely considered to be the event that led to a more organized fight for LGBTQ+ rights and acknowledgment all around the world. 50 years later Stonewall 50 / World Pride 2019 will probably be the biggest international LGBTQ+ Pride celebration ever held in the United States of America and worldwide. So make sure New York is part of your travel plans in 2019!

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#2 Euro Pride Vienna 2019

Dates: 1st to 16th of June 2019 | Vienna – Austria

From the 1st till the 16th of June 2019, Vienna will color rainbow during EuroPride. For two weeks the capital city of Austria will be Europe’s headquarters for everyone who wants to party and fight for equality and tolerance. The city is expecting more than 1 million visitors to attend the LGBTQ+ event so it might be wise to start booking your hotel room now. If you want to be right in the center of everything and celebrate in style we would suggest staying at the Le Meridien Vienna.

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#3 Eurovision Song Contest 64th Edition

Date: Weekend around 18th of May 2019 | Tel Aviv – Israel

Eurovision will celebrate its 64th song contest in Tel Aviv with the grand final taking place on the 18th of May. After choosing the Israeli winner Netta in 2018, Europe will be watching and voting yet again to decide who will win the Grand Prix of catchy beats and over the top outfits in 2019. Since Tel Aviv will celebrate its Pride on the 14th of June it might become hard to choose between these two great LGBTQ+ events so we would simply suggest a month-long summer holiday with a lot of matkot and gorgeously tanned hairy men. We visited Tel Aviv Pride a couple of years ago and stayed at the Carlton Beach Hotel close to the Gay Beach of Tel Aviv.

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#4 Magical Pride at Disneyland Paris

Date: 1st of June 2019 | Paris – France

Always wanted to celebrate Pride at the most magical place on earth? Disneyland Paris is hosting its first official LGBTQ+ Disney event ‘Magical Pride’ on the 1st of June 2019! After a full day of surviving spinning teacups, hugging princesses or riding “the wildest train in the wilderness” the Walt Disney Studios® Park will invite you to experience their special Pride party with Meet ‘n’ Greets, DJ’s, karaoke and the Magical march of Diversity Parade. Being big Disney and Theme Park fans we can’t wait to ride a rainbow color projected Tower of Terror and make some playful jumpy pics with Tigger!

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#5 EuroGames Roma 17th Edition

Date: 11th to 13th July 2019 | Rome – Italy

We have talked about the Eurogames before, explaining the huge LGBTQ+ culture with lesbian, gay, and queer sports people participating from all around the world. This year, the sports event will take place in Rome, Italy with the 17th edition of the EuroGames. The LGBTQ+ sports event is therefore open to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or age. After the great success of the last edition held in Helsinki, the Italien capital city Rome will host athletes from Europe and the rest of the world united in sports in favor of civil rights of everyone, particularly the LGBTQ+ community. The EuroGames 2019 will include 16 sports: Soccer A11-A5, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Swimming, Water Polo, Bowls, Badminton, Athletics, Bowling, Golf, Cycling, Marathon 5km-10km, Rugby and Dance Sports! See you in Rome, everyone!

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Interesting Posts for your Gay Travels in 2019:

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Our Top 5 Gay Events 2019

Did we make you just as excited about 2019 as we are now?! Which LGBTQ+ event would you like to go to most and why? Have you ever been to an open minded sports event or celebrated Pride at one of the Disney parks? All tips and tricks are welcome so let us know your thoughts and maybe we will meet each other at one of these awesome gay events 2019 across the world!

Wanna know more about our gay travels around the world? Stay tuned on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram. See you again soon!

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